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Alice POV: "Tell me again why the fuck you fell in love with a human?" I sneered at my brother, who was sulking in the tree cover just out of range of Jasper's powers. "You could have had anyone you wanted for the last century!" I piped "You could have settled down with Tanya in Denali and Kate and I could have planned your wedding. Hell, for all I care you two could have eloped to Vegas with Carlisle, Esme, Carmen and Eleazar as your witnesses and I wouldn't have been the least bit offended as long as there was a guarantee that you would never cross paths with Isabella Marie Swan throughout your existence on this godforsaken planet!"

"Oh please," he scoffed. "It wouldn't matter to you if I married Tanya, or even another human for example, so long as that human never encroached on your territory."

"So?" I snapped. How I wish the folktales were true and we really did have fangs. The first thing I would do with mine would consist of biting off Edward's head.

"So, all you care about is the fact that she has Jasper wrapped around her little finger in a way that you could never quite get him to be. He loves her. And by some sick twisted force of nature she seems to feel the same way about him. And surprisingly, I feel that I may just be okay with it."

At that, my head whipped around with my eyes attempting to burn through him. "How can you even dare to think about being okay with this?" I shrieked. "Our mates are inside that house supposedly madly in love with someone other than the two of us, and you think you 'might be okay with it?'"

"Oh my dear, sweet, naïve Alice," he chastised me, gently patting my head as he shook his own. "Never mind that minor detail. Let them be in love for the time being. If I know Carlisle, he already has plans to get her as far away from here, and the two of us, as possible. Jasper will be yours before you know it."

"How can you be so sure? What are you thinking, Edward?" my eyes narrowed.

"If something were to happen to Bella, Jasper would be so distraught that he blame himself, and in his grief who would be better to comfort him than his former mate. As you offer your shoulder to cry on he is going to realize that there was only ever one path for someone of his caliber, and that would be to be with you."

I pursed my lips. The thought of Jasper being in my arms again was both alluring and annoying. On the one hand, I wanted him with me. I was used to having him around and used to the coddling and attention. Who better to give me attention than my mate, after all? On the other hand, did I really want to deal with that not-so-charming southern twang for the rest of eternity? Absolutely not. But seeing Bella Swan suffer after stealing my family from me? My life? Oh, that would be worth more than a million dollars.

A sinister smile crept across my face as I envisioned all the possible forms of torture I could inflict upon her before I drained her from her life in the worst form of torture yet. "I like this plan," I agreed finally, grinning from ear to ear now. "What are we going to do to her, Edward?"

When I met his eyes this time he was grinning back, his golden eyes alight with a rather diabolical sense of excitement. "That, my dear sister, is the best part," he drawled. "It is not simply how we are going to kill Bella that matters, it is who is going to help us. Victoria still isn't very happy about the way James' life was ended, and I'm sure that she would love to get her hands on Bella."

In that moment I agreed with him, but thought something was missing. I wasn't the only one in this situation that had lost a lover; so had Edward. There was no question that no matter how angry he was with her that he would still be effected when she died. Why not throw him a bone of pleasure in this as well? It certainly wouldn't be of any loss to me. After all, you make sacrifices for your family, don't you?

"Why not, instead of killing only Bella we take revenge on them all. We can alert the Volturi. They help us destroy the corrupt Civil War Major who is plotting to seduce human after human and build his own army and threatening our land in exchange for something they have always desired- us."

Less than a second had passed before Edward responded with a mischevious grin- he had just read my thoughts, and seemingly agreed with what he heard.

"You have to make sacrifices for the people you love," he agreed, a soft yet cynical smile present on his face. "That doesn't always mean however, that it is you that has to be sacrificed."

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