When Everything Changes

Things change. It's as simple as that. We start out in life as little babies, and then we grow into people, sometimes nice and sometimes bad. We make the decision though whether or not we succumb to the evil in this world, because admit it there is evil in this world, or choose to rise above that evil and make a path for ourselves. We can start out a nice,caring person and in the chaos of life, we can change our own self. However, we always have that decision on what to do. And when everything changes, we can learn how to fight the madness and survive life, even if there's a few bumps along the way.

"You're going there no matter what Serenity, I'm sorry but its for your own good, and you'll still be able to call, text, and facetime us! Besides you need to stop moping around and being sad, and the only reason you are is because of the memories here! Yes I know that bad things happen, and I know She was taken, but someday you'll find her and you'll be able to be a family again, but these memories aren't helping you get any better and recover!" one of my best friends Elizabeth ranted at me.

"Fine." I muttered exasperated.

"Better get going then right? I'll miss you!" Elizabeth said

"I'll miss everyone too." I said.

"MOM WE'RE READY TO GO!" she shouted, and we went off to go in the car.

*A long drive to the airport later*

"So you have everything and won't forget to contact us right?" Elizabeth questioned me.

"Yes Zaza." I replied.

"Alright, I'll see you then okay Ren? Have a good flight." She said

"Okay, bye Zaza,and thanks for everything." I told her.

"You're welcome" she whispered as I left for my new life.

The flight was around 4 hours, and when i arrived in Seattle I was tired, and it was around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and I decided to just go to the little house in Forks I was going to live in, with the occasional check-up from one of the neighbors, who was a government worker that retired. (I was allowed to live on my own, as long as she visited.)It was a nice house, and as soon as I got there I went up to the room that was mine and unpacked my stuff that I brought mainly clothes because I had my stuff shipped here and set up for me. And before you ask, I'm 14 years old, and I'm going to be starting high school tomorrow. The government helped me relocate here, because of my past. I'm not going to explain it yet, I don't like reliving the memories, but I want you to know that because of my past I'm a little scarred mentally and physically. But enough about that, because the next parts so interesting. I laid my head on my pillow after I unpacked, and began to dream about school tomorrow, because it would be my first day, and I didn't even have my friends by my side anymore, I was going into new territory that I had no familiarity with, and alone without any friends, and I suck at making new ones. I'm so screwed.