Chapter 11

Dimitri's POV:

Dr. Badica stepped into the waiting room and my heart skipped a beat. I have never been so scared or nervous in my life. Lissa and Christian were sitting beside me as well as we awaited the news.

The three of us all looked up at the doctor in anticipation.

"After thoroughly examining Rose, we were not able to find anything out of the ordinary. Aside from her comatose state, there appears to be absolutely nothing wrong. We are very perplexed, and have sent in blood samples and will have the test results back in 24 hours. Until then, I'm afraid there is nothing we can do aside from waiting."

Waiting? How can I just stand by while my Roza is lying on a hospital bed unconscious?

As if reading my thoughts, the doctor spoke again. "I know it's hard, but the best thing for all three of you is to get some rest."

If it had been up to me, I wouldn't leave Roza's side until she woke up, but unfortunately that would be too suspicious. Putting on my guardian mask, I nodded, and stood up.

Just as I was leaving, my phone started ringing. I sighed before picking up, hoping that I wouldn't be need for anything today.

"Hello," I said.

"Dimitri, Mason isn't waking up!" Eddie exclaimed.

No. This could not be happening. How could another dhampir be asleep? This could not be a coincidence!

I alerted the doctor immediately and a team of guardians raced towards Mason's room. I sat back down in the waiting room and put my head in between my hands. What is happening?

Mason was quickly brought into the hospital and was taken into a room. Guardian Petrov arrived shortly after.

"Guardian Belikov, what is the meaning of all of this?" he exclaimed. Her voice conveyed both the sadness and stress that she was feeling.

"I don't know!" I replied. "They won't wake up. The doctor insists that nothing is wrong with Rose though. And now Mason apparently won't wake up either? Something is going on. I just wish I knew what it was."

Guardian Petrov nodded in response and sat down next to me. Lissa, Christian, and Eddie were all now sitting with us as well. Adrian was nowhere to be seen. Who knows what he is doing?

"Hi there, I'm sorry to interrupt, but it is my job here to record information. I need to ask you some questions regarding Victor Dashkov's escape." I turned my head and was shocked to find an alchemist. I had heard about them before, but I had never met one before. Her stiff posture and sharp glance gave me the impression that many of the rumors I had heard about their group were true.

"Yes of course," Guardian Petrov replied. "Keep me updated Guardian Belikov. And by the way, we have no new news on Victor' whereabouts or escape mechanism. One of the guardians who awoke in hospital could not remember much of anything after the concussion he sustained. The other guardian repeated the bizarre idea that a feeder had knocked him out."

I nodded. Though no one would admit, the chances of finding Victor were basically zero. Our investigation was getting absolutely nowhere.

After another hour, the doctor informed us that Mason's state was exactly the same as Rose's, which did not surprise me.

The doctor again urged us to leave and get some rest.

I went back to my room and tried reading a Western novel to take my mind off things. I blared country music as well, but none of it was helping. I couldn't even get past a page in my book because my mind always wandered to Rose. I was so worried about her. What if she never woke up? What if I never saw her beautiful eyes again? What if I never heard her call me comrade again?

Deciding that sitting in my room and wallowing in self-pity wouldn't do any good, I decided to go for a run.

My heart was beating really fast, but I kept pushing myself to keep going. The harder I ran, the harder it was to focus on Rose. All I could think about was the pounding of my heart, and the pain in my muscles. Black spots began to cloud my vision, so I slowed down, suddenly realizing that I had pushed myself far too much. I fell to the ground and gasped, trying to regain my breath. Thankfully my vision began to clear once more as oxygen continued to fill my lungs.

I checked my phone and there were still no new messages. Groaning in anger and frustration, I headed to the gym so that I could punch something.

Lissa's POV:

Tears continued to stream down my cheeks, and Christian held me close to him as I cried my eyes out.

"Maybe Ivashkov can reach her in her dreams," Christian suggested.

"Of course!" I exclaimed, feeling stupid that I hadn't thought of it before.

The two of us basically ran to Adrian's room and pounded on the door. There was no response.

"He must be out," I admitted after knocking on the door for over a minute.

"I'm sorry Liss," Christian sighed.

"It's not your fault," I told him, wrapping my arms around him. "I just want my best friend to wake up already. And Mason as well. I should just heal them both already."

"Hold off healing until we are really sure that they won't get better on their own," Christian told me firmly. "The darkness that comes with you magic will cause more harm than good if Rose and Mason end up being able to wake on their own." Christian told me firmly.

I nodded, feeling so thankful I had Christian. He always knew what to tell me, how to make me feel better, and how to encourage me to make the right decisions. It was just so hard not using my power to heal my friends though.

The entire day passed, and Rose and Mason had still not woken up. Christian ended up spending the night in my room since the guardians were way too busy to be checking up on us anyways. I couldn't sleep though. I wondered how Dimitri and Eddie were handling all of this as well. And I wondered where the hell Adrian was throughout all of this.

At five my phone started to ring. I picked it up quickly.

"Princess, Rose and Mason woke up." Dimitri exclaimed. The relief clearly sounded in his voice.

I hung up, and Christian and I ran down to the infirmary.

The doctor allowed me to visit Rose, and I ran into her room. Dimitri had clearly also run down here from bed considering he was wearing sweat pants and no duster.

"Rose!" I exclaimed and pulled her into a tight hug without thinking. I quickly pulled away after. "Wait, I didn't hurt you or anything, right?"

"Relax Liss, nothing is hurt." Rose replied with a grin.

"Do you know what happened?" I asked her.

Rose shook her head. "The last thing I remember is going to sleep last night."

"Well, yes. You have been asleep since two nights ago actually." Dimitri told her, grabbing her hand after making sure that no doctors were in the room.

"I don't feel sick or anything. I feel completely normal." Rose replied with a frown.

"I'm going to talk to Mason and see how he's feeling. I will be right back." I told Rose.

Mason smiled when I walked in. "Sorry I wasn't around to protect you for the day." He told me.

"Don't be sorry!" I exclaimed. "You were unconscious!"

"I know. Eddie has been telling me. But I feel fine. Nothing is wrong with me," Mason replied. "I'm mainly just stiff and would love to get out of this place."

"Rose basically said the same thing," I told him.

"Lissa, is there anything that you know about this that I don't?" Eddie asked me. "We all know that this can't be a fluke. Maybe someone slipped some kind of pills into their drinks that put them to sleep."

"I don't know anything," I told him. "But I agree, and so does Guardian Belikov. Someone must have done this to them. I just don't understand why. Nothing makes any sense. I'm going to go check on Rose again." I waved goodbye to the boys and headed back to Rose's room.

The nurse had just brought out Rose's breakfast, and it smelled revolting. To Rose, it wouldn't be as bad since her sense of smell wasn't as refined as mine, but it was still very unappetizing looking.

"I will go out and get you some food. I will be back in a few minutes." Dimitri said to Rose before she could even complain about the food. They shared a quick smile, and then Dimitri left.

A few minutes after Dimitri left, Rose's eyes widened.

"Liss, if I slept through the day, does that mean I missed Victor's trial?" she asked.

I gulped. "Rose, Victor escaped two nights ago," I told her.

"That bastard escaped?" she exclaimed. "How is that possible? Where were his guards?"

I shrugged my shoulders. She hadn't punched anything yet, so she was taking the news better than I thought she would.

"The guardians don't know where he is, and Dimitri doesn't think they have a good chance of finding him. They don't know who helped him get out either." I told her.

"This is a disaster! What if he tried to kidnap you again?" Rose exclaimed.

"He isn't going to want to be anywhere near us now that he's a felon. The odds of him being taken down by a guardian if he is near us are too high." I replied.

Rose looked unconvinced and was about to say something, but then stopped herself.

"What?" I asked her.

"It was nothing important," Rose told me quickly. I groaned. I hate it when she does this. The fact that she won't tell me what it was proves to me that it probably was something important. This one way bond really sucks sometimes.

Dimitri arrived back shortly with a bag full of donuts, and a hot chocolate. Rose snatched the bag from him and began chomping into the donuts.

"I told her about Victor," I told Dimitri when I noticed his perplexed expression. He nodded in understanding.

"Rose, now that you and Mason appear to be basically healthy, we are going to have to head back to the academy. Our flight will probably leave today." Dimitri told Rose.

"Can't we stay here for another day? This stupid unconsciousness has prevented me from spending more time with you." Rose sighed.

"We spend time together every morning and evening at the academy," Dimitri replied.

"It's not the same," Rose replied, sighing.

"I know." Dimitri replied. I wished those two could just be together. Even after graduation, they would probably have to keep their relationship a secret for a while since it would be obvious that they had been involved previously otherwise. Once they came out with their relationship, all of the stupid stuck-up royals are probably going to make a fuss out of it.

Looking around quickly, Dimitri leaned in and gave Rose a quick peck on the lips. "I love you Roza." I felt like I was intruding by this point, so I stepped out of the room and took a seat next to Christian. Adrian came rushing in a moment later.

"It took you long enough," Christian snorted.

"How much partying did I do? I just woke up from a 24 hour sleep!" exclaimed Adrian.

"Oh my god, not you too!" I exclaimed, groaning.

We filled Adrian in on everything and shock quickly filled his features. Two hours later, the doctor released Rose and Mason, on the condition that they would both take it easy for a few days. Everyone knew that neither of them was sick by this point anyways. It was clear that it had been an induced sleep, and I was determined to find out who did this to them, and why.

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