This story is for my dog. Even if it doesn't relates to him. He is the reason why I finally gathered some bravery and published my stories... and now he is sadly gone... RIP.

I hope you enjoy this story.

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Ruby Lucas was a homicide detective in Boston. Her colleagues had caught a girl. Not much older than 15 or 16 years old. The girl said nothing to anyone. She just sat there and stared at the person in front of her with a unreadable expression and a small smile on the face.

She had to break that girl. She had to get information about the girl's cartel. She stood in front of the door to the interrogation room and watched the girl who looked rather bored right now. Ruby sighed and entered the room with a file in her hand. Silently she sat down in front of the girl who smiled again. "I'm Detective Ruby Lucas."

"You haven't spoken with anyone since you got arrested. Who taught you this discipline?",Ruby asked but the girl ignored the question and tilted her head a bit. "Are you even speaking our language?" Another minute passed in silence. Ruby sighed and opened the file and laid 5 different pictures of men in front of the girl. "These cops… these cops were murdered by your cartel."

"Well, they deserved it.",the girl answered and studied the pictures. "Although this man isn't dead. He still lays in hospital with 2 guards in front of his room. Had a head trauma and internal bleeding in his stomach. Bad thing, even worse if it happens again and no one notice it." She pointed at a rather overweighed man. "Why did they deserved it?",Ruby asked and studied the girl again.

The face hadn't changed a bit. "They are idiots.",the girl said and shrugged. "Tell me, how could be that a reason?",Ruby asked angered and the girl giggled about the outburst until Ruby's hand hit the table with a loud thud. "Well, my dear. If you would know what I know about your precious little cops you would kill them too. They are disgusting and I'm glad someone murdered them.",the girl said and Ruby growled angrily.

"You should get taught by one of the men. You are so easy to read." "Why are you speaking now?",Ruby ignored the comment. "I was bored. And you are more interesting to talk to. All your colleagues. They were so unemotional. Unlike you. You want my cartel so badly. Almost as if we had killed a dear friend of yours… wait… we did… Paul…No… Peter! Peter was such a nice guy. I really liked him but… we hate rats.",the girl said with a big grin and felt the slap.

Directly the door opened and some police officer grabbed Ruby and pulled her out of the room. The girl laughed happily and took the file in her hand. She started to read when Ruby came back into the room. "Want to slap me again?",the girl asked and put her feet on the table. Ruby pushed them down and sat on the table. "You'll tell me everything about the 5 cops or I'll arrest you for killing 4 people and an attempted murder." "You have no evidence for that, sweetheart. But I'm in a good mood today so yes, I'll tell you. But sit down on your chair.",the girl ordered and Ruby growled but sat down on her chair.

"Mike Anderson. He raped 3 women and a little boy. All of them were too scared to report it and they came to my cartel. We took care of it."

"Morgan Stanford. Killed 2 innocent children and raped their dead bodies. They were the children of a cartel member. So yes, we took care of that too."

"Justin Miller. He was a rat. Sold information to our enemies. Like I said earlier. We HATE rats."

"Bill Storm. Tried to killed the Evil Queen and the Swan multiple times. Also their son. It is clear that they killed a possible threat to their son."

"And last but not least our dear survivor. Blake Sinister. He killed many old people and most of the children from my cartel. There are many people who want his death. Me included. He killed my grandfather but I prefer fighting in an equal battle so he doesn't have to worry about me.",the girl finished and Ruby paled.

"Like I told you, Detective Lucas. We aren't cruel because it is fun. We kill because we want to protect our family." "But… but how can no one notice this?",Ruby asked and the girl's face softened a bit. "It's no problem if you have your people to cover you. There are more spies in your unit.",the girl softly covered Ruby's hand. "And I'm sorry for your loss. He was really a good man but we need to protect ourselves. We don't want that more children die. We don't want them ripped away from their parents because that's gonna happen if we let spies alive."

Ruby looked up in the grass green eyes of her opposite. They were almost caring looking back at her. "Can I go now?",the girl asked and Ruby shook her head. "One more thing. Who are you?" "I'll tell you when I'm out of this building.",the girl said with a smile and stood up. Ruby followed her. What had this girl done to her that her behavior changed this quickly? They went out of the building where a woman with sunglasses waited for them.

She had short black hair and brown eyes which where hidden by the glasses. Her lips , red from her lipstick, were formed to a lovingly smile when the girl left the building. "Mom.",the girl said with a friendly smile and hugged her. "The name, girl.",Ruby said and the woman took the glasses off and dark brown eyes bored into blue. "Tanya Mills.",the girl said with a smirk and now Ruby recognized the woman in front of her. In front of her stood the Evil Queen Regina Mills and her daughter Tanya Mills.

She gasped and Regina looked down to her daughter. "Are you alright, little one?",she asked and Tanya nodded. "Yes. She just slapped me.",Tanya answered and saw how her mother had to contain her anger. "You slap her one more time and I'll have your head for it.",Regina hissed and Ruby nodded. She wasn't a detective for a long time but knew that if the Evil Queen would attack her she surely wouldn't survive this.

"You'll leave my daughter alone.",Regina said and stepped closer to Ruby. "Or arresting her was the last thing you did." Ruby nodded quickly and saw the predatorily smile on Regina's face. "Good. Good bye, Detective Lucas." With that Regina turned around and walked to her car. Both got in and drove away.

When they arrived at their house Regina gave her bodyguard the car keys and he drove the car into the garage. "What did you tell them?",Regina asked and laid an arm around Tanya's waist. "What the 5 cops did.",Tanya answered and laid and arm around her too. She sighed and looked down. "We will avenge your grandfather's death, little one. Don't worry." "That won't bring him back.",Tanya said and Regina sighed. "I know… but it helps a bit." They entered the building where a Tanya's little 10 year old brother Henry Jr. ran to them. "Mom!",he said and Regina fell on her knees and hugged him surprised.

"What's going on, pumpkin?",Regina asked her son and held him when she felt him sobbing. He just sobbed into her neck and she held him lovingly. "I'm here… I'm here." "Don't leave me please.",she heard him whisper and Regina kissed his cheek. "I won't.",Regina said and looked him in the eyes. "I promise I won't. Now. Tell me what happened." "I… I was in school and read my book… and we had to say what our parents do as work and… and I couldn't say as what you two work so… I had to think about something and said that you work many hours in the night but also over the day…",he rambled.

"Why don't you come to the part where everything went bad?",Regina asked him softly. "In recess I read and they came to me and told me that you are a whore and …and that one day you would ran away from us because we wouldn't be enough anymore…",he said and she hugged him tightly. "You know what I am. And you know that I couldn't leave you. You are my family and where I come from Family is the priority. And I couldn't leave my little Prince Charming alone, now could I?" "Isn't there soon a work presenting day? Or something like that?",Tanya asked and Henry looked at her. "In my class tomorrow, yes… but…" "We don't have the right jobs but you don't want to go with Graham and Belle…",Regina finished and he nodded. "Your mother and I will come. I promise." "Really?",he asked happily and Regina nodded.

Henry smiled and ran back to his room in the attic of the house. "You should do your homework and then meet us in the office for further instructions.",Regina said to her daughter who nodded and walked upstairs. Regina walked into the kitchen where she saw her wife. "Emma, what are you doing here already?",she asked her and Emma turned around with a mug coffee in her hand. "I drove Henry home. He called crying and I was bored. Good reason not to do the reports.",Emma said and kissed Regina softly.

"I have a better reason.",Regina said and pulled a paper out of her jacket and gave it to Emma. She read it and gasped before she looked down at Regina's stomach. "You… you are pregnant?",she asked Regina happily. "Yes, fourth week." Emma put the mug down and lifted Regina up and swirled around with her. "I love you." "I love you too, Regina.",Emma answered and kissed her deeply.

"Are we ready for a third child?",Regina asked and Emma nodded. "Now or never.",Emma said and placed her hand on the stomach. "Anyway, a long time ago we promised to never abort a child if you get pregnant." "You are right. I just mean… everything is so turbulent." "A long time ago it was turbulent too.",Emma said and kissed her assuringly. "Maybe one day you could tell us your story.",Tanya said from the door frame and looked at her mothers with a smile. They looked at her. "Why don't we cancel this meeting and start talking?",Emma asked Regina who nodded with a smile. They both phoned their men and then walked upstairs to their private rooms. "We'll change into more comfortable clothes and then you can come over.",Regina said and Tanya nodded.