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Natsu sped in the pouring rain toward the Fairy Hills dormitories. It was only after he was halfway to the guild that he realized he'd left Lucy's apartment unlocked, but he was too far too care. Natsu had to know if Lucy was safe. Instinct drove him onward.

Back at Fairy Hills, the party was in full swing. Cana had brought over some ale and the girls had settled down for a powwow. It was nice, Lucy reflected, just hanging with the girls. They'd all gathered in Mirajane's room, which was delicately decorated with many shades of purple. Mysterious flowers adorned the ceiling in a twisting pattern and plush plum carpeting cushioned the floor. Sleeping bags were spread out willy-nilly. Lucy hopped over popcorn, around sleeping bags and into her own, settling deep inside.

Next to her, Wendy glanced at the window. Maybe she was seeing things, but she could have sworn she'd seen a flash of pink where the horizon line had faded a few hours earlier. Lightning flashed and Wendy shook her head. It was probably her imagination.

Cana took another swig from a wine bottle. She was going to be lucky tonight, she could feel it. Cana leaned over to make certain of a bet she'd placed with Mira a while back. Love was in the cards and it would be up to her to find out who.

Natsu slipped in mud and quickly became indistinguishable from the night. Darkness cloaked him and clung like the raindrops to his clothes. He squinted at the faint light coming from Fairy Hills. He'd forgotten how tight the security was around here.

Erza laughed loudly, a dark, commanding aura surrounding her head. She might have had a little too much alcohol that evening as the hiccups set in. "I know!" She yelled. "Let's tell scary stories!" To the possibly-too-drunk group, that sounded like a wonderful idea. Poor Wendy, the only sober one in the room, was shaking as Erza began her tale. It seemed like it came straight from one of Levy's falling-to-pieces horror novels. It wasn't the drunkenness of the other girls that was bothering Wendy; it was the fact that no matter what, this evening was bound to occur again in the distant future. Hands over her ears, she decided to wait Erza's story out.

Mud turned the ground into a slide, covering Natsu in its itchiness. He didn't care; all that mattered now, in the moment was Lucy. Idiot, Happy thought. He didn't even realize it was a dream. Rather unhappily he flew after the Dragon Slayer. Happy was sure he had a fish for Carla somewhere…

"Lightning struck the sky and the Mud Man pounded on the door, screaming "Let me in! Let me in!" but the girls inside were in too deep. The door's rusted hinges squealed as the Mud Man kicked it in…" Erza's face was dynamic, eyes burning with a lightning similar to the storm. Wendy suspected she had a fondness for telling scary stories. Erza was just too good. Downstairs and to the right however, a sodden Natsu had just knocked the door down and quickly raced up the stairs.

"LUCY! You're not dead!" He wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace. She was safe. But he wasn't.

"Natsu! You're all wet! LUCY KICK!"




At that moment, Natsu's world was pain. "I told you I was going to Fairy Hills for Girls' Night! Eesh, Natsu-"

Her words were stopped by a pair of hot, soft lips. Lucy's heart skipped beats here and there, dancing to a new rhythm. He was sweet to come all this way…

Mira stepped in. "You know girls, I think our night has come to an end." They all tiptoed out of the room, too ship-happy to argue. Levy's voice could be heard across town.

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