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Surprise, Surprise

Harry's Pov

I have mixed emotions about today. The end of summer usually means that I get to escape from my terrible cousin, aunt and uncle, but with all the Voldemort troubles and the stories of people getting tortured by Death Eaters, I had a not so good idea of how this year would go.

This year my uncle let me go to the Weasley household without much of a fuss, but I still did have to threaten him with a few random spells until he let me go. My scar has not been hurting at all the past couple weeks , but I did have one particularily bad night in which I managed to break both my bedside lamp and my glasses simultaneously. The dream I had that night was a rather normal one, for Voldemort. He was yelling at his Death Eaters while in the middle of performing a killing curse on a woman with brown hair. After getting to the Weasley's house through portkey, I manage to gulp down a cup of soup before falling asleep. I think that traveling by portkey makes you unnaturally tired.

The next morning,after being woken up and greeted by Ron, Hermione and the twins, I went down for breakfast only to stop short at the entrance to the kitchen. Ron bumped into my back , causing me to stumble into the kitchen. Next thing I knew, everyone's eyes were on me.

I blushed, turning as red as Ginny's hair in a couple of seconds. There were three foreign students sitting calmly in the Weasley's kitchen. Ron , Hermione, Fred and George all had their wands out and pointed at the strangers. Before anybody could start cursing the people in the kitchen, Mr. Weasley came barging in.

"Kids, these are the exchange students from America, and Dumbledore probably wouldn't appreciate it if you jinx the new students as soon as they arrive here."

I saw the same look on all of our faces. I was confused, and apparently so was Hermione because she jumped around me and started firing a million questions at Mr. Weasely. The three students stood up, effectively quieting Hermione and her unanswered questions as they began to introduce themselves.

There were two kids who looked about the same age, but the third looked a few years younger. There was a tall, fit guy with messy black hair, blue-green eyes, and tanned skin. The girl he had an arm around had blonde curls and unusual grey eyes. They both had a matching grey streak in their hair. The third and younger looking guy was pale, but strong and fit like the other two. He had longish black hair and very, very dark black eyes.

"Hey, I'm Percy Jackson", the guy with the greenish blue eyes said.

The girl stomped on his foot and he winced. I did too, it looked like it hurt.

"Okay, okay! My real name is Perseus Jackson, but I normally go by Percy."

The girl with the blonde hair smiled at all of us and said,

"Hi, My name is Annabeth Chase."

The scary looking kid introduced himself as Nico Di Angelo, and the three of them went back to eating their breakfast. I looked at Ron and Hermione, and saw that they were quietly discussing the exchange students. All three of us started to serve ourselves food, and then we sat directly across the strangers. While we were trying to stare at them without getting caught, they switched from English to a weird sounding language as if it was the most natural thing in the world. They talked like that for about five-minutes. I couldn't understand a word they were saying, and judging from the looks on Ron's face, he couldn't either.

While we were finishing up our breakfast, Mrs. Weasely came down and ushered us upstairs to get ready to go to Diagon Alley to pick up our books and materials.