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Chapter 19

Nico's Pov.

I'm about to die.

That's how hungry I am. I hope I don't ruin the whole 'dark and scary' thing with my stomach growling in the middle of the ceremony Dumbledore was telling me about.

Snape took me to an old and rundown building in the middle of nowhere, and I realized just how much I hated traveling this way. Thankfully, I didn't throw up this time, most likely 'cause I have nothing left in my stomach.

Snape took out his stick and pointed it at the door, saying a few words that I didn't quite catch. The door opened, and a lady with crazy hair and equally crazy eyes stepped out.

"Ah, Bellatrix. I have brought a new... recruit." Snape said, gesturing unceremoniously at me.

I nodded at her. I would've said more, but my stomach wasn't completely calm yet, and I got the feeling that vomiting all over her wouldn't exactly be a good thing. At all.

She gave me a once-over, sneered(smirked?) at me, then beckoned us forward. As we walked, I saw groups of people in black robes clustered together, whispering quietly to each other. They were glancing at me, trying to be conspicuous, but not doing very well at it.
I would've fit in perfectly with these people if it wasn't for the fact that they were supporting the bad guy. I had pale skin, they did too, I like wearing dark clothes, they do too(obviously), I work for a dark lord, they do too. Well, technically, I work for two dark lords now.

I'm actually surprised I managed to last this long without my stomach growling, but now I'm getting cramps. Those are never a good sign.

I kept on walking behind Snape and that lady with the crazy eyes. This hallway goes on forever, and ever, and ever... I stared at the various paintings on the wall as I walked. There was one lady who looked perfectly normal, happy, and completely out of place in the hall, when she turned and I saw that half of her face was horribly disfigured. I continued staring at her until she growled at me.

Wow. Even the Furies aren't as touchy as her. But then again, I'd be pretty unhappy if I had to sit and stare at a wall forever.

I hadn't realized Snape had stopped until I almost bumped into him. He sneered at me, then turned into a doorway I hadn't realized was there with his cape billowing behind him

Through the door was another hallway, so we kept walking until they came to a stop in front of a pair of intimidating doors.

The crazy lady knocked sharply on the door three times and called out

"My Lord? May we enter?"

The door opened a crack and a small, ugly looking guy came out.

"The Dark Lord is not available right now." He said, quivering under the combined glare of Snape and the crazy lady."

"Very well." Snape said. "The Dark Lord will see us later, then."

"Now, If you will excuse me, I must get back to Hogwarts. Dumbledore will become suspicious if I'm away for too long." He continued, turning to us and ignoring the man at the door.

"The old idiot still think you're working for him, then?" She asked, suddenly cackling like crazy.

"Yes." Snape said awkwardly, then he turned on his heel and left abruptly, leaving me alone with crazy eyes.

She turned to me, suddenly serious, then gestured for me to follow her, and we set off on yet another corridor.

We walked into a large circular space with lots of bookshelves, and I almost bumped into a woman with light blonde hair.

"Cissy! Here, can you go show the boy to his room? I have to go round up the others for an attack!" The lady with crazy eyes said, looking disturbingly happy.

The woman rolled her eyes, then beckoned for me to follow her.

We came to a plain door, through which was a plain bed and a desk. The room looked like it came out of the mortal horror movies Annabeth and Percy like to watch, with a grey bedspread and a creepy dresser in the back.

"You'll have to stay here until the Dark Lord will see you. Don't get lost, this house has an extension charm done on it." She said.

I nodded once at her, then opened my mouth to ask her if i could get any food, but she had turned and disappeared through the door already.

My stomach growled again and I began dreaming of all the different foods I've eaten in my life...I wonder if I could go to McDonalds and come back without anyone seeing me.

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