Ok, so here goes, my first Frozen multi-chap AU! I've been wanting to do this since I saw the film, and if you guys like it or have any ideas on how it should go, let me know 'cause I'm just kind of winging it haha. Happy Reading!

Anna, a simple ice harvester in the kingdom of Arendelle, sneaks into the castle on the night of Queen Elsa's coronation disguised as royalty only to become attached to the Queen herself. 18 months later Anna and her partner Kristoff are on the verge of starvation, and in the need of a new source of income. Anna takes on a job as a servant in the castle. Will the Queen recognize her as the girl who stole her heart all that time ago, or is Anna too late to win it back?

The busy streets of Arendelle were bustling with activity of all sorts. People were busying themselves hanging streamers from the rooftops, setting up decorations in the middle of the bazaar, even going as far as to put up a game for the children in the town square. It was safe to say that everyone in the kingdom was out of the house today, from the smallest child to the eldest man, not a soul would dare miss out on a day such as this, the queen's coronation. Ever since the late King and Queen, rest their souls, disappeared nearly three years ago, the people of Arendelle had been awaiting this day, the day when the Princess, the sole heir to throne, came of age and took her place as Queen.

And now the day they'd been waiting for was finally here, and what a perfect day it was; a slightly warm breeze, not a cloud in the sky, it was an absolutely glorious day-

The perfect day for business, that is. At least it was to a certain red-haired girl bouncing excitedly next to a sleigh full of ice.

"Come one, come all, and get the best ice in all of Arendelle! Straight from the North Mountain, folks! Doesn't get any colder than this, I mean, unless you went further north, then I'm sure it could get a little colder, but this is a close second! And-" a burly hand clamped down over her mouth, effectively silencing her 'advertising'.

Her eyes widened slightly before she heard a light hearted chuckle in her ear, "Calm down there, feisty pants. I don't want you scaring away our potential customers." With a huff the girl broke free of her captor's grasp and whirled around to face him, an angry glare in her blue eyes and a playful glint in his. They held each other's stare for minutes until the girl broke away and slid down the side of the sleigh with a sigh.

"Sorry, Kristoff," she muttered as she buried her face in her arms, "I can't do anything right." Not entirely expecting this sudden self-pity from his bubbly companion, the blonde in question awkwardly shuffled next to his friend before leaning down to gently pat her shoulder.

"Hey, now don't be like that," he spoke in what he hoped was a convincingly soothing voice, "You're good at lots of things, Anna."

She sniffed and shifted slightly to look up at him, "Really? Like what?"

"Uh, well, you can… what I mean is, there's that one thing you do, y'know," Anna gave him a look like she was about to burst into tears any moment, so he hurriedly blurted the first thing he could think of, "You taught Sven to do that thing with the snowballs!"

Her face lit up, "You mean the catapult?! Oh yeah!" she bounced right up and began pacing around, continuing her cheerful advertising as if she'd never been interrupted in the first place. The mountain man shook his head as his friend continued her antics. Anna certainly was an odd one all right, but she was practically family to him, he'd known her for as long as he could remember. As kids, it was just him and her, out on the ice with the ice harvesters, trying their little hearts out to cut out a block bigger than themselves so they could earn enough money for a decent meal. It had gotten easier with age; Kristoff had become a giant of a man and even Anna's lithe figure had gained a little muscle until they were able to work competitively alongside the others out there on the frozen terrain.

That was all well and dandy, but their efforts barely paid off. The duo was lucky if they sold a block a day to the stray passerby, even in the summer. But Anna was fiercely determined that today would be different. There were hundreds of people in town today, surely some of them would need ice to keep cool. She was sure of it, and that's why she had pulled the sled up to the edge of the castle gates, or has she had told Kristoff, 'the ultimate spot for maximum sales'. With everyone heading to the castle for the Princess' coronation, they had to pass by the ice harvesters, and hopefully they'd buy something along the way.

Some time passed like this; Anna jumping around and pitching slogans at nearly everyone that entered the gates, and Kristoff sitting atop the sled chewing thoughtfully on a piece of straw, and person after person hurrying past the crazed girl with the red hair. Kristoff sighed as time went on, choosing to recline in the seat and wait for the day to end so they could go and scrounge around the local inns for some food. Just as he was about to doze off, however, he was startled awake by a loud thud in the seat next to him.

"Giving up so soon?" he asked and smirked when all he got was an irritated huff in response.

"I don't know what else to do!" Anna all but shouted into his ear, "I've tried everything, but everyone is sooo focused on the coronation that they hardly even give me a second glance." She slumped further down in her spot and frowned, "We're haven't sold a thing all day, and why? Because people can't wait to get to some stupid party?"

Kristoff scoffed, "This isn't just some party, Anna. It's the Queen's coronation!"

"Oh great, you're one of them."

"No, seriously, this is the biggest celebration Arendelle has seen in what, the past twenty years?" the man was getting animated now, "Royals from all around have come for this, it's not just your average ball or whatever. I mean sure, there'll be dancing and fun, and the food, oh good gods can you just imagine the food they'll be having?" Anna's head popped up at that, "Oh yeah, what kinds?"

"Everything!" her friend chuckled, "I'd bet there's a buffet with everything from lutefisk to ribbe. What I would give to get my hands on some of that." He sighed and looked longingly toward the gate not far away. Unbeknownst to him, Anna was more focused than she'd ever been in her life, the gears in her head whirring with such ferocity that you could practically see the smoke coming out of her head.

"Well then why don't you just go?" Kristoff looked at her as if she'd miraculously grown a second head.

"Are you crazy?" he asked? She feigned offence with a hand over her heart, "Why would you ever think that?"

"Only royalty can go in there," he all but whined, "And the last time I checked, the closest one to royalty here is Sven," the reindeer in question poked his head out from behind the sleigh at the mention of his name.

"Oh come on, there are dozens of townspeople going in there!"

"They're only going into the gardens, you have to be invited into the castle, and we…" Kristoff gestured between him and Anna, "Were not invited. The only people that get to go in are people like lords or dukes, people that actually matter."

Anna placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him a weak smile. "We do matter, Kristoff, just as much as any of those people in the castle, and tonight I think we deserve to be treated as such." The ice harvester glimpsed up at his partner and audibly groaned at the mischievous look in her eyes.

He knew that look well, it was the same look she had when she'd suggested that it'd be easier to harvest ice from underneath the freezing water, or the time that she'd convinced him that it was safe to sleep in some trader's barn for the night only to have them both tossed out in the snow under the accusation of 'trespassing'. That same look was in her now, and he was scared. She either didn't notice how pale he'd become, or how profusely he was sweating as he awaited her next words, or she just outright ignored it, because with an arm around his shoulders she smiled widely and said, "Tonight, my friend, we eat like kings."

To Be Continued