RAVEN - 16

ROBIN - 19






(A/N this is my very first fanfiction. I know this is not good, but at least I've tried. This story contains swearing. You have been warned.)


Chapter 1

It has been a tiring day for all of the titans. Over the course of 8 hours they had to stop 4 bank robberies, 1 hostage situation and 3 slade attacks. The titans were exhausted and they decided to have a little party in celebration of bringing down slade once and for all. At the start Raven was not really keen with the idea, but eventually Beast boy managed to coax Raven into joining the party.

They were preparing for the party. Robin was inviting couple of their closest friends over, Starfire was decorating the tower with balloons and other decorating material that they had bought over the years, while Beast boy and Raven headed out to get some snacks for the party. Cyborg was setting up his brand new home cinema, which was given to him as a birthday present couple of days ago by one of his fans. He was also assigned on planning the party activities. Everyone was busy doing something.

After 10 minutes they had finally finished setting up the party and waited for Raven and Beast boy to get back home with the party snacks.

They made it back home some several minutes before the other titans were expecting their 2 guests were expected to arrive. They quickly put the snacks on the separate bowls on the counter and made sure everything was perfect.

After they made sure everything was perfect, they rushed to their bedrooms to get changed for the party.

After couple of minutes of getting changed, the first one to arrive back to the main room was Cyborg, followed by Starfire, Robin, Beast boy and Raven

Starfire was wearing a pink long dress (that she wore date with destiny). Robin was wearing a red shirt with green jeans. Beast boy wore black jeans with cosmos blue T shirt with a skull picture covering the entire shirt and writing underneath the image that stated 'heaven won't take me in and hell is afraid that I might take over'. Next titan to walk into the main room was Raven. She was wearing a black strapless shirt with black skirt. When Beast boy stared at Raven he couldn't help but to drool, but quickly snapped out of it before he got caught. The only one that didn't need to get changed was cyborg because one he was half metal and two he didn't own any clothes. He just wore his holographic rings, which generated a holographic suit for him.

Just as expected, when they were about to sit down on the couch to wait for Argent and Bumblebee to arrive to the tower, they heard a doorbell go off.

"THEY'RE HERE" Starfire exclaimed. She stood up quickly and flew to the door to let their party guests in. She flew to the door and opened it. "WELCOME FRIENDS TO OUR PARTY" she exclaimed excitedly, wrapping both of them into her famous death hugs.

"Hey Star...need air" Argent gasped, trying to break free from her death grip.

"Oh sorry friends. Come in" she said, with a hint of blush, embarrassed about choking her friends.

The common room doors slid opened, revealing 2 of their guests.

"Hey guys glad you could make it" said Robin, greeting them with a handshake.

"Glad we could come" Argent responded, staring at Beast boy. She walked up to him and embraced him in a hug, which shocked him, but he returned it. Argent felt a hint of happiness flow through her, that her long time crush was hugging her back, but she didn't show it.

When Raven saw him hugging her she felt herself slightly becoming jealous as she glared at the TV hoping it would disintegrate. Argent saw this, she realised that Raven was jealous and that Beast boy might be taken, so she released him, trying not to start a fight with the half demon.

ARGENT: 'One day Beast boy will be mine' she though, stealing a few glances at him, which didn't go unnoticed by Bumblebee. Bumblebee smirked knowingly at her as a plan formed in her head to help Argent out with her little problem. She made it her mission to get Argent and Beast boy together as soon as possible.

'How dare she touch my Beastipoo' screamed jealousy in Ravens head.

'Let me at her, I will personally tear her head off' screamed brave.


'shut up. All of you are giving me a headache. It's bad enough that Argents here' Raven screamed at her emotions, forcing her jealousy to back down, while trying to act civil about this.

"Hey sparky" said bumblebee giving him a hug.

"Hey bee how's it going" he replied, hugging her back lovingly.

"Oh same old same old" she said, staring into his eyes. She leaned over to Cyborg and whispered something into his ear. An evil smirk spread across his face as she revealed him her plan and whispered "this is going to be great"

"Hey guys how about we sit down and relax" suggested Robin.

"Way ahead of you" replied Beast boy as he ran towards the couch and vaulted over it, sitting next to Raven. Raven felt a little more at ease for the moment as her secret lover sat close to her.

Argent just giggled at his childish behaviour, but she felt a hint of jealousy creeping into her mind when she saw Beast boy sat down next to her competition. Argent frowned inwardly as she followed the others onto the couch. She sat down next to Beast boy, but made sure to keep a slight distance, so she wouldn't aggravate a certain empath even more than she already has.

Raven smirked to herself, when she felt Argent become jealous. She leaned closer to Beast boy. That was her way of saying that Beast boy was hers.

Beast boy sensed the tension rising between two of the girls, but decided to ignore it as he had no idea how to deal with the situation.

After speaking for half an hour about cars, villains and their successes, Cyborg finally decided to put Bumblebees plan into action and see if anyone was interested in playing a game.

"Hey guys I've an idea." he said, getting everyones attention "Lets play truth or dare" Others just stared at him for a moment before they nodded in agreement, well except Raven, so it was up to Beast boy again to risk himself getting hurt or thrown out of the window.

"Come on Raven" he pleaded.

"No" Raven simply stated. She liked when he begged and this time was no exception. This just showed her how much he cared about her.

"Pweease" he practically begged, morphing into a kitten and gave her 'the face'. He knew that Raven wasn't able to resist the face. She tried to ignore him, but when he jumped onto her lap and brushed his side against her stomach, her defences failed. Just as he predicted Raven crumbled and sighed defeatedly and said "fine, but you'll owe me afterwards". He knew exactly what she meant by that.

They sat down on the floor in a circle and got comfortable. Beast boy was sitting next to Argent and Raven while Cyborg sat next to Bumblebee and and Argent and Robin sat next to Starfire and Raven.

"Ok since Cyborg came up with the idea, why doesn't he start?" Bumblebee suggested. Everyone nodded in agreement as they stared at Cyborg expectantly.

CYBORG: "Ok Beast boy truth or dare?"

BEAST BOY: "Dare" he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

CYBORG: an evil smirk spread across his face as he stated "I dare you to sit on Ravens lap till the end of the game"

With that he recieved a death glare from Raven, but inwardly she was thanking Cyborg for this. Beast boy gulped nervously as he shifted towards Raven and sat on her lap. He closed his eyes in fear of getting blown up or thrown out of the window, but it never happened. He opened his eyes in confusion and looked at Raven. She was blushing viciously. She hated public displays of affection. Her emotions were squealing in delight. It took all her concentration not blow something up.

BEAST BOY: "Ok Chrome dome truth or dare?" he stuttered, still nervous about him sitting on Ravens lap.

CYBORG: "TRUTH" he stated knowing fully well, that he'll make him do something embarrassing in front of the others. It was Beast boys way to get revenge on Cyborg.

BEAST BOY: "Damnit I had a good dare as well" he pouted "Ok Cyborg what are your true feelings towards Bumblebee" he finished with a smirk knowing smirk.

Cyborg blushed heavily cursing something under his breath as he turned his attention towards Bumblebee.

CYBORG: "Bee I like you a lot, I mean like like" he said quickly, stressed the word like and then looked away from her, staring at the floor. He was unable to bring himself to look at her in fear of rejection.

What she did next shocked him to his core. She brought his face to meet hers and then leaned in for a kiss. About 10 seconds later she pulled away and said "I really like you as well"

Cyborg looked at her dreamily. After he snapped out of it, he pulled Bumblebee onto his lap, which she didn't reject. She sat on his lap and snuggled into his chest as he asked.

CYBORG: "Robin truth or dare"

He considered his options he could say truth, but then he would most likely have to confess his feelings to Starfire or he could choose dare and get away with it.

ROBIN: "Dare" he replied uncertainly.

CYBORG: "Kiss starfire straight on her lips" he said triumphantly.

Robins eye twitched under his mask as started blushing madly, cursing to himself about cyborg. He had faced Slade without starting to panic and dammit 'I can do it' he looked at Starfire and leaned in for a quick peck and pulled back quickly, avoiding eye contact with her.

ROBIN: "Bublebee Truth or dare"

BUBLEBEE: "Dare, come on Robin give me your best shot I ain't afraid of you"

Robin smiled "good"

ROBIN: "I dare you to eat Starfires tameranian pudding, which she left in the fridge earlier"

He said it with a victorious smirk as he saw her facial expression change from confident to horror. She wasn't expecting him to come up with such a faring challenge. Everyone gasped in horror, knowing how terrible her puddings were. Beast boy actually stared laughing and said "damn it Robin thats actually a good idea" She stood up grumbling something about 'stupid traffic light'. She went to the fridge and pulled out a green goo. She looked at it in disgust, but she was too stubborn. she never backed out of a dare. She took a spoon out of one of the drawers and took a bite of the nasty pudding.

Her eyes widened as she attempted to swallow Starfires horrible pudding. Her face had actually turned as white as snow. She quickly spat it out and ran to the sink. She turned on the tap and drank a gallon of water in attempts to wash out the horrible taste. It tasted like rabbit droppings with a most bitter taste in the world. She then put the pudding back in the fridge and stomped back to others, glaring at Robin. "Just wait till I come up with a good idea" she said in a threateningly quiet tone.

BUBLEBEE: "Argent truth or dare" she said, deciding to put her plan in action.

ARGENT: "dare" she replied without showing much enthusiasm. She had a vague idea, what Bumblebee was going to dare her to do. She was too afraid to say truth, knowing Bumblebee she would force Argent to admit her feelings towards Beast boy.

BUBLEBEE: "I dare you to kiss Beast boy for 5 no 10 minutes" she said knowingly that argent secretly loved the idea as she had admitted to liking him to her on the way down.


Argent and bumblebee were flying towards the T shaped tower, when Argent decided to tease her. "So when are you going to admit your feelings towards Cyborg?" this made Bumblebee blush heavily. Argent started to giggle inwardly, when she saw Bublebees expression.

"I don't know what you're talking about." she stuttered, making it more obvious that she was lying.

Argent smirked "Come on, it is so obvious that you like each other. Just admit it."

Bumblebee glared at her and sighed defeatedly. She knew that there was no way of lying to her best friend "Fine. I do like him, but im sure that he doesn't like me back the same way"

ARGENT: "How do you know when you haven't asked him"

Bumblebee was becoming more uncomfortable with the interrogation and decided to turn it around against her. "Who do you like" she countered with a knowing smirk.

Now it was Argents turn to blush "Uhh...n-no one" she stuttered uncomfortably, staring off into the distance, in desperate attempt to hide her growing blush.

BUMBLEBEE: "Yeah and thats why you are blushing and stuttering. Just tell me who you like"

Argent kept looking away from her, trying to figure out a way to end this conversation. "No"

BUMBLEBEE: "Is it because he's green and has pointy ears" she said, her smirk growing even more wider.

ARGENT: "W-w-what are you talking about?" her blush growing worse by every second.

BUMBLEBEE: "Yeah I have seen you staring at him hungrily, when he's not looking at you and when he does turn around, you look away from him blushing like there is no tomorrow" She had Argent cornered now.

"Fine. I do like him more than a friend, but dont tell him" she said defeatedly

-End Flashback-

If you could kill a person with a glare, which Raven was giving Bumblebee, she would have been chopped into thousands of pieces by now.

'Don't you dare you bitch' jealousy screeched.

'I swear down if she goes anywhere near his lips I will personally take control of this body and hurt her' Brave shouted.


'Shut up it's just a stupid dare, it's not like he actually would like doing it' Raven mentally shouted at them

Beast boy just wished that he could be somewhere else because he was secretly dating Raven and now he was going to be kissed by another beautiful girl and he would secretly enjoy.

Argent stood up and told Beast boy to do the same. He complied hesitantly and stood up. Raven could feel waves of fear coming off Beast boy. That was enough to reassure her emotions about what Raven had said, but jealousy still hated this.

Argent walked over to Beast boy and looked up into his emerald eyes for a second, before pulling him by the collar of his shirt and smashed her lips against his. He was shocked by her straight forwardness. His mind shut down couple of seconds after. It was replaced by instincts, which was a big mistake as he wrapped his arms around her waist, making it look obvious that he enjoyed it. All of his fear was replaced with another familiar emotion, which he tried to mask as best as he could. The emotion he was trying to mask was love.

He loved Raven, but as he was kissing Argent, he felt something more powerful between 2 of them, than when he was kissing Raven. This confused him.

When Argent felt him wrapping his arms around her waist, she felt like she was going to burst from happiness as she decided to return him the favour by wrapping her own hands around his neck.

When Raven saw Beast boy wrapping his hands around her waist, she got the idea that he might be enjoying the kiss. She tried to feel what emotions were emitting from him, but found none. She started fuming as she clenched her mouth shut. She did not want to say anything that she might regret later on.

'That cheating prick, we should kill them both right now' Rage shouted.

Raven felt extreme amount of anger, sadness and jealousy come over her as her secret crush was kissing Argent back. She didn't know it, but she had a hurt look on her face. She looked like she was about to cry. She stood up and ran out of the room before her powers could hurt someone. She felt like she wanted to cry. She felt so betrayed and hurt.

"Wait Raven where are you going" Beast boy shouted after her as he pulled away from the kiss, which made Argent frown in jealousy. She didn't like that he paid more attention to Raven, than to her.

He knew that it was a dare. He also knew this might hurt Raven, which it did. He just hoped that he could get her to forgive him now. He knew that he would have to beg on his knees for forgiveness.

She would probably send him to another dimension for a while as a punishment. He knew that he had to pay for the consequences of his actions, so he might as well get it done and over with.

"Hey guys I'm going to see if she's ok" with that said he left the main room.

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