Chapter 17

As Red X aimed his laser gun at Beast boys head, as he was about to shoot, he heard several explosions going off all around the warehouse, which made him jump and turn around. As he turned around, he saw Cyborg appear out of nowhere with his usual battle cry "TEEN TITANS GO" As red X was about turn around again to finish his mission off, he heard Cyborg charging up his sonic cannon and shooting it towards Red X.

To Cyborgs luck he shot the gun out of Red X's hand. As the gun landed on the floor, Red X ran towards the gun, in attempts of retrieve it. His efforts were futile as he saw it getting covered in dark aura. Moments later the gun was crushed by the dark aura.

RED X: 'Nooo' he mentally screamed.

He spun around and saw Raven towering in front of him. She used her powers to make her look big. Her eyes were glowing red, which looked like rage had taken control of her body. She did have problems with rage right now, but rage wasnt in control of her body.

As Red X was about to grab couple of Xrangs out of his utility belt, Raven grabbed him by his legs with her dark magic and threw him at the wall. Red X hit the wall with a painful smack. Raven covered rest of his body with her powers, so he wouldnt get any ideas of escaping. She then shrunk back into her normal size and stared coldly at him for a moment.

Kole and Gnark broke through the roof of the building and landed in front of Beast boy. While Kole transformed into a diamond, Gnark picked her up by her legs and started hitting 2 of the slade robots who were holding Beast boy by his arms. It didn't take long for Gnark to destroy the robots.

As they finished destroying the robots, Kole transformed back into her human self and ran up to Beast boy. He had fallen on his knees when Gnark attacked the robots. He was not sure what had just happened, but he was grateful for the team as they came to help him out, even after he had told them not to come.

KOLE: "Beast boy are you ok" she asked, wrapping him in a hug.

Beast boy just stood there frozen, but eventually nodded. As Kole let go of him, Raven walked up to him and made sure that he was ok. She healed his cuts and bruises which he had obtained from Red X earlier.

After healing him, she extended her hand out to him. He looked up at her with a small smile and accepted her help.

BEAST BOY: "Thanks" with that said, he heard rest of the titans arrive. He turned around and saw rest of the titans in front of the exit, charging at the robot army.

Beast boy tried to morph, but he couldnt as the serum was still in effect. No matter how much he concentrated, his powers didn't work. When Raven saw this, she put her arm on his shoulder and said "Go to Argent. She needs you more than we do. We can take care of these robots"

Beast boy didn't need to be told twice. He nodded and ran out of the warehouse, where Argent was standing with her daughter. She was still in shock. Everything had happened to fast for her to understand.

One second Beast boy was about to get killed by Red X and now he was being saved by others. There was a mixture of emotions running through her head, relief, happy, joy and many more. As she saw Beast boy running towards her, she snapped out of her thought and ran up to him, embracing him in a powerful hug.

She started to cry into his chest from joy. She never wanted to let go of him again. She didnt care if she had embarrassed herself in front of anyone right now, she just wanted to be close to him.

ARGENT: "Don't you ever scare me like that again" she said, giving him a quick peck.

He embraced her in another hug and said "I wont. Im so sorry"

Couple of minutes after, they broke the hug and turned around to see how the team was handling the robot army. To their surprise they had already destroyed every single robot in the warehouse and were standing in front of Red X, interrogating him.

Beast boy and Argent re-entered the warehouse once they made sure that it was safe enough to enter. They walked up to the struggling Red X. He was held to the wall by Ravens dark magic.

CYBORG: "Who are you" he demanded

no answer

BEAST BOY: "Well, there is one way to find out" with that said he approached Red X and removed his mask.

Everyone gasped in surprise when they saw who was hiding behind the mask.

STARFIRE: "Robin" she asked in disbelief. She could never think of Robin being a criminal.

BEAST BOY: "Why" he asked quietly.

Robin avoided eye contact with the titans. He couldn't bring himself to look at their angry faces. He just ignored Beast boy when he spoke to him, so Beast boy decided to take a different approach in finding out the answers. He walked in front of him and punched Robin into his stomach and asked again. "WHY" this time he asked a bit more louder.

Others didn't stop Beast boys method of interrogation, which he applied on Robin. They thought that Robin deserved every single punch, which Beast boy was giving him. They also wanted to know why did Robin betray them and if this was going to be the only way, then let there be pain.

Robin groaned in pain as Beast boy punched him in the stomach several more times.

SLADE: "Not a word Robin. Remember our deal" he ordered through Robins earphone, to which he complied to.

As the interrogation continued on throughout the evening, he kept his mouth shut the entire time. He had received quite a beating. He had been hit in the stomach 12 times, in the face 3 times and before Beast boy could hit him anywhere else, the titans had to to stop him, before he did something that he might regret later on in life. They called the police and put Robin in jail.


It has been couple of weeks since the incident. Robin was sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder and kidnapping.

Cyborg decided to give up his position as the leader of the original titans. The stress was becoming overwhelming for him. He gave his position as the team leader to Raven, which she gladly accepted.

Beast boys and Ravens friendship never fully recovered. He had tried to apologize to her many times, but she would only respond with 'hmph' and leave. It pained Raven when she did that, but she was afraid to forgive him after what he had done to her. She was still love him, but he belonged to Argent now and nothing was ever going to change that.

Beast boy and Argent left the tower couple of days after the incident. They were worried about their daughters safety, so they did the only logical thing and leave. They didn't tell the others, where they were going, but promised to call once they got there.

Now they are living in a secluded tropical island, away from crime. They lived near the beach like Argent had always wanted to. They couldnt be any happier. They had everything that they could have possibly ever want a house, a beach, but most importantly a family. They still kept in touch with their friends, but they barely left the island.

Argent eventually gave birth to the second child. This time it was a boy. It shared most physical similarities with Argent, but he did have few things in common with Beast boy. They named him Nikolai


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