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"So Percy how is life here?" Asked Sally as they walked back home as Paul was interested in the local books and other things. Percy gave him a bag of drachmas to spend if he wanted to.

"It is good it's peaceful, I plan to live here a long time I might make stops at your house every month with the kids." He added quickly at the end as she smiled.

"So I started another book." She said as his ears went up.

"Really what is it called?" He asked her.

"It is called the Percy Jackson the creator himself." She said as he just laughed.

"I like it." He said.

"I thought you might but I need your help on it." She said as he raised an eyebrow.

"I just missed the past 500 and more years of your life I need you to fill me in so that I can right it." She said as he gave her a hug.

"Well how about this for a start of your next book, it all started when I found myself falling from the sky…"



"Do we have to?" Charlotte complained as I put the last of their bags on the ground as I looked over that 16 year old.

"Yes now stop complaining or I will have Hestia come over here." I threatened as her face turned into one of horror.

"Why do we have to go to your home planet anyways?" Jinx complained as she made her puppy eyes at me.

"I thought we told you beforehand, you are going there to help Sally with a few things she needs done around the house." Bianca said smacking her daughter on the head.

"But why for a week?" Ryder asked as he morphed some water in his hand as Zora rolled her eyes at her brother.

"Because she has a lot of things she needs done that all of you can help with now no more questions." Said Artemis as Diana nodded. All the other kids just sighed as I stood up and smiled at them as they all rolled their eyes at me.

"Oh are you telling me you don't want any of Grandma Sally's cookies?" I asked them as they all looked scarred.

"No we didn't meant that." Lily said as all the others nodded.

"Thought as much now get going she isn't going to wait all day." I said as they all groaned and grabbed their bags.

"Have a good week you guys." Hestia said as she hugged and kissed each one as did all the others as I hugged them after they went through 9 sets of hugs and kisses.

"Love you guys and Jess please don't freeze her garden again she was not happy when you did that last time." I said as he blushed as he looked down as I smiled.

"I didn't mean too, Zora made fun of me and made me mad." He said as I eye Zora as she didn't meet my gaze.

"Don't harass your brother. Also all of you behave okay I will see you all in a weak." I said as I stood up as they all smiled at me and began to walk towards their grandmother's mansion/house that her books enabled her to buy. The second series was on fire right now and people couldn't get enough of it let me tell you.

"By the way please do not try to ride Fang's and Emily's children without permission from them also that applies to Orthos and Tia's children as well." I said as they all grumbled seeing as they loved riding on the massive Drakons and Hell/Heaven hounds. You see the two couples lived with my mother now as part of a defense/secret service for the Olympians. They helped around were they could killing anything that tried to disturb the piece of US 1 and US 2 and the rest of the world.

"Well at least that leaves us alone now." Purred Chaos as she looped her arm through mine as we watched the children walk away.

"Yeah now we can make up for lost time." Said Artemis and Diana at the same time which they had a bad habit of doing a lot.

"Hey now let's not get greedy there is plenty of him or should I say soon to be her to go around." Piper said as she walked up to me and gave me a peck on the cheek as I groaned.

"I should seriously stop making bets with you people." I said as Bianca grinned at me and ruffled my white hair.

"As the master of the oceans and rivers of power I think you need to take a peek or two in the river of foresight before you go and start making bets." Said Khione as I acted like a pouting child.

"Zoë was the one that told me I couldn't do that for our bets anymore." I told her as the said person snickered a little.

"Hey I wasn't the one that started a bet on the chess match that Jake and Luna had. Can't believe you bet on Luna you know Jake is the smarter one." Said Artemis as I eyed her.

"They are your children why would you say that?" I asked her as had a 'really' face.

"Yeah I guess you are right, Luna really isn't the smart one of the horde." I said as all of them rolled their eyes.

"At least shifter isn't with her or Sally would have trouble breaking the two apart." Said Hera as I nodded.

"Your right about that I am just worried about Amber and Alexus fighting in her garden. Or Danny falling asleep for the whole week. " I said as we all nodded remember their habits.

"Well at least we have the week to ourselves and to start it off, I think you have a spell to perform." Said Piper as I groaned as snapped my fingers sending us back to our home back on earth #2. But as I did I quickly found myself in out bedroom as Khione locked the doors just in case.

"Now the spell." Zoe said as I gulped. I had escaped once when this happened last time but this time I had to go through with it.

"Fine you win." I said as I clapped my hands as I felt my body start to change. As soon as it started I started to feel weird mostly in the chest region and my body shrinking. But after a few seconds the changes were done. As they finished I felt my breath quicken as I looked at the possibly 9 hottest guys in every known universe.

"I still hate the fact that I am a man but since last time you left me wondering what it feels like to pleasure oneself in this body." Said Artemis as I paled a little as I already say the bulge growing in his pants. I guess skipping our weekly meeting in bed for the past 3 weeks was not a good thing after all.

"But I must say Percy you do make a fine women." Said Chaos as I gulped again.

"Yeah he does make a fine female makes me want to dominate him in that form." Khione said as I shivered as a chill ran down my spine.

"Well let's get started then." Hera said as I quickly found my small 5 foot 8 body in the hands of male Piper and male Bianca as they stripped my shall I say beautiful body for my clothes until I was left with boxers that were way to big. All I could do to hide my D cups was use my arm as I was gently tossed to the middle of the bed. Other than my hair nothing had really changed since the last time I was forced into being a girl. Also everyone else looked the same as well.

My long hair lay sprawled out behind me as it was its normal salt and pepper colors with platinum and obsidian black. But since last time I had to admit that I occasionally thought what it might feel like to be a girl again for a day. But this was not the way I wanted to have that as I starred at 9 bare chests that almost glistened a little. To my female side I was in heaven as I admired their bodies.

But that soon disappeared as all but one stripped themselves to underwear as they all looked at the male Artemis as she grinned at me. But that grin on his handsome face just made my core heat up as I shuffled my legs a little as I lay with my head on the pillows.

"What are you waiting for?" Asked Hera as man grinned.

"I want Percy to unzip my pants with just her teeth." He said as I looked at her horrified as he sat down in a chair as everyone looked at him stunned.

"Why didn't I think of that?" Zoë asked himself as he bopped his head as I felt someone sit by my side as they startled me. As I looked over I saw Hestia just in time to have her lean over and kiss my. His largemouth quickly opened mine up as he gently pulled my arm back as I felt a hand grab my breast. I gasped at the suddenly lightning bolt of pleasure that strike in me at his touch as I hissed a little at the after effect as he pulled back from the kiss.

"Sensitive like Zoë, I like it." He whispered in my ear as I felt my core growing warmer.

"Hey I am waiting over here." I heard as Hestia let up as we both looked over at the male Artemis as he waited for me.

"You are impatient, I was just getting her ready." Hestia said as I suddenly felt a hand down my boxers that was not my own. Quickly I felt a finger glide over my clit as I moaned harshly as I looked over at Diana that was now completely naked as he kneeled next to me. At the same time I saw all the others gathering around me as I was cruelly kissed by Piper as Hestia focused on my breasts. But it was all too much as I felt my pleasure sore through the roof as I came.

As I came my back arched as I squirted all over Diana's hand as the pleasure I had only experienced once before rocketed through my system. At that I let out a course of moans that echoed in Pipers mouth. But as my body twitched I quickly found my hands pinned down by Hera and Chaos as I moaned in pure pleasure. After my large orgasm I came down slowly off my high as Diana's hand was quickly joined with another that teased my soft pussy lips as I looked over to see Bianca helping him out.

"She is ready." Said Chaos as they all pulled away, but my body demanded more as I felt something snap in me I leaned up and kissed the closest person who happened to be Khione as I quickly pinner him on his back. But as I ran my mouth through his mouth I found my hand sneaking its way down his rock hard chest and past my bubble but. As I did I found a good 10 inch and 3 inch wide cock in my hand as I began to stroke it. With my other hand I pinched his nipple at the same time as I heard him moan in my hands.

But as I made out with him I felt his hands reach up and start massaging my ass as everyone else watched. But I was in the zone as I ravaged his mouth with my tongue, but quickly I found his cock swelling in my small hand as I smiled in the kiss. I guess they weren't used to this pleasure either. But soon I had him cumming as he moaned in my mouth as I slowly stopped kissing him as I pulled back. As I did I smirked at him as I left him on the edge of an orgasm as he had a pleading look on his face.

"Come on Khione what was that you said you wanted to do to me?" I asked him as I stopped stroking as I reached up and played with one of my breasts.

"…" He didn't respond as I smirked and gave him a few good strokes that set him off. As I did though I felt his warm cum fall down his shaft and onto my hand. Also some of it land on my butt as its delicate warmth sent shivers through my body. As he finished I let go of his slimy shaft as I pulled my hand around to see a cum covered hand. Khione breathed deeply underneath me as I felt my pussy leak out and onto his chest.

Deep down I really didn't want to but morals were out the door as I licked my hand seductively. As I did I saw all of the other 8 cocks harden significantly at the sight. But as I tasted Khione I quickly found it tasted just like her normal pussy juices as I started to quickly gobble up the substance that was on my hand. As I finished up I pushed myself up seductively off of his panting body as I walked off the bed as I swayed my his as I approached a gulping Artemis.

"That was easy." I said as I slowly kneeled down at the massive tent in his pants. I had to say if I was a women I would be one hell of a slut from what I could tell. I guess that is why you could say so controlling in this bedroom right now. All the 9 acted like they were virgins from what I could tell from experience.

"What do you want me to do?" I spoke seductively in Artemis's ear as I felt the tables turn on his plan.

"Is it me of is Percy kind of slutty as a girl?" I heard behind me as I looked at Piper as I gave her a wink.

"I don't know why don't you come and find out?" I purred as I saw him gulp at my antics as I turned my attention back to Artemis as he sat in the chair in a panicked state.

"If I had known I could control you all in bed like this I would have done this years ago." I purred in his ear as I felt him shiver. I just smiled as I felt one of his hands sneak its way up my smooth belly and grab my ample sized breast. I just let Artemis feel me up as I sat down on his leg as I felt my lower lips beg for some attention as I started to grind into his leg. At the same time I massaged the bulge in his pants as he let out a groan.

"Oh god Percy." He gasped as I smiled as I stopped as he looked at me funny. But I just smiled as I slid down to my knees and faced the large tent in his pants. To be honest I didn't care anymore what I was doing I just wanted to dominate the man in front of me and make him beg to me.

"Let's get started shall we." I said as I leaned forward and found the zipper as I slowly almost agonizingly slid it down until I left him in just boxers. I could feel all the others eyes on me as I starred at the massive tent as I went in, as I did I pulled down his boxers I felt a large piece of meat hit my face as I gulped in anticipation. I just starred at all 10 inches as I licked my lips as I looked at the pleading face of Artemis.

"I bet you want me to suck your dick don't you?" I told her as I gently dragged a finger against the hard piece of meat that had no other intentions other than to make me its bitch. But from Artemis's face my guess was that she was breaking down fast as I saw his hands clenching and unclenching. I just couldn't help myself anymore as I dove right in. At first I found the taste odd but then something in me basically said you want more of it.

But as I licked his long hard shaft I just wanted more as I started to lick the tip as I looked up at Artemis. His eye were begging me to continue as I felt his hard dick throb almost painfully on my tongue. I just smiled at his expression as I started to suck and take him in my mouth as I slowly took the full length in me. Each time I pulled back I felt his hips buck a little as if trying to get me to suck it faster. But each time I pulled the dick out of my mouth an addible pop could be heard as my salvia covered about half of his shaft.

As I continued on with teasing Artemis I suddenly felt a hand on the back of my head. But before I could react my head was shoved down all the wall until my lips pressed up against his base. I gagged as his dick stretched my throat and went down even farther. But suddenly I felt my head being pulled back and then it was slammed back down all the way. I tried to resist it but I found no strength in my arms as an each time I was force down a gunk sound could be heard.

But from the looks of it Artemis couldn't get enough of it as I was violently forced to deepthroat his cock again and again. It was painful but at the same time pleasuring for this female body, but at the same time I felt my breath leaving me. Finally thought just as I was about to lose the last of my breath I felt him hold my head down as far as I could go ad I felt a warm and sticky liquid being poured down my throat. With that my sense overwhelmed me as I felt my consciousness fading at the same time I came as my lower region shook as my juices painted the floor as I chocked on Artmeis's cock.

But there was so much cum that was pour directly down my through due to the length of his cock that some of it managed to rise up and come out of my nose. But as it did I felt his dick start to soften in my mouth as I was pulled off leaving a mass of white and sticky salvia on his shaft. But with a loud pop the dick slid out of my mouth as I started to cough violently. As I did I felt a hand pat my back as I looked over to see a slightly sorry faced Hestia as I gave a thankful node.

After a little my mouth was clean and my was my nasal passage of cum as I gently got up with wobbly legs. As I did I found a supporting arm as I found Bianca helping me over to the bed as she had one rough hand clenching one of my ass cheeks to keep me straight up. But as I was laid down on the bed I quickly found that I was in trouble as a pair of hands pinned down mine as I lay face first on the edge of the bed. My legs still supporting me on the ground but barely due to their length.

"Hera please give me a little." I begged as I looked at the brown and silver hair man.

"Did you ever give us time to relax?" She asked me as I guess she was right. But as I was pinned to the edge of the bed I felt a membrane at my lower entrance as I shivered at the feeling.

"You think she has a hymen?" Asked Zoë as they all shrugged, well besides Artemis who was still recovering from his massive orgasm of 20 ropes of cum that oddly tasted like I think bark of a tree.

"Why don't we find out?" Hera asked as he positioned himself at my entrance as I braced myself. But as he pushed forward his dick slipped and found another hole that it slid right into. I gasped at the sudden intrusion of my anus as Hera shivered a little.

"Wrong hole." I gasped as I felt him look down but as he did he shrugged as I felt him start to slid in and out of me.

"You're so tight." He said with a grunt as he started to go faster. But as he did I felt my ass clench around his long hard length as he started to go faster and faster. Soon I was in heaven as I screamed his name and to go faster. I couldn't get enough of this odd feeling as my body turned the odd sensation into pure pleasure.

"God I feel something building up inside me." He hissed in my ear as I his thrust got wilder and rougher as he pounded into me as hard as he could. During this I was moaning like a whore as my pussy begged for attention as it dripped its juices onto the floor. But finally after what seemed forever I felt Hera plant himself as deep as he could in me and cum. At first I wasn't ready as my legs straightened out in the air as I came as well. But as his hot cum poured into my ass I screamed in delight as juices rocketed out of my pussy and onto the ground.

"Oh god." Hera said as he stayed planted in me as I gasped for air as my body was still going through its shiver phase I have seen the girls go through way to many times. But finally he pulled out of me with a pop from his dick being pulled out as he let go of my hands that kept me pinned down. As he did I started to slide down to my knees as I shivered at the feeling of the cum dripping out of my ass in heavy amounts.

"Oh were not done yet come here you." I heard as I looked to see Piper pick me up as Zoe joined her. In a couple of seconds I had another dick up my ass as Piper was underneath me and was playing with my breasts I laid on top of his body. I just moaned like a dirty whore as his dick made a slapping sound as it went and out of my ass as Hera's cum acted as a lubricant as I moaned in delight as Pipers dick hit a good spot that made me shiver each time.

But with the pleasure of each rapid thrust I said the word 'fuck' over and over again as I screamed in delight. Who would have known that a female's body was such a pleasure box? But as I was screamed in delight Piper went to town on my breasts as I was on the brink of cumming but stopped as Piper stopped.

"What are you doing?" I begged them as I looked around me to see 6 eager penis as I gulped as I looked at Zoë.

"Alright let's see if we can find something to fill that dirty mouth of yours." Zoe said as I suddenly noticed Chaos scooting over towards my mouth. As he did he let his dick rest by my mouth as my hot breath seemed to make it shake as I gulped one more time. But with all my normal male senses gone I easily took the cock in my mouth and began to suck it greedily. As Chaos moaned in pleasure as he carefully put a hand on my head to help my suck him off as I felt my salvia lubricate his shaft as I began to deep throat him.

But as this happened I didn't noticed Zoë approaching from the front as I sucked off Chaos. As he did I suddenly felt another dick up against one of my tow lower holes as Piper still remained still. But as I felt the pressure of his dick against my baby tunnel my eyes snapped open just in time to see him ram it inside me. With luck on my side I didn't have a hymen but man was I tight as I felt my wet and greedy vagina nearly rip his dick off.

But at the sudden intrusion I let out a torrent of moans as Chaos seemed to enjoy this but at the same time I felt so full it almost hurt. But then I noticed they all had stopped moving giving me time to adjust. All I did was simply nod and the game was on as I felt three hard dicks start moving in me. It was so much that I didn't even know what I was doing anymore, I didn't know how many time I came or how many times they came. I was in a world of bliss as they pounded me into oblivion.

"More." I moaned as I free my mouth of Chaos's near limp membrane that had cum down my throat at least 3 times. But as I said this it seemed to give them all an energy boost as they continued to pound into me. All I could do was moan and scream each time I had a mind-blowing orgasm that shook my body to the core. But finally I felt one last dick slip out of my as our 4 way came to an end leaving me with 3 cum filled holes and a very sore pussy and ass.

"Give me more I need more." I begged through my torrent of pleasure flowing through me being a girl was such a different pleasure I just wanted more. But from their looks being a male was the same thing as the 4. But they were so exhausted they couldn't do any more but there were 3 still hard cocks that easily met my need. This time though I was caught off guard as Hestia laid under me as Bianca took my mouth but I suddenly felt Hestia dick enter my pussy as I heard Diana pout.

"Hey your supposed to have her ass." He complained as I heard a deep chuckle in my ear that was Hestia's.

"Hey we can share." He said as I got her idea.

"No do not do that I will break." I begged as I struggled but I quickly found my arms pinned by my sides by Bianca as I felt another dick poking at my entrance to my pussy.

"Don't worry your body is magically enhanced you will be fine." Diana said as I tried to struggle but then all the sudden Diana shoved what she could into me as I gasped. It was so damn tight that it hurt a lot but the pleasure soon overcame me as I moaned like a bitch in heat.

"What do you want us to do now?" I heard from Hestia who still hadn't moved as I looked at Bianca with pleading eyes to let me go.

"I want you to fuck me until I can't move." I begged my female side taking complete control as I didn't care anymore. But they didn't disappoint as they all began to move in me, my ass leaking thick and cream like cum as I was so full of dick in my pussy it was leaving no room for the cum in me as it was squirting out. But I was in heaven right now as I violently sucked Bianca off as he came once but I didn't stop as I sucked him right through his whole orgasm which seemed to prolong it.

But as they continued I couldn't help but fall apart again as I begged to be fucked harder like a slut. I had to say I was very slutty but at their rough touches and long dicks they made me like putty as they pounded into me. Each time Diana would pull out Hestia would thrust in and then the opposite would happen. But soon I felt them cumming as they both slammed into my at full length as I felt their cum flood my womb. Thank god I put an infertility spell before this.

Soon though they were breathing hard as I lay in-between them as they dick lay limp. My pussy and ass both drooled cum as thick as yogurt as I was gasping for air. My throat sore and I bet red from Bianca skull fucking me into oblivion when the two finished inside me. But as I lay breathing hard I felt a hand shake me as I look over at Artemis with a now hard dick as I got the point.

"Let's go take a shower." He said as I nodded and got up as I did though a mass of cum poured out of me as I shivered at the feeling. But as I got off the bed Artemis quickly picked me up and wrapped his arms around my back as I wrapped my legs around his waist. Instantly I felt his dick slide right into me as he gripped my ass and bounced me fully off and on his dick as I screamed in pleasure as his dick slammed into my womb each time. But as this happened he carried me to the bathroom to get a shower as I saw the sun breaching the horizon.

"More." I said quietly as Artemis stopped briefly as he eyed me.

"How much more?" He asked in a serious tone as I still deep down wanted to not even to be able to walk after this.

"Until I can't even move I am so exhausted." I said in a slutty tone in his ear as I nibbled on it. That just made him harder in me as I smiled as he continued to pound into me. One hour later I was being carried out by Artemis as my pussy dripped cum but the rest of my body was clean. But my sexual drive was still high as I gently rubbed his dick with one hand as I tried to get him hard again.

"Does she still want more?" Asked a tired Chaos as Artemis nodded.

"Yeah she just can't seem to get enough." He said as he sat me down in his lap as I felt a hard dick slip right into me. I just wrapped my arms around his neck and legs around his waist as I bounced up and down as I moaned in pleasure.

"I will put an endurance spell on us hopefully that will be enough to satisfy her." He said as Artemis nodded. But as he cast the spell I felt his dick almost double in size as I screamed in pleasure, at the same time a torrent of bad words exited my mouth at the same time.

"This is going to be a long day." Bianca said as Chaos lifted me up as I felt his dick enter my ass as I was in heaven once again. But as they fucked me as hard as they could I could only shout one word.




"Mom dad are you guys awake?" I heard as I lifted my head off the bed as I had a massive headache. I don't even remember falling asleep but as I looked around me I saw a sight that just wanted to make me whistle. Our bed sheets were no longer their natural black color instead they had massive white stains all over it. But also I noticed everyone was back to normal as I slowly pushed off a sleeping Artemis on my chest as I sat up.

"What happened?" I asked myself as I looked around for answers. As I did I found some as I found multiple dildos and other things for females as I had no memories of what happened.

"Oh thank god your back to normal, I don't think we would have survived another day if you were female." I heard as I looked over at Hera who was naked but looked like she hadn't slept in a month.

"What?" I asked her but I was cut off by a knock on the door.

"Hey guys wake up you have been sleeping all day." Said a familiar voice of Danny who kind of sounded jealous that he didn't get to sleep in. Wait aren't they supposed to be at their grandmothers?

"Okay." I said back as I heard him leave as my eye scanned over everyone to find them just as tired as Hera.

"What happened?" I asked them as they all looked at me like I was insane.

"You don't remember?" Asked Artemis as she slowly touched her groin area as she made a pained face.

"Still sore?" Asked Hestia as she nodded as I was completely confused seeing this Diana decided to fill me in.

"Basically your sex drive didn't end until early this morning, we fucked you for a week straight and finally you got enough. We are never doing that again." She said as the others agreed as I raised an eyebrow.

"So your saying I wanted so much sex and was so horny as a female that I fucked all 9 of you for a week to satisfy myself?" I asked them as they all nodded.

"Then why the hell don't I remember the last 6 nights but I remember the first?" I asked them as they all looked dumbfounded.

"I would have to say you passed out and let your hornyness take over." Bianca said as she rubbed the area were her penis used to be.

"I vote to never do that again." Zoe said as they all nodded.

"Motion passed, now Percy please help us to the shower." Hera said as I smiled as I got up feeling better than I have in a while.

"Man I feel great." I said as they looked at me like I was insane.

"You are never allowed to turn into a female do you understand." Piper said as I nodded.

"Okay now help us up the kids are home and I assume Luna has already tried to cook once, poor child needs to learn to cook." Hestia said as I started to help them up as they all limped a little.

"Why are you all so tired?" I asked them as they looked at me angry like all I could do was raised my arms in defense as they turned back to the bathroom.

"I don't want to talk about it." Khione said like it was a nightmare as the others nodded.

"Was I really that demanding or slutty?" I asked them as they nodded.

"Lets just hope you don't remember the week for the love of Chaos." Bianca said as even Chaos nodded.

"Fair enough…well I am going to go fee the children while you guys do your stuff." I said as they nodded.

"By the way I think we need more shampoo." I said but as I said the word more a shiver could be felt from them as I saw their scarred faces.

"Do not say that word please." Artemis begged me as I slowly nodded.

"For how long?" I asked her.

"For the rest of eternity now use some magic to get ready and make the children breakfast." She said as I nodded and began another normal day as I always do.

"Well it couldn't have been that bad." I said as I got dressed and head to the room. The mysteries of the week would never reach my ears again but only hushed whispers of it could I hear form the 9. But after that I think I saw a new found respect for their female bodies like it is a temple they never want to leave again.

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