Chapter 1:

She could feel the excitement going through every part of her body as the plane she was on was about to land. It was more then she ever thought was possible.

Sharon Newman looked out her window and saw the Los Angeles skyline in all of its glory. She felt a smile come across her face as she held the hand of her adorable look-a-like daughter Faith, who was just as excited as her mom was.

Sharon had made the hardest decision ever. She had decided to leave Genoa City, Wisconsin for Los Angeles because she felt that she needed to start life over again. All of those years spent tangled in the web of the Newman family's crazy ways had had an effect on her in a very negative way. Simply put, Sharon felt that she needed to leave. Not just for her sake but for Faith's as well.

Sure, it had hurt Sharon to the core. She still loved her former husband, Nick Newman, but she knew that what they had had was something that they could never get back. Things had changed so much that there was no going back.

Her decision had even angered her son Noah, who felt that she was being selfish. However, after a long talk, he completely understood why she had to leave. It was the best thing for her to do.

Now as the plane began to desend to LAX, Sharon could feel her excitement grow and grow.

This was it. Her new life was about to start.

Meanwhile, there was excitement over at the Forrester Mansion. The Forrester family was celebrating the engagement of family patriarch Eric Forrester and jewelry designer Quinn Fuller. Everyone from Eric's children to Quinn's son Wyatt & his wife Hope were there.

Everyone was happy. Everyone except Thorne. Sure he loved his father & was very happy for him, but as he stood there with his daughter Alexandria holding a glass of white wine in his hand, all he could think about was when he would ever have a chance at happiness.

What he didn't know was that love was coming for him, and it was coming in a big way.

A really big way.