Izanami stood in front of the window of her apartment, looking out onto the city below. Kise was going to pose more of a problem than she had initially anticipated, if that jackass that had been skulking outside the department all day was anything to go by. As soon as the blonde had left the building with Kasamatsu, the guy had tried to follow, none to discrete. He wasn't very good at his job, well the job he had been given, but his true task he had perfected. Izanami knew that he had been sent by her to draw Izanami out, and she did so without a fault. Izanami wanted the bitch to know. Izanami wanted to take another stand.

Which was why, lounging comfortably on her sofa like he owned the damn place and had been there hundreds of times before, was Hanamiya Makoto. Normally Izanami wouldn't resort to such a nefarious character, but when push comes to shove and information is priceless, there is only one Akuma to go to. Izanami's gaze slid to his reflection in the window. She didn't need to look to feel his gaze pinned to her back, but she wasn't comfortable with him in the room none the less. He wouldn't try to harm her in the slightest, but he wasn't a clean cut, honest to god broker either. You had to buy the honesty out of him. And he wasn't cheap.

"Not often am I called by Izanami Raeden. I can count all the times on one hand."

"You know why I want information, Hanamiya," Izanami snapped turning around and crossing her arms over her chest. Hanamiya's usual smug, arrogant expression hardened into something of both fear and awe. There were very few who could do such a thing, and Izanami could only hope that one day she could place that expression on him by a mere thought. "So how much is it going to cost me?"

"Nothing money can buy, I assure you. I seek something else for the information you want," Hanamiya replied as he slowly stood. His gaze was cast down as he walked over to her, his body tight and his shoulders wide. Izanami had never seen him like this before, and that could mean only one thing. Hanamiya Makoto was terrified and desperate, which meant his only request could be...

"I cannot promise protection." Hanamiya's fists slammed against the glass, either side of her head, his face merely inches away from hers. She could smell the cinnamon on his breath and the darkness of his eyes, each singular hair of his lashes. He searched her face before sneering, leaning in ever closer. If anyone were to see, it would be a rather curious positioning to try and explain.

"It is what I want, and if I don't get what I want, neither do you."

"This isn't a low time Hunter that can be dissuaded..."

"You think I don't know that?" Hanamiya's roar echoed in her ears but Izanami did not flinch. She had looked in the face of true terror and come out the other side living and breathing, if only just. There was nothing he could do that would terrify her, nothing he could do to hurt her. He was angry but desperate, and if Izanami was his key to safety then he would not risk harming her. Not yet any way.

"The best I can offer is a safe house. Hanamiya, if you tell me then I..."

"You can't beat her Raeden, or do you forget?" His hand slammed against her rib cage and all over again she could feel the burning of a knife slashing her from shoulder to hip. She had practically been forced to hold her intestines inside her own body as Kiyoshi worked to save her. Even his healing hands almost couldn't. Hanamiya had been there, not contributing to the fight but watching. Always watching, always meticulous, always working things through. "Kaminari is unstoppable."


Kagami moved quickly, running along the buildings. He felt exhilarated, using his full power as he bounded almost silently across the roof tops. It would be all the better if he hadn't been forced to accompany Aomine, who was a few feet in front of him tirelessly making his way from one building to the others. Kagami couldn't lie, there was a graceful, powerful element to the way Aomine could move so quickly and fluently, but that was outweighed by his dickish, conceited personality. Hell, if he wasn't so uptight about the whole Kuroko thing they could have even been friends.

They were trying to find Kise, mostly because Kuroko wouldn't stop bugging them and eventually threatened to tell Akashi that he believed the tribe was in danger. The threat of Akashi had been enough to break Aomine's resolve, and the Akuma finally agreed to go with Kagami to find Kise, on the condition he was the one who could do all the fighting. Kagami had no problem with that really, it mean that he could get back to Kuroko without worrying about having his neck slit.

Aomine stopped suddenly, kneeling down against the edge, his eyebrows knitting together as he seemed to almost glare. Kagami managed to come up short beside him, trying to follow his gaze as to what made him so angry. There was about a minute of silence before Aomine nodded to an apartment, and Kagami finally saw. A small growl erupted from his throat as his eyes narrowed, taking in the sight of Hanamiya Makoto. Not only was Hanamiya a personal irritation to Kagami, not only was he part of the Waru Tribe, but he was the Leader. And he was standing on Tenshi Tribe ground, without welcome nor permission. Aomine cracked his neck to the side. Hanamiya standing on their turf was enough for him to want to kick the bastards teeth in, but Kagami's hand clamped down his shoulder hard and fast, pulling him back as though he was going to jump right there and then to attack the opposing Akuma.

"Wait, they're arguing," Kagami hissed. His gaze was focused on the woman standing with Hanamiya. She was no Akuma, that was for sure, no Akuma would live in a place like she did. Yet there had to be a reason why Hanamiya was with her. She was beautiful, in a way, but she had a sour expression littering her features that warned Kagami that she wasn't putting up with whatever shit Hanamiya was trying.

"Probably just a lover. Come on Kagami, we need to show him that he can't just waltz all over Tenshi ground." Aomine shook Kagami's hand off and in the next instance he was gone. Kagami wanted to linger back, there was something about this situation that made him feel incredibly uncomfortable and he didn't really want to be going anywhere near that apartment building. For Hanamiya to risk traipsing all over their land was one thing, to do it just to meet with a woman was something else. No human lover was worth getting killed over.

Kagami moved quickly, trying to keep up with Aomine, who was already quite ahead of him. The bluenette had landed on the roof of the apartments by the time Kagami was even in the air, and he barely even waited for the red head to land before pulling open the door and disappearing inside. Kagami had no choice but to follow, going back and trying to explain to Kuroko why he had returned alone would be difficult, going back alone and having to explain to Akashi why Aomine had disappeared would be another. He ran into the stairway and leapt over the railing, landing in front of Aomine and cutting him off.

"This is a stupid idea! We should go back and tell..."

"Oh come on, a little intimidation and everything will be fine." Kagami scowled, not wanting to budge a foot.

"Don't be an Ahomine, we need to go back!"

"Are you scared of a little girl, Bakagami?"

"Aka..." Kagami didn't even get a chance to finish his sentence when three loud gun shots rang into their argument. Both Akuma's immediately started running down the stairs and both shouldered the door open, almost leaping into the hallway. A man was running towards them, body glowing with patterns that could not be copied, a gun in one hand and the other cradled a wound in his neck. He rose the gun upon seeing them, not hesitating to shoot. Kagami felt his body freeze, memories of his last attack against Hunter flooding back into memory. If it hadn't been for Aomine tackling him to the ground, he would have been hit by a bullet, and not in a place anywhere near the leg.

Before Kagami had a chance to react to the man he was leaping over the pair, but before he managed to get the door open his blood splattered as one loud, bellowing shot rang out. He slumped to the ground, gargling slightly as the gaping hole in his chest bled quick and his body clearly beyond saving. Kagami blinked twice before glancing upwards, feeling cold metal being pressed against his temple.

"I've killed one intruder tonight, better give me a good reason not to make it three."


"Kasamatsuchii, my eye hurts!" Kise whined from his place on the couch, bringing the blanket up around his neck. Kasamatsu was hard pressed not to smack his head with his lap top. Kise had seemed to decide that it was well within his rights to complain about every tiny little thing and have Kasamatsu being the one who needed to hear it. This wouldn't be so bad if Kasamatsu wasn't trying to rewrite the report that Kise had spilt coffee on earlier that day. The officer resorted to resting his head on his desk and hoping that Kise would think he wasn't there.

Tough chance. At the officers silence the Akuma had instead wrapped the blanket around him and shuffled slowly into the office, leaning against the door frame with a pout that would look a hell of a lot more impressive if half of his face wasn't still purple and puffy. At least his eye was starting to reduce swelling, which was probably what was causing his whinging about it hurting.

"Kise, I am trying to work," Kasamatsu groaned, not lifting his head from his desk. He closed his eyes, hoping the blonde would go away but Kise just shuffled closer into the room, standing next to Kasamatsu.

"Is napping part of your work Kasamatsuchii? I could be an officer then too!" Kasamatsu didn't respond, just cursed Izanami to the deepest, darkest depths of hell for making him keep an eye on this moody six foot brat. After a few moments of silence he raised his head, half expecting Kise to be gone from the doorway. Instead the blonde had moved into the office and was glancing down at an empty chair, clearly considering whether or not he should sit in it. "Kasamatsuchii, thank you."

"Huh?" Kasamatsu raised his head, blinking twice at Kise. For the first time, Kise looked genuinely uncomfortable in the space. Kise rubbed the back of his head while shrugging, clearly unsure of what he was meant to be saying.

"Thank you, for letting me stay here. I know you don't want me here Kasamatsuchii, and you're only doing it because Izanami-San told you to. But, thank you." Kasamatsu blinked twice as Kise smiled broadly, probably the first time that Kasamatsu had actually seen the Akuma smile genuinely. Although he wanted to reply, he found his words stuck in his throat as Kise shrugged his shoulders again and let his arms swing free. "Well, I'm off to bed. Trying to sleep like human's is so tiring."