Hi everyone! This is just a little one-shot that was rolling around in my head. In the TMI series, Clary's character is well-developed, but Jace's on the other hand is left purposely vague in the beginning to add to the mystery.

I was just wondering, if Jace was to have his story told, what would he be like before he met Clary.

The plan is for this to be the only installment, but if I get enough feedback/reviews I might be persuaded to continue it. This story's future is in your hands.

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Jace's shadowhunter gear is far too binding tonight. He hasn't been laid in four days and the erection he has been sporting since his morning "activities" were interrupted by Maryse pounding on his door to get to the training room "as fast as angelically possible" is making him severely uncomfortable. He prays to the angel that Pandemonium will be dead-without demonic activity he silently corrects himself-so that he can concentrate on finding some much needed relief in the dozens of girls that throw themselves at him. He doesn't have to be choosy. The most attractive of the girls trample those that are not equal to the task long before any of them approach him. He is legendary in his lack of notoriety. They don't know his name, but the girls of Pandemonium speak of his sexual prowess like they are telling an urban legend; they can't wait to be the one, or sometimes two, selected to satisfy the needs of the hot boy with the golden hair and the enormous presence.

The music greets Jace's ears before his eyes settle on the long line of wannabes who wait for access, that might never happen, to the club. He and his companions: a statuesque raven-haired beauty with exotic, dark chocolate eyes, and a stunningly hot silhouette; and an equally handsome male with shiny black hair, piercing blue eyes, and the physique of a decathlete-bypass the hordes of humans, stymied into a hushed silence by the presence of these three otherworldly beings, to enter the club without more than a head nod from the bouncer. They are immediately alert scanning the room, eyes landing on a vampire making fast conversation with a Fey holding a frothing bluish drink, or a werewolf being charmed by a witch in the corner. The downworlders interact as though they are humans; their supernatural gifts hidden behind glamours and spells. The three move as one toward the bar to inquire about demons. The bartender frowns, but shakes his head slightly not wishing to call attention to the fact that shadowhunters are bad for business. Jace holds up three fingers and three whiskey shots appear as if by magic. They grab their shots and before they can toss them back, Jace utters a crass toast, drains his and holds up three again.

His companions drain their shots as well and then move off in separate directions to continue the hunt. Jace motions to the bartender to keep the drinks coming. He doesn't worry about paying. Shadowhunters run a tab that is never collected on and Jace often takes full advantage of it. He finds a seat and within a few seconds he is approached by a tall, tanned blond with long powerful legs and cleavage that threats to spill over the tiny green halter top she wears. She places her hand on his thigh unsolicited, but it doesn't bother Jace. It's her way of letting him know that she will do anything that he wants. He takes his finger and traces the under the line of fabric that encases her burgeoning breasts. She leans in to whisper something in his ear, but instead runs her warm, soft tongue from his collarbone to his ear. She takes his earlobe into her mouth and bites with just enough pressure to cause Jace to breath in quickly. He hardens beyond what he thought possible and knows that if he doesn't have sex soon he will split the seam of his pants. The girl glances down to Jace's lap and a smile plays upon her lips. He knows that she is imaging his length filling her up carrying her to an orgasm that she's only dreamed possible. Her hand slides up his thigh to rest on his hardness; again Jace breathes in deeply. He drains his drink and looks at the girl. His calloused hand slides across her shoulder to rest on her neck and he pulls her toward him. He whispers his desire and her eyes brighten with anticipation. Jace leads her to the back room; his hands in his pocket adjusting knowing the moment for relief isn't too far off now.

The dimly lit back room at Pandemonium is good for two things: killing demons, and fucking the shit out of some clueless whore. Jace grips the blonde girl's hips roughly. He sinks his teeth into the fleshy part of her back, sucks and then soothes the pain with his tongue. And he pounds relentlessly into the girl, grasping her hair, pulling her head back with a ferocity that equals the brutality he uses to slay demons . Her screams of pleasure match almost thrust for thrust until he's moving with such speed that she can't keep up and she final lets go with a feral, shrieking growl. Jace continues to hammer into her, harder, faster, harder, faster until the pressure build up is so great that he explodes into her a prolonged grunt signaling his satisfaction. He doesn't collapse onto the girl, that's not his style. Instead, he withdraws, yanks off the condom and tosses into the trash. His pants are up and fastened as he exits the room without a glance or a word.

Jace reemerges into the loud pulsing music and the flash of laser lights dancing across the walls and ceiling. Pandemonium tonight is just that pandemonium. Bodies are packed tightly, rubbing in time to the music. He probably could have performed just as well on the dance floor as he did just now; privacy isn't really a necessity for him and the angel knows that the type of girls that will do him in the back room at Pandemonium are not used to gentlemanly behavior. He moves toward the bar needing a drink to make up for his exertion. He smirks at a young couple close by. He can't see her face, but her curly red hair floats around her like a veil and sticks to her companion's, a sort-of rat-faced boy of 16 with glasses and a sour expression, sweaty face. Mundanes are so mundane he thinks dismissively and continues his trek to the bar.

As he moves his eyes scan the rooms for his companions. They alight on his sister first. Isabelle is stationed near the DJ booth being eye-fucked by every male within a 10 foot diameter. Her black lace dress covers the top half of her body and not much else. He would think she was a slut if she wasn't his sister. She nods in his direction letting him know that nothing of interest has captured her attention.

Alec hovers near the restrooms determined to spot a demon or downworlder that forgets the law of the Clave. While Jace and Isabelle are able to amuse themselves when danger is taking a break, Alec feels cheated and will undoubtedly be in a pissy mood if he isn't able to splatter the blood of at least one of Hell's spawn. He scowls in Jace's direction, noticing that Jace readjusts his pants to be more accommodating. Jace just flashes his eyes and shakes his head at his brother wishing that Alec would just drop the torch that he's carrying for him and find some guy who will give Alec the "push" that he needs to come out of the closet.

Jace once again settles at the bar, raises two fingers and is reward with a whiskey double neat. He should be exhausted by his exertions, but instead he feels that growing need creeping up on him. He looks into the crowd of dancers for another girl all too eager to satisfy herself upon him. His eyes halt on the curly red hair from earlier. It belongs to a small girl almost hidden by the masses. He thinks she is the most beautiful creature he has ever seen without really knowing why. She moves her curves in a manner that makes him tingle. What an unexpected reaction! He's slightly startled by it. She turns to face him; her eyes closed; her hands skimming over her thighs, her exposed belly, her breasts, to tangle in her hair piling it atop her head. The unsecured tresses are released to flow down over her shoulder caressing her body like a waterfall caresses the rocks at its base. Her eyes open to reveal a captivating bright emerald green. A blush creeps over her cheeks having caught him staring at her. His view is then blocked by the curves of a gorgeous strawberry blonde who press her body to Jace straddling his leg. He feels the warmth of her penetrating the fabric of his pants and his body responds involuntarily. He's ready. He stands, places his hands on the curvaceous girls hips, and guides her toward the back room. Just before entering, he glances in the direction he just left looking for the small red-head girl who caused his body to tingle. He sees her and smiles as he wraps up the image of her caressing her own body to use later when he is by himself.

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