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Elsa sat alone in her room, her gloved hands clenched tightly. She was trying to control it, to keep it locked away, but her powers would not have it. Ice covered her walls and floor, snow starting to pile everywhere. This is the reason she was locked away in her room, the reason she constantly turned away from her sister. The reason her parents were scared of her. She just couldn't control it.

Elsa had always had infinity to the cold, and as she grew her powers did as well. It hadn't been until three years ago that that it became a problem. One night, when she was seven and Anna four, they had been playing in a ballroom late at night. Her parents were wary of her powers, of magic, but Anna had been enchanted by them. They'd had so much fun playing in the snow and building a snowman but then it had gone all wrong. Anna jumped from snow bank to snow bank, but Elsa hadn't been able to keep up, and one of her blasts hit Anna in the head. Her parents went to the trolls, who healed Anna, but it came with a price. They had removed the memory of Elsa's magic from her mind, and their parents had decided Elsa and Anna should be separated for Anna's own safety. Fearful the secret would be exposed, the castle gates were closed and the help reduced. Elsa's days had been terribly lonely ever since. She was given assignments and lessons from tutors she never met and meals left at her door by the maid but otherwise her human interaction was extremely limited.

But all that was about to change. The king and queen had desperately searched for a cure or a way to control their daughter's powers. Elsa didn't think such a thing was possible, but she let them look anyway. Unlike her, hope wasn't dangerous. Her father had managed to locate an old captain of the kingdom who claimed he had experience with powers like Elsa. He claimed to be currently training a young boy with powers similar to Elsa's. They had been summoned to Arendelle and were due any day now.

Elsa heard a knock on the door. "Princess Elsa?" a maid's voice called out. "Your parents request your presence in the north wing study."

Elsa steeled herself, putting on her princess mask. No one saw past that anymore. She made sure of it. These visitors would be no different. She held her high as she entered the study. Her parents were sitting comfortably in front of the fire, but their guests were standing.

The man was older, his hair and bird gray. She guessed he must have been a very good captain in the Arendelle army because he looked strong. His features were tense and gruff, but somehow she knew he wouldn't hurt her. The boy was the one who captivated her however. He was probably her age but tall and lean with muscles just like the stable boys. His hair was black as coal, and he had glowering emerald eyes that reminded her of the emeralds in her mother's favorite bracelet. He was dressed in all gray and black, something that made Elsa furrow her eyebrows.

"Elsa," her father said cheerfully. "This is Captain Hall and his charge, Harry Potter." She curtsied lowly, and Harry bowed. "They will be staying in our guest quarters indefinitely. Your training will begin tomorrow."

"Your Majesty, may I suggest that the children be given a chance to get to know each other?" Captain Hall asked politely. "After all, they will be training together for a while."

"What a marvelous idea," Elsa's mother replied. "They can use the north wing parlor." Elsa's father agreed, and after curtsying and bowing the children headed to the parlor. Elsa noticed that Harry did not seem uncomfortable in the splendor of their palace, leading her to believe he came from some form of nobility. She wondered what kind of parents sent their children away with an old soldier. Well, a voice in her head said, what kind of parents isolate their children away from society and even her own sister. She knew what kind of parents those were: the ones who were afraid of their children. She felt a sudden kinship with this boy.

The doorman opened the parlor door, and the two children stepped in. Elsa sat on the sofa while Harry sat in an armchair. There was a fire going in the fireplace, and she noticed Harry staring at it.

"Why are you wearing gray and black?" she blurted out very unladylike. Her etiquette teacher would have reprimanded her for her rudeness, but she couldn't help but ask. It was the middle of spring, and people typically wore lighter colors during this season.

"Why are you wearing gloves?" he countered, seemingly unaffected.

"I asked you first," Elsa said smugly.

Harry sighed. "Sometimes my body temperature goes haywire, and I singe my clothes. Gray and black hide that better."

"You control fire?" Elsa guessed. It would make sense that her father would want her to train with this boy and his mentor because fire and ice were two of the most dangerous elements.

Harry nodded. "Now you answer my question," he prodded. "Why the gloves?"

"My dad gave them to me," she explained. "It helps hid it. Conceal it, don't feel it."

Harry just stared at her. "You're kidding, right?" he said. Elsa shook her head. "Your parents told you to ignore and try not to feel a power that is entirely emotion-based?" Seeing her shocked face, Harry started to explain what the Captain had told him about elemental powers.

Unbeknown to them, Elsa's parents and Captain Hall were watching from a secret passageway. The Captain's eyes were smiling.

"Do you think this will work?" Elsa's father asked worriedly, studying his daughter. She seemed more open to Harry than she had to anyone since the accident, but he still had his doubts.

Captain Hall smiled as he saw Harry moving his hand as he explained, not flinching for being so near another person. He noticed that the temperature of the room was not too hot or too cold, just normal. "Yes," he replied with a definitive nod. "This will work."

Training began the next day. Captain Hall woke up the two children at the crack of dawn. Elsa's eyes dropped as they took a sleigh to the very top of the mountain. Harry was more awake than she was, but his hair stuck up in a million directions indicating that he had gotten ready on auto-pilot. It was cold in the mountains, but the sun was just rising. It took about an hour, but eventually they reached the top of the mountain.

Harry shook Elsa awake. She nearly jumped out of the sleigh, causing Harry to laugh. She glared at him. It was very unroyal a gesture, but she couldn't help herself. Captain Hall gestured to the two children to follow him, which they did. They walked a little more until he had them stop.

"Look up," Captain Hall instructed.

Harry's eyes widened. Lights in all different colors shone across the sky. The effect of the lights was magnetizing. Elsa was enchanted as well, but her attention was more on the beauty of the ice and snow around her. Together, the effect was astounding.

"I wanted to bring you two up here to show you what you are capable of," Captain Hall explained softly. "There is a danger to what you children can do, yes, but there is so much beauty in it too. You are capable of something like this," he gestured to the snow and the lights, "If you work hard enough. You just need to learn control. I will do the best I can to help you, but the challenge will be on you. Will you promise to work as hard as you can?"

Harry and Elsa nodded. Inexplicably, Elsa's hand found Harry's. It surprised him, but he squeezed it gently in assurance, causing her to smile. The two children were still strangers, but they were also each others only allies. It was a new-found connection that would grow into an unbreakable bond. It would end up changing both the kingdom of Arendelle and the Wizarding World forever. But for now, there were only two children who still didn't understand the scope of what they could do.

After admiring the scene for a while, Captain Hall whistled. "Back in the sleigh," he ordered. "We have work to do today."

Harry groaned, causing Elsa to look at him skeptically. "This will not be fun," he told her.

"Damn straight," the older man agreed. "Let's go!"