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Strange C01:


The new Hufflepuff was odd, Harry thought. He didn't understand how such an innately kind person could be friends with Slytherins. Perhaps it was because the guy didn't have prejudice. He treated everyone as equals, even the first years.

The 'Puff, who Hermione had said was Percy Jackson, was undeniably handsome. With eyes the colour of the sea, inky black hair, an aquiline nose, pink lips, and the 'exotic' accent as some girls called it, it was no wonder that girls were falling over themselves to get him. However, Percy didn't even pay the slightest bit of attention to them. No, it was as if he was gay, Harry thought.

Surprisingly, one of the people the Hufflepuff hung out with was Draco Malfoy, biggest git of the year. Apparently, Percy had helped him out of a tight spot once and they stuck together after that, even after Percy was sorted into Hufflepuff.

Of course, Draco was still as stuck-up as ever, with his nose almost permanently pointed up. However, when he was with Percy, Harry noticed that he seemed less like an arrogant wanna-be god and more like a normal teen.

It was with startling clarity that Harry realized that he hasn't recalled Draco calling anyone a mudblood. Was the new student a muggle-born?

Well, it wasn't his problem anyway. If the blond git left them alone, Harry would gladly do the same.


Percy was quite amused. His housemates were terrified of the blond practically leaking animosity into the air. Not that it bothered him. So, like the good friend he was, Percy grinned and poked the cheek of said blond Slytherin next to him, who may or may not have been dragged here by said Hufflepuff.

With a huff, Draco batted the tanned hand and scowled, "Remind me again, why I have to sit at the Hufflepuff table? I don't recall having agreed to this."

Percy just smiled, seemingly oblivious to the anger directed at him. He knew Draco couldn't hurt him anyway.

"Weeeeeeell," Percy dragged out obnoxiously, "I thought that we should spend some quality time together, given that we haven't seen each other for ages, being in different houses and all."

Draco gave a long-suffering sigh, even as he shoved Percy to the side for more room for himself.

"Fine, but you have to sit at the Slytherin table at dinner," Draco compromised while serving himself some pudding. The blond almost regretted saying that when Percy grinned; an almost unholy light entered his eyes.

"Sure!" He crowed in delight, mind already going to the various pranks he could do on those stuffy Slytherins..


Percy felt that he was settling in well. It hadn't even been a month and he'd switched from saying 'What in Hades...' to 'What in Merlin's beard...'

It wasn't an easy change. To be honest, Percy figured that if he hadn't met the blond ponce at Diagon alley, when he was totally confused about where he was, he probably would've gotten himself into trouble. So, it was with the infinite amount of patience - and a lot of swearing - that Percy had painstakingly been able to make friends with Draco; the day he saved the blond's life played a large part in that.

The Hufflepuff gave a slight huff before sighing once more, reminiscing about Camp Half-Blood and New York. He wanted to go back, back to his home, family and friends, but it was impossible. Gaea, after having been defeated, had called on her powers to curse him; that had sent him to this place.

It had been a shock, finding out about how this world worked, that he had magic. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry; if only he had this power sooner, he could've saved so many people.

A nudge at his side pulled him from his musings. Concerned grey eyes stared at him. 'You okay?' It seemed to say. Percy gave a reassuring smile. He didn't want to worry him.

"I'm fine."


"Mr. Jackson, stay back after class." Professor Snape said, his voice like slick oil. Percy glanced at the man uncertainly before reluctantly stepping back and allowing his Hufflepuff friends to walk pass him. They gave him a few pitying looks but he ignored them.

"Yes, Professor?" He asked. He hadn't done anything wrong recently; even his potion was done to absolute perfection.

The man's black eyes traced over Percy's form, taking him in before narrowing into slits.

"It's regarding Draco; has he been acting strange recently?" Snape asked, his figure slinking close a enough that he towered over the fifth-year.

Percy gulped, a bead of nervous perspiration sliding down the side of his face.

"He hasn't, Sir. He's been the same as usual." Percy didn't know why he lied, his instincts were blaring at him not to tell this man. Actually, Draco had been acting weird, shifty, as if he had something to hide; Draco never hid anything from Percy. They were best friends for gods' sake!

"Are you sure?" Those beady, black orbs seem to look right through him. Percy nodded nervously before hastily throwing out an excuse; he didn't want to stay there a moment longer.

The man nodded, waving a hand to dismiss him and got back to work, preparing for the next group of students to scare. Percy heaved a sigh of relief as he escaped out of the dungeons. A bell rang, and somewhere faraway, Percy was sure a god was laughing at him. He forgot to get a pass for his next class!


Harry was bored. Hermione and Ron were fighting, as usual, and he'd wondered off when they had started. Now, he was sitting on his broomstick, floating upside down.

A sudden shadow covered him. He looked up and saw Percy there, a polished broomstick under him. A wide playful grin tugged on the lips of the Hufflepuff and his eyes sparkled as he said, "Race?"

Harry, never one to back down, righted himself before shooting off, grinning. The smile was wiped off Percy's face as he frowned.

"Hey! That's cheating!" He shouted after the Gryffindor as he also sped to catch up with the other boy.

Harry gave a whooping laugh when Percy caught up with him, looking as natural on the broom as he did.

It was the start of a beautiful friendship.