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Here's the original prompt: Kurt is Blaine's prized cat hybrid. Kurt has beautiful brown ears and tail both tipped with white and Blaine just loves his gorgeous pet. Especially when he's wearing a champagne colored corset that starts just below his pretty little nipples.

Blaine likes to fuck his pretty little Kurt into his plush petbed until he's yowling and clawing at the fabric.

Blaine was sitting on his leather couch, working. He'd brought his files home with him to finally get the work over with. Having been in meetings all day and spending the rest of his time fantasizing about things decidedly inappropriate to think about while sitting in his office, supposedly reviewing cases, has put him behind on his huge work-load and now he was paying for it. He'd much rather spend some time with his little pet than to dedicate the evening to boring things like work. But, he told himself, the faster he gets it done, the faster he can burrow himself deep in Kurt's tight ass.

Refusing to let himself get distracted again and resolutely ignoring the way his dick has started to harden in his slacks, he picked up his paper and scanned the contents before setting it down again and jotting down notes before he repeated the process.

He didn't know how long he'd been sitting there, but after some time he looked up to find that it was dark outside and that the only source of light was the lamp on the side table. His stomach continued to grumble, demanding attention, and Blaine heaved himself up from where he'd sunken into the cushions to go and make himself a sandwich.

He was leaning against the kitchen counter and devouring his peanut butter and jelly sandwich when he realized that Kurt has yet to show his beautiful face. He hadn't seen him since this morning when Kurt's whiskers tickling against his inner thigh had awoken him before he proceeded to give him his morning blow job. After breakfast and a short kiss in the hallway he'd left. When he'd arrived back home, Kurt hadn't greeted him at the door like he usually would have and neither did he come crawling into Blaine's lap, trying to get Blaine to scratch him behind his cute pointy ears until he was desperate and begging for Blaine to fuck him hard.

He was a little worried but decided to wait a little longer before he went looking for his Kurt, convinced that he was just in a bad mood that would subside sooner rather than later. Kurt's tight hole was too greedy for him to go to bed without being thoroughly fucked first and unless he wanted to suffer through a restless night, he would have to come to Blaine since he wasn't allowed to touch himself.

With that thought in mind, he walked back into the living room to finish the last of his work. It wasn't until he was done and reaching for the remote to turn on the tv that he started to really worry that something was wrong.

He strained his ears to try to catch any sounds coming from the bedroom, but nothing could be heard.

"Kurt?" he called out, and when he got no answer he stood back up and swiftly walked down the hall until he reached the closed door to his and Kurt's bedroom.

His ears picked up a quiet mewling sound, too quiet to hear from more than a very short distance away, desperate little noises coming from the other side of the door, and Blaine threw the door open, thinking that Kurt was in pain.

The sight that greeted him wasn't one he was the slightest bit prepared for. There was his cute little cat hybrid, lying face down on his pet bed and humping his straining cock into a bunched up pillow, crying out with pleasure when the sensitive tip of his cock made contact with the fabric of his pillow cover.

Whether he noticed Blaine standing in the room or not, he carried on grinding against the light gray material. Blaine would guess he had yet to realize that he wasn't alone anymore. If he did, he would have stopped already, knowing that he would get punished for breaking the rules. He was aware that he wasn't allowed to touch himself and that included using toys. Blaine was sure that his Kurt wasn't stupid enough to think that he what he was doing wouldn't have consequences, no matter how hot he looked, rubbing against the pillow, his rim shining with fluids and his tail high up in the air.

Stepping closer, intent on making his presence known, Blaine spotted a dark spot where Kurt's pre-come had soaked the material. He let out a loud groan and Kurt stopped moving in shock before turning his head, eyes wide and a dark blue, pupils dilated with arousal and staring into Blaine's equally as dark ones.

"I.." Kurt started before he shut his mouth again, the way Blaine was glaring at him intimidating him. He lowered his hips until he was lying flat on his bed instead of with his ass in the air, presenting himself to Blaine and curled his tail around himself, laid his soft, brown ears flat against his head in shame before looking up at his owner again, his eyes pleading and shining with tears. He knew that he'd broken a rule but he just couldn't help it. He felt so desperate, more so than usual, and he didn't know what else to do. He didn't want to interrupt Blaine while he was working and it wasn't like he would have denied him later when he would come to pound Kurt into the mattress, he'd just needed it so badly and he hadn't been strong enough to resist.

"You know that you broke a rule, don't you?" Blaine asked and took a step closer, now standing right behind him. Kurt shifted so his glistening hole wasn't directly in Blaine's unobscured line of sight, suddenly shy.

"Yes, but I-" Kurt started to argue but was interrupted.

"No buts, Kurt. I know that you're insatiable, that you would love to have your ass stuffed at all times, but you could have asked me. You knew that I was home, why didn't you come to me?" Blaine looked down at him, towering over his little boy who merely ducked his head in shame, unable to meet his eyes.

Kurt could feel tears gathering at the corner of his eyes and hastily swiped them away with his thumb before Blaine could see them. He felt so ashamed of himself.

"I don't know! I just- I didn't want to bother you I'm so sorry!" he cried and curled up tighter.

Blaine softened slightly at the distressed tone of his pet, but he knew he had to be strict.

Kneeling down next to him and petting his ears, paying attention to the white tips that were especially sensitive, he whispered in his ear, making the boy shudder. "I'll still have to punish you, baby. You don't just go breaking rules and get away with it."

"Okay." he murmured between high, breathy moans, then sat up a little. "Are you going to spank me?" he asked with just a hint of excitement playing in his voice. Truth was, Kurt enjoyed being spanked a little too much, not that he was ever going to tell Blaine that. It made his asshole gush with his own lubrication, so much that it sometimes started sliding down his crack.

"No, not this time. Today we're going to do something different." Blaine told him, taking his hand away, and Kurt deflated a little.

"Come on, baby. Ass up, show me that pretty little hole of yours." Blaine ordered, his tone hard and leaving no room for argument.

Kurt, although confused, did as told and shifted until he was once again in his previous position, his hips tilted up and his face smushed into his bedding, arms stretched out in front of him.

Blaine's cock twitched in his pants and he unbuttoned them and slid down the zipper to relieve some of the pressure. The sight of his pet shamelessly presenting for him, his balls and cock which had started to harden once again (Blaine wasn't too sure his erection had ever gone down to begin with) hanging between his legs and his red whole gaping and dripping wet, all for him, had Blaine delirious with arousal.

Wiggling his butt a little in an obvious attempt to get his owner to do something and arching his hips up higher, Kurt was praying that Blaine would just get his cock in him and fuck him hard, like he owned him.

With his eyes glued to Kurt's ass, Blaine began to take of his clothes. He had to suppress a laugh at the impatient wiggle of Kurt's hips. If he thought the wait was bad now, Blaine was certain that what he planned for him would be a punishment, alright.

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