So, since the conclusion of my Season 3, I've been inundated with reviews begging for a Season 4. (Well, either that or saying "Your ideas are terrible and you couldn't have got the characters more wrong if you tried.") I thought I'd tied off the loose ends quite well but here's my attempt at a continuation. It'll follow the same format as the previous story, ten episodes, three chapters per episode, episode chapters posted on consecutive days with longer between episodes.

EPISODE ONE: Graduation Day


Emma fiddled nervously with her graduation gown. The fact that she was already in the school hall, getting ready to mount the stage, meant it was probably the wrong time to be checking for wardrobe malfunctions. But not so long ago, before she'd come to Scotsdale, the idea of being at such a ceremony hadn't even entered her head. She looked at Sutton, next to her in line, receiving a reassuring smile in return. She attempted to find Mads and Ethan in the mass of students behind them but couldn't pick them out. Instead, she looked at the crowd, picking out Kristin and Laurel.

"Lyle, Jordan,"read out the principal. Emma turned round to see Jordan, a few students in front of her, mount the stage to correct his diploma. There was applause from the crowd and a loud whoop from Laurel.

"Matthews, Amy. Martin, James. Mercer, Emma."

Emma shook hands with the principal, accepting the roll from him and smiling at the applause as she vacated the stage. "Mercer, Sutton" was the next name called and her sister received a similar ovation, with Emma noticing that Dan was clapping louder than usual.

"Miller, Justin. Morris, Peter. Mullens, Rosemary."

The list of names continued as Emma shuffled out of view but she was too busy smiling to really pay attention. She'd done it. She'd graduated from high school.

Their friends and families were waiting when Emma, Ethan, Sutton, Mads, Char and Jordan arrived back at the school foyer, changed out of their robes. Laurel ran to Jordan and kissed him on the lips. "So, how does it feel to be out of school?"

Jordan put his arms round his girlfriend. "Pretty good,"he confirmed, kissing her again.

Emma shot a sideways glance at Mads. Her break-up with Jordan had upset her and although she'd claimed not to bear any ill against him and Laurel taking up it still had to hurt.

Kristin gestured to Emma and Sutton. "You two, hug." She opened her arms wide and the twins gratefully accepted the embrace. "Your dad would be so proud of you,"she said quietly.

Emma smiled at her. "Thanks, Mum."

Dan was shaking hands with Ethan. "Well, I admit there were times when I weren't sure you'd do this but well done, little brother. You made it."

Ethan glanced over at Emma. "Well, I had a lot of help."

Dan gave Sutton a quick kiss. "And well done to you too."

"You know what we need now?"Char asked. "Girls' night. Party." She gestured to Emma, Sutton and Mads. "Us four."

Emma glanced at Ethan, who nodded. "Go ahead,"he told her.

"Okay, I'm in,"Emma confirmed.

"Me too,"Sutton agreed.

Char looked at Mads who gave a shrug of acceptance.

As the four girls walked away, Jordan nudged Ethan. "Come on. I'll buy you a beer."