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Despite Marley's protests Kitty bought her a TV, a ridiculously big one, followed by a new desk where she could fit it and study. Marley frequently used the desk, but felt guilty about using the TV and mostly only turned it on when Kitty came round. Not that they really watched it, or any of the movies Kitty suggested they watched, both girls going through the routine every time even though they knew they would just end up making out and completely miss the end of the movie. Often the middle and sometimes even the beginning too, not that Marley had a problem with it, as even though it made her blush to admit it even silently to herself that she preferred kissing Kitty too watching movies.

Kissing Kitty was better than just about anything, in Marley's admittedly biased opinion, but dating should be more than just making out so she insisted they had some more, appropriate dates. At first Kitty had talked her into the movies, but particularly that had just ended with them making out in the dark. So they moved on to having meals, at first with Marley's Mom, which definitely stopped Kitty from trying anything, and then eventually to Breadsticks for their first proper date out in the open.

"Are you still sure about this?" Marley asked shortly after they took their seats and noticed that everyone seemed to be looking at them.

"I told you, no one can say anything." Kitty said without looking at her secret girlfriend, the smiling proudly, "They're all too afraid of me."

Marley pulled a faced, mostly because she didn't like to be reminded that her girlfriend ruled their school with an iron fisted of fear, much like her coach Sue Sylvester. It was a conversation/argument they had since before they had started dating, and Marley didn't want to ruin their night before and not started by bringing up that issue yet again, especially when Kitty had been so sweet to her lately. More importantly there was something else to concentrate on, Marley choosing to do so even if it risked ruining what had so far a pleasant evening.

"You didn't answer my question." Marley pointed out.

Kitty paused for a few seconds, then took Marley's hand in hers and replied, "I'm... I'm not ashamed to be here with you. I want to be seen with you, and proud of what we're doing. What we are. What I am, but... it's just... a little nerve wracking, you know?"

"I know." Marley smiled, squeezing her girlfriend's hand gently, "And I get this is a big step, so if you want to leave at any time just say so, ok?"

"Ok." Kitty gave a small smile back, "But I'm sure about this as I've ever been, and I don't want to go anywhere right now."

They exchanged another smile and then let go of the other's hand so they could each grab a menu and pick out what they were going to order. Shortly after that a waitress came to take first their drinks order, then their main order, the two girls making comfortable small talk in between visits from their waitress and while waiting for the food. Then, shortly after their food arrived, Bree and a couple of Cheerios loyal to her showed up and even though she tried to hide it Marley panicked, glancing at Kitty to see what she would do. True, Kitty had already chosen her once before, but part of Marley was worried that Kitty would freeze up or deny the truth when confronted by the extra pressure of being on their first date.

Kitty honestly wasn't sure what she was going to do. She felt confident that she could scare Bree and her cronies into silence, but how would that make Marley feel? Her girlfriend said she understood, that she didn't mind sneaking around if she wanted to stay in the closet, but was it the truth? And did Kitty mind it? Being scared of her parents was one thing, they could kick her out, but Bree? That bitch wasn't on her level, and everybody knew it. Shouldn't she be able to stand up and be proud of who, and what, she was? Of who she was with? How would that even feel? Good, Kitty imagined, but could she really go through with it?

Apparently she was about to find out, because after initially knowing her role and sitting far away from them Bree suddenly became bold when she saw their food being brought to them, a clear sign that Kitty and Marley weren't just making up with a drink, that this appeared to be a date between the two of them, Kitty having to admit she wouldn't be able to resist such bait if the shoe was on the other foot. Then again if it was she would still be miserable, Marley making her happier than she could have ever imagined. In that moment, as her worst fears were realised in some Cheerios approached her on a date with another woman, Kitty found herself actually pitying Bree.

"What's all this?" Bree asked, before offering, "Are your dates in the bathroom or something?"

"Erm, I..." Marley stammered.

"Actually..." Kitty interrupted, bravely taking her girlfriend's hand, "We're here together."

Bree raised eyebrows, "Together as in..."

"As in total dyke-town." Kitty grinned, trying to get a rise out of her rival before turning her attention to her girlfriend, "Sorry babe."

"It's, it's fine." Marley blushed.

Kitty briefly smiled softly at her girlfriend before slowly going ahead and glaring at Bree, "Why, you got something to say about that?"

There was a long pause and then Bree smirked, "You know this is the end of you, right?"

"Is it?" Kitty raised an eyebrow, staring long and hard at Bree.

"No one is going to want to take orders from a dyke." Bree snapped, "Or change in front of one."

"They will if they want to keep all their pretty hair." Kitty threatened softly, "Besides, I only have eyes for Marley, and I'd never give you a second look. Now run along and tell all my other minions that their leader is a lesbian, and they will respect that if they know what's good for them."

There was a long staring match, Kitty hoping that Bree wouldn't sense that inside she was threatening to break, and then thankfully the other Cheerio lowered her head, turned around and scampered away grumbling, her cronies following her closely without daring to look back. It was only then that Kitty could let out a sigh of relief, her heart pounding in her chest as she realised exactly what she had said. What she had done. And while she was mostly proud of herself, she was also terrified what this meant.

"Kitty, are you ok?" Marley asked nervously, biting her lip in such an adorable way.

"I'm fine." Kitty said, faking a smile before admitting, "It's just... I said it. I actually said out loud that I'm a lesbian, in front of someone who isn't you, and... it, just makes everything seem so more real."

"Is that a bad thing?" Marley asked nervously, trying to pull her hand away.

"Course not." Kitty said, not letting Marley's hand slip away from her, "It's just a little-"

"Scary?" Marley offered with a soft smile.

"Yeah, but I kind of love it." Kitty admitted, returning the smile and then kissing her girlfriend, "Now eat up so I can take you home and kiss you for like an hour."

Marley smiled at her again hand the two girls concentrated on their food, Kitty feeling ridiculously happy. Sure she was afraid of retaliation, mostly for Marley sakes, but it felt like this weight had been lifted off her and suddenly what she had with Marley was so much more real than what it was before. Honestly she felt like she should have done this ages ago, both the coming out and dating Marley Rose, Kitty promising herself there would be many more dates like this with this wonderful girl.