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Yang looked out the window and sighed, watching the light rain slide down the now glistening glass panes. She drew the curtains and looked around, her eyes adjusting to the dark. All of her teammates, Blake, Ruby and Weiss, were already asleep; and most likely had been for hours, while Yang had only just gotten in. Yang never usually had trouble sleeping, but tonight her mind just wouldn't stop working. She had wandered up and down the halls of beacon for hours, and she was starting getting angry, so she did something she swore she would never do.

She went to the library.

Yang wasn't a big fan of reading, but she still knew exactly what she wanted to read, the school records. She loved to fight, and she of all people knew that the best way to improve was to learn from your mistakes; she just preferred the mistakes to be someone else's.

Yang decided to go back, way back, and start reading from the very beginning. She swaggered down the tall library aisles, trailing her fingers over the thick, dusty spines of long-untouched books. She found what she was looking for in the dimly lit back corner of the library. 'Beacon Academy: Institute Records: Volume One', read the spine in its lightly embossed gold letters, vividly contrasting the deep blue covers. Yang bent down and slid the book out from the shelf, Volume One, and Two, and Three, it was going to be a long night.

"Yang Xiao Long!" exclaimed Weiss. "What in the blazes are you doing?"

Yang was entranced in her reading, but she was quickly ripped back into reality when Weiss stomped on her foot. "Oww!" shouted Yang, "what the hell was that for?"

"That was for not telling us where you were going for such a long time and making us, well, them, get extremely worried about you!", yelled Weiss, gesturing over her shoulder with her thumb. Yang placed the large, open book on the desk in front of her and stood up to look behind Weiss. She was greeted with the sight of an overjoyed Ruby running down the hall towards her, with a grinning Blake trailing not far behind.

Yang hadn't even realised that Weiss was still yelling at her, she was too busy watching Blake happily gaze up and down the aisles and aisles of books as she slowly sauntered towards them. Once again, Yang was broken from her trance by a sharp pain in her foot, and the constant drone that was Weiss's complaining. "Did you even think to check your scroll Yang? We've been calling for hours, and what are you doing with all these books?"

"Sorry", said Yang absent-mindedly, picking up her scroll and checking the screen, almost shrieking when she saw it.

"Sixty, Nine, Messages!" shouted Weiss, who was beginning to quieten down after realising where she was, "What have you been doing?"

"I've just been doing some light reading" said Yang, trailing off and beginning to look around her.

"You call this light reading?" smirked Blake, who had finally caught up with Weiss and Ruby, gesturing to the large pile of books stacked around Yang. With a look of sheer horror, Yang grabbed the open book on the desk she had been reading and slammed it shut so she could read the front cover.

"Vol- Volume 16!" She cried, "But I've only been here fifteen minutes?"

"Fifteen minutes?" chortled Blake, "Try five hours!"

Ruby, Weiss and Blake stared at Yang, who was just shaking her head. "I don't know what happened", Yang said, confused, "I just got really caught up with reading about these two teams, called Team LADS and Team GENTs!"

The three girls just stared at Yang in silence.

"Welp!" exclaimed Ruby, seemingly glad just to have found her big sister "They're always in the last place you look!"

"Of course they are you dunce!" huffed Weiss, obviously still irate, "You don't keep looking for someone after you find them!"

"That's not what I meant," frowned Ruby, "What I meant was, oh never mind."

"Hey wait," pondered Weiss, "I've heard of those teams!"

"So Yang," smiled Blake, happy to see her taking an interest in reading, "What are all these books about?" Yang looked up at Blake and saw her smiling, something she didn't do often. Yang didn't know why, but she always enjoyed seeing Blake happy. It made her feel good inside, but it was a different kind of feeling than what she was used to. "Well," she smiled, "I couldn't sleep, so I decided to come down here and read about the school's history and stuff."

Weiss, who was skimming over the open book on the desk, looked up in amazement. "Wait, you read all of these books?" She exclaimed, sounding confused.

"Well, yeah." Yang said gingerly, running her fingers through her hair and trying to avoid eye contact. This caused her to be caught completely off-guard when Weiss brought her into a rib-crushing hug.

"Ooh!" Weiss squealed, happier than any of them had ever seen her, "This is amazing! Yang's starting to think about something other than boys!" At this point, Weiss was actually jumping for joy around the girls, giggling with delight. "This means that our joint team grades won't keep getting brought down, that Yang won't stay out all night and team study sessions will actually be team study sessions. That, that…" Yang cut her off

"Hey!" She interrupted, "I'm only doing this because I can't sleep!" It was at this point Ruby started rolling around on the laughing uncontrollably. Even Blake was laughing, although trying very hard not to.

"What?" Yang said, confused.

"Oh, Nothing" Ruby giggled, trying desperately to regain her composure, "It's just that, well."

"Well what?" Yang yelled, starting to get mad, "What's so funny?" Ruby was out of action, once again rolling around on the floor in laughter. Blake, barely holding her own composure, stepped in to answer.

"What's so funny," She chortled, starting to lose it, "is that you say the exact same thing about the guys!"

Yang went bright red as Blake and Weiss dropped and joined Ruby on the floor, all three girls laughing hysterically. She could tell they were all a little giddy from their lack of sleep; it was strange for Weiss and Blake to laugh at all, let alone roll around on the floor in hysterics. It took the three girls a while to finally stop laughing and get up off the ground; all of them were gasping for air and holding their sides. Yang, meanwhile, had sat back down at the desk and shoved her face into the open book on the desk. Blake felt kind of sorry for Yang, Seeing how embarrassed she was over what she said. Trying to make her feel better, Blake walked over and sat on the side of the desk, she started stroking Yang's long golden locks to try and get her to lift her head. Knowing that this act was either going to comfort Yang or make Yang rip her hand off was frightening Blake, but luckily, Yang saw it as a sign of compassion and lifted her head to look at Blake. As the Yellow-haired warriors purple eyes met the crimson orbs belonging to Blake, she could see the sadness in Yang's eyes. They both sat there, unmoving, just staring into each other's eyes, Blake could see every expression on Yang's beautiful face, while her own remained blank, devoid of emotion.

"Yang has very beautiful eyes." Blake thought to herself, her mind wandering, observing every little detail on Yang's face. She almost yelped when she caught herself leaning in closer towards Yang. She stopped herself mid-way, watching Yang's eyes turn from sadness to a slight confusion over what Blake was doing.

"Were you about to…" Yang whispered to Blake, touching the tips of her two pointer fingers together.

"I, I don't know," whispered Blake, pulling away from Yang's now unreadable face, "I, I don't know what I was thinking."

"Don't worry about it," said Yang, her face slowly brightening, "I thought it was only me that felt that way." Blake's eyes went wide as she stared at Yang, who was now smirking. Without a word, Yang winked at Blake, tapped the side of her nose, and went back to reading the book on the desk.

Blake sat there, eyes wide and speechless. Ruby and Weiss were still giggling about the earlier incident as they walked towards them; too busy replaying the incident in their minds over and over to notice Blake and Yang's exchange. Blake noticed them slowly walking over and immediately snapped back into her normal, emotionless face, although now that face was hiding more emotion than ever before. Ruby spoke up

"So Yang," she said happily, "Tell us about these two teams! What were they called again?"

"Team LADS and Team GENTs," Yang replied.

"Lads and Gents?" Said Ruby quizzically, "Wow, Who was on the teams"

"Well," Yang said happily, visibly glad that she could see the girls getting interested already. Watching Ruby and Weiss each pull up a chair, she continued, "Team LADS had three guys and one girl, their names were Michael, Ray, Gavin, and the girl's name was Lindsay. Team GENTs was composed of three guys named Geoff, Jack, and Ryan, and a girl named Caiti. They were all…" Ruby cut her off.

"Hang on a minute!" She exclaimed, "If those are their names, why are they called Team LADS? The names don't match up."

"Oh that's easy!" Weiss butted in, "Back when those two teams existed, the school had a different headmaster."

"Headmaster B. Burns," Said Blake.

"Precisely," said Weiss, pleased, "And he absolutely hated wordplay. So he let the group's name themselves whatever they wanted, so long as it was only four letters long."

"That's right!" exclaimed Ruby, "He's the guy Ozpin had to replace after he expelled a student for making too many puns! What was her name again, Barbara or something?"

"Yeah, her name was Barbara," giggled Yang, remembering reading about it, "and Headmaster Burns was apparently really easy going, until wordplay was involved, he absolutely hated it, and that's why he went crazy and retired." Yang was starting to feel funny. When she thought about this woman named Barbara, she felt this weird emotion welling up inside her, as if they had some kind of connection. Using an old scrap of paper on the desk as a bookmark, she closed the book and searched through the pile of volumes next to her, finding what she wanted second from the bottom, Volume 2. She tried to pull it out, which cause the large stack of books resting on top of it to topple over with a loud thump. "Whoops," she said absently, dropping the book on the desk with another loud thump, flicking through the pages until she found what she was looking for around halfway through the book.

Pointing to it, she spoke, "Here we go, It say that there were four new teams the year they joined, but their teams were they only ones that made it through the first year. The other two teams, from what it says here, were called Team ACHV and Team BLZE."

"Achieve and Blaze?" Ruby said puzzled, "I've never heard of them?"

"No surprise," chuckled Yang, flipping through the pages, "Team BLAZE was expelled within the first month for," she pointed to the book and laughed, "Student mistreatment and illegal use of bathroom facilities."

Ruby laughed, "Why didn't I see that coming"

"But what about team ACHV?" asked Blake, "What happened to them?"

"Oh," said Yang, flipping through the pages, occasionally stopping and mumbling parts of the book to herself. "Here we go," she laughed, "It says that they were out on a camping trip in Forever Fall and were killed in their sleep by a bunch or Ursas!" All eyes once again fell on Yang, who this time was the one rolling around on the floor laughing uncontrollably. Yang finally managed to get herself to stop laughing by biting the inside of her cheek; she didn't even know why she thought it was so funny, "maybe the lack of sleep is getting to me too" she thought. After regaining her composure, she dusted herself off and cleared her throat. "Ahem, moving on."

"No! Wait a minute!" Weiss exclaimed, "Don't know if you've noticed, but it's almost 7!"

"A.M?" asked Yang.

"Yes!" She yelled, "And that's when the teachers and students usually start waking up! And unlike you Yang, we aren't dressed for public!" Yang hadn't even noticed that the three girls were still in their pyjamas until that point, she chortled.

"How about this," said Blake, standing up and straightening her black nightrobe, "how about we come back again tonight and read some more about Team LADS and GENTs, because I'm very interested to hear more about them."

"Me too!" giggled Ruby, jumping for joy and clapping her hands.

"Ok, Sure! I'm down for that," smiled Yang, happy with Blake and Ruby's enthusiasm, "What about you Weiss?"

Weiss looked at all three of the girls, Blake sat silently with a small smile on her face, while both Ruby and Yang were doing the best puppy dog eyes they could do.

"Ooh, alright!" She said, trying and failing to sound uninterested.

"Then it's settled!" Beamed Yang "We'll meet back here at 8 o'clock tonight, bring food, pillows, whatever! Just make sure you're here! Now, I don't know about you, but I'm super-dooper tired, and seeing as it's Saturday, and I have no classes, I'm going to go back to the room and sleep.

"Ditto," said all of the other girls at the same time, causing them to all look at each other and smile.

As they were leaving the library, Ruby and Weiss rushed back to their room as fast as they could, hoping not to be seen, while Blake wandered slowly through the library aisles, admiring the tall rows of books. She looked towards the exit, to see Yang leaning against the large frame, with a big smirk on her face. Blake studied her figure, and then locked eyes with her. Yang winked, twirled, and skipped away, her hair bouncing as she went. Blake could do nothing but admire the sight of Yang skipping down the hall, eyes and mouth both wide, watching the beautiful Yellow figure's body react to every bounce. Blake stood in silence and watched Yang until she disappeared up a flight of stairs. She shook her head to break the trance she was in, and realising she was still in her nightgown; she winced and started running back to the room.


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