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And yes, I have to thank MyklarCure's 'JLAin't' and of course Chris Dee and 'Cat-Tales' for certain degrees of inspiration.


"Shades of The Gray Ghost"
By J.T. Magnus, 'Turbo'


It was the most humanising thing that Dick Grayson had seen in Wayne Manor for years, and all the more frightening in its own way because of it. Especially because of how it reinforced the similarities between Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis, even outside their respective Batman suits; both men were sitting in chairs, leaning forwards with their elbows on their knees, attentively watching the screen in front of them - the only major difference was that Terry's arms were down and his hands hanging free, while Bruce's were raised so that his chin could rest on his hands. It bothered him a little, still, that the other man had been the one to carry the Mantle when Bruce had been injured and then took time away from being Batman to re-evaluate his life after the incidents with Bane, Jean-Paul Valley's madness and Jack Drake's kidnapping, but if that was the price that had to be paid for someone being able to reach Bruce when Alfred, Tim and Dick himself - even Selina Kyle, for that matter - weren't able to, then it worked out.

It was frightening because, perhaps moreso than the injuries he had suffered from Bane, it was a reminder that Bruce Wayne was still human. Of all the things that Dick had ever thought to see, two generations of Batman watching television with rapt attention normally reserved for crime alerts had never even made the list.

"And Beware the Gray Ghost!" Two voices said along with the television, causing Dick to smirk and shake his head. Terry had done a lot to help heal the rift between Bruce and Dick, but it still was hard at times for the former-Robin and current-Nightwing to believe that Bruce Wayne - not just Batman, but the original Batman now that there were actually two of them - could have had childhood heroes that he adored enough for it to last to present day. Though as amusing as it was to see that both Batman shared a childhood hero - Bruce from the original run and Terry from a revival of the character - Dick still found himself wishing that it didn't highlight so much just how much the two of them had in common at times...