Modern Age - Eric Hutchinson

David sat, waiting for Matt. Instead, Josh came to his aid.

"You want to learn this stuff?"

"I would, yeah."

Josh took a glowing orb from the center and flicked his fingers outward, making the light shoot out everywhere and fill the room with various dots.

David ducked to avoid getting hit, but he noticed that it went right through his because it was only light. Looking around the room, he realized that it was a map of the stars. He could point out the various constellations and smiled.

He spun around so many times trying to get it all in that he felt sick and stumbled backward. He felt a hard, cold, metal object catch his fall and push him back up.

"Careful, Sleeping Beauty."


"Are you ready to be astounded with knowledge?"

"Where's Matt?"

"Probably out with the Widow somewhere."

David crossed his arms, "He promised me he'd be here."

"Yeah, but nowadays, people break promises almost as often as they break hearts." Ian said, looking at him, "But some people try not to break hearts."

"I'm guessing you're a heartbreaker too, huh?" David raised an eyebrow.

"I was, but I've changed."

Josh snorted, "Yeah. Tell that to the girl you slept with last month. She's been calling like crazy."

"Well, I found someone else to be interested in." Ian frowned.

"Did you now?" Josh leaned forward, "Who is it?"

"None of your business, that's who."

"Can we please just talk about how gorgeous this is?" David sat down on the floor and craned his neck to look up at everything.

"You like it?"

"Of course I like it. It's the sky in a room." David smiled.

"Mr. Hecox, you're needed in another room."

David stood up and held his fists out like he was ready to fight, "Who's there?"

Ian walked out quickly.

Matt came in a few minutes later, "You ready?"


"I've gotta see this." Josh said, pulling the constellations back in.

Matt held his hand up and a little holographic cube flew in towards him as his name was said in a British accent.

David looked around for the voice again.

Matt pressed a button and a screen came out of the wall, carried out on an arm that looked like it could hold several cups. He frowned.

"David Moss." Matt said.

David looked around. His picture came up, but he noticed that it was a picture before the plane crash. Underneath it were his name, his statistics, his birthday, his weight, his age, and his life story.

"I'm not ninety-three..." He frowned, "I'm twenty-seven."

"You were born in 1920, correct?"


"And you were coincidentally born on July 4th, yes?"

"Yes." David nodded, "But-"

"Then you're ninety-three."

"I look twenty-seven."

"I don't know about that." Josh said.

David raised his hand to silence him and a little glowing orb flew in at him. He frowned and tried to open it like Josh did, but nothing happened. He moved his hand around. All it did was make the screen with his profile on it change.


Josh and Matt laughed. David couldn't help but laugh with them.

Matt's name was called from somewhere David still couldn't pinpoint, and he excused himself.

"I'm out. I've gotta train with Mari." Josh said, leaving David by himself.

David sat down in an office chair and put his head in hands.

Ian knocked softly on the door an hour later. David was asleep in his chair, curled up in a ball. He grinned and sat in the chair across from him. He pulled the stars back out so David could wake up to them. He grabbed a blanket and carefully draped it across David, thinking he would be cold without his suit on. He set a cup of coffee beside him with a little note.

'Sorry we got off on the wrong foot. I'm really not a huge jerk, I was just kind of surprised about you being back and I thought you'd treat me like shit so it surprised me that you were so nice. I'm really an okay guy if you give me a chance.'

Ian stood up and put his hand on the door. He was tempted to leave, but he was also tempted to stay.

"Thank you."

He turned around and saw David smiling at him.

"You're not as bad as I thought."

Ian smiled, "The coffee is still warm."

"Will you stay with me?"

"Sure." Ian was slightly confused, but he sat down anyway, "Why?"

"I'm giving you a chance."

"Thank you." Ian pushed his chair closer to David's, "I have a question."


"How do you like your suit?" Ian frowned.

David cocked his head, "It's great. It fits nicely. The pants are a little tight, but other than that, I like it a lot."

"You don't like that it's tight?"

He laughed, "I like it, but I think it's all for looks. So that people will want us to save them because my ass looks good in pants."

Ian grinned. It sure did look good, but he couldn't tell him he thought that.

"If you want, you can stay here for the night and just watch the stars."

David smiled, "Really?"

Ian nodded.

"I don't want to be a hassle for you. I can go back to my floor."

"Relax, Cap. Just stay here." Ian smiled, "I don't mind."

"Are you going to leave me alone in here?"

"Not if you don't want me to."

"I'd like you to stay." David shrugged, pulling the blanket around him more, "That would be kind of you."

"Sure thing." Ian nodded, sitting back in his chair.

"Good night." David said softly.

"Good night."

"Thank you."

Ian watched him for a few seconds until he was sure he was asleep. He closed his eyes, but just could not sleep for the life of him. He could never sleep. He always had trouble with that. He just couldn't calm down for that long.

Still, he stayed with David all night.