Ana sat behind her mahogany desk at SIP reclining on her comfy bronze chair. After a few failed attempts at concentrating on work she finally admitted she was unable to pay proper attention that was due for her station as a CEO and gave up in resignation. Her mind repeatedly drifted towards the arousing events of last night. It was an intense session in the playroom with Christian that kept her distracted and she had to squeeze her thighs together to dissipate the wetness at the reminder of Christian's huge rock-hard cock.

Though tried as she might, she felt something was amiss—something that had nothing to do with Christian and their love but everything to do with herself and her sexuality. She wanted something that she herself wasn't quite cognizant of.

She for the hundredth time felt guilty at her ungrateful line of thought, especially since she was aware how upset Christian could become concerning her presently adrift mind. He could be very self-deprecating by nature and emotionally he heavily depended on Ana, for only she held the power to hurt him emotionally, or physically for that matter—he loved her that much. Their bond seemed to be getting stronger as their marriage had progressed. They always snickered and nuzzled while admitting the fact that they fall in love with each other every single day all over again only to fight over silly disputes and then make up like horny teenagers. Every new sunrise introduced a strange way of falling in love.

Last night, Ana had arrived home from work only to be informed that Christian was working late yet once again. Lately this had been happening a lot. Ana often wondered what was keeping him at GEH for such lengthy hours. She trusted that man with her life and knew he would torture himself to death before he'd do something that could even hint at potential betrayal of any sorts. So the only thing she worried herself over was his health. That guy needed rest and Ana needed to rein in his working spree that he seemed to always go amuck on. After having a light meal, a bath sounded like a great idea in order to relax her aching muscles. With that intent on mind Ana entered her porcelain tiled bathroom. She discerned she must have fallen asleep since the next thing she sensed was the feeling of being lifted out of the bath water by a pair of strong arms.


Christian arrived from work around nine at night after a long and stressful day at GEH. Eager to finally see Ana's sweet face, his step took on a joyous quality as he raced pass Taylor with long strides. He wanted to spend some quality time with Ana in the playroom. He felt like he had earned fucking Ana after the eventful last couple of weeks at work with unending phone calls and teeth-grinding meetings. He was reaching his limit and needed his wife to help him relieve some of the tension his body had so insolently summed up. All day his cock had craved to be buried deep inside his Baby.

There was nothing better than being with the love of his life, to dominate her in their playroom, or simply the act of sweet love-making was enough to sate him. He never thought he would enjoy married life as much as he did. His sweet wife knew how to relieve his tension without even trying. After he had met Ana, in a matter of months, he had gone from a sullen Bastard to a lucky Bastard. For the sake of him, Ana had started to show potent interest in BDSM. The playroom was just an added bonus in their happily ever after. She was and would always be his first priority. She came first—no matter what.

Their home seemed unusually quiet after he entered the main lounge with a deep sigh. He wondered where Ana was. She usually welcomed him with open arms and he responded with a soul searing kiss or sometimes a quick fuck against the nearest wall.

He shot straight to the library to see if she happened to be in there but all he met was darkness. After encountering the rest of the house in the dark, he wildly guessed that she was already in the bedroom, probably asleep. She must have been tired—or angry. His face slightly fell at that thought. He never wanted to disappoint Ana. All he'd ever wanted was to make her happy and keep her satiated. His day brightened when she bestowed him with just a tiny smile and he always felt inadequate when she ignored him and worked himself into a frenzy trying to make amends. He knew only she held the power to destroy him but he trusted Ana with his heart. She could stomp on it with her sharp heels and he'd still smile if she kissed him afterwards. He'd never thought he could ever be selfless but for her, his love was unconditional.

Christian slowly crept into the bedroom to see if Ana was awake. All the while getting himself ready to make amends for arriving late. He found Ana's clothes scattered around the floor and figured out she was in the bathroom and felt earnest to join her. As he passed the threshold of the bathroom, he saw Ana. Asleep. In the bath.

Anger built inside him like a budding lava at her carelessness regarding her safety. She had yet again gotten in the bath when she was obviously bone tired. This habit of hers had to stop. He'd make sure of it first thing tomorrow!

He lifted her out of the bath tub and during the short walk to their master bedroom he contemplatively wondered how defiant Ana would get if he decided to uninstall all the bathtubs—for her safety of course.

As he laid her down on the bed, Ana softly whispered in a sleep addled voice, "Baby, you home? What time is it?"

Christian kissed her forehead affectionately and nuzzling his nose behind her ear, he whisperly responded. Ana lethargically hummed with pleasure as slowly sleep reclaimed her senses. Christian forced himself to leave her side to change his clothes. With a few chaste kisses on her closed eyelids and cute button nose, he rose from the bed.

He was worried, not to forget furious, that she had fallen asleep in the bathtub. He feared she could have drowned herself. He knew if he started this debate with her right at this moment she'd huff and roll her eyes and the Dominant in him would rise to spank that ever lush bottom of his unruly wife. So he reined himself in and decided to leave their conversation at that. Pulling a blanket over her flushed bare form, he tucked her in, then turned and walked out of their bedroom. He felt mild disappointment that he wasn't able to visit the playroom today but relief flooded him at the thought that he came back on time before she had managed to drown herself. He wondered if he could acquire a 24/7 trusted hand-maid for Ana for the sake of his sanity?


Ana languidly twisted herself on the bed as Christian walked out of the room. He was obviously angry and in actuality he had every right to be. Ana had been wet all day long and knew she needed Christian in the playroom, hot and ready and her at his mercy. Christian had gotten her so used to his sexpertise, nowadays she felt needy for a session herself.

It had roughly been two weeks since they had been there, seeing as both of them had been busy with work and life in general. They normally made sure to make time for play amongst their usual love-making or hard fucking for that matter.

Ana decided to let Christian have some alone time to calm himself down before she approached her sullen caveman. She wanted to clarify him about sleeping in the bath tub incident to stop him from worrying himself into panic.

Although all she hoped, was that he would let her explain first without announcing the verdict. Sometimes he just dismissed her protests and wouldn't resolve arguments in order to avoid fighting. Which inadvertently made the situation worse than it was to begin with. His recent quirk was to sulk in his office until he got his own way. She decided to catch up on sleep and thought she'd talk to him tomorrow even if she had to use their playroom ropes to tie him up to a chair. Hmmm, now that sounded like a great idea.


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