"THIS IS BOGUS DUDE! I said p-i-z-z-a! Not Chinese take out! How could you Leo?!"

Leo rolled his eyes and pushed away at the orange banded turtle that had invaded his personal space only moments ago. "Mikey, I got you your own personal pan from jays, calm down!"

Mikey looked as if he were going to burst with joy, he expressed this by giving Leo a death grip bear hug. "AH THANKS BRO! I'LL EVEN GO GET EVERYTHING TOPSIDE!"

Leo shook his head and chuckled, "Alright, since you feel so inclined to repay your debt I shall let you go retrieve the food." Leo pronounced in an overly compensated leader and dramatic like tone.

Mike chuckled and gave a stiff salute then in a shrill dramatic way he shouted, "This. Debt. SHALL BE REPAYED!" With that the orange banded turtle took the money from the counter and made a swift run out of the lair.

As soon as Mikey exited the kitchen Don entered and rather quickly at that. "What happened?! I heard shouting!"

Leo shook his head and set a comforting hand on Dons shoulder. "Relax Donnie, it was just Mikey."

Dons shoulders dropped along with his serious expression. "Jeez...all you had to say was Mikey and I would have understood."

Leo grined, "he's getting that easy to predict eh?"

Don opened to his mouth to say something when Raph came in and practically said his next sentence for him. "Well come on Leo, anything crazy or loud or well...jus plain annoying has pretty much got Mikey written all over it."

Leo let out a laugh, "you forgot optimistic, I just can't understand how someone could be so happy ALL the time."

Raph thought a second. "Drugs?"

This earned a hearty slap from Leo along with a stifled laugh from Don.

"OW! EY! Don't be a downer Leo, braniac over there laughed to!" Raph accused as he pointed towards Donnie who had by now thrown his hands up in defense. "Nonono! I know Mikey would never do that!...Please don't smack me..." Don mumbled as he backed up a bit more to the kitchens exit.

Leo shook his head and laughed, Raph on the other hand grumbled as he held his hand to his stomach. "The squirt better hurry, don't think for one second that he won't wonder around topside alone before finally going to get our food, grrr...cold Chinese ain't soundin too appetizing at da moment."

Leo thought a minute about this and shuddered, something about Mikey being used in a sentence involving topside, alone, and wondering just didn't set well with him. "I should probably call his shell cell...er...just to warn him to get our food!" Leo said trying to not make it to obvious that he was worried.

Raph let out a fit of laughter and clutched Leo's shoulder. "Mother hen strikes again!" Leo glared at Raph but found the cold stare useless as Raph held his stomach in his fit of laughter.

He sighed as he dialed Mikeys number, "whatever Raph, better safe then sorry!"


Mikey couldn't help but laugh in delight at his own mini pizza that was sitting directly in front of him, he had ended up rushing to the meeting spots for both the pizza and Chinese take out locations. Normally the young turtle would have jumped the rooftops and maybe even went to visit April but tonight his hunger had overwhelmed his senses till the point he had to rush so he could get back to the dank sewers to eat.

He inhaled half of his little pizza as he sat silently in the main sewer tunnel leading to the lair, he finally gathered all the small take out boxes onto his bigger pizza box and headed on his way, as soon as he gathered everything though, his shell cell rang. Mikey groaned and simply set all the food down.

"The wonderful, talented, handsome, and truly amazing Michelangelo speaking!"

Mikey only heard silence for a few seconds, due to the face palm that Leo had felt responsible to carry out, "Mikey just- come home quickly, understood?"

Mikey rolls his eyes, "Leo I'm in the main tunnel leading to the lair, I should be fine!"

Leo gave a loud sigh on the other side. "Alright, just checking, see ya soon then."

Mikey simply snapped his cell closed in response, he then retrieved all of the food and continued once more on his way.

He shifted the small weight of food around more to each arm as he walked. 'Man...feeling kinda weak...jeez Mike ya didn't walk that far...must be getting outta shape or something!'

Mikey tried shaking his head of the odd black dots now invading his vision, the dots soon turned into thick patches of nothing taking more and more of Mikeys vision away from him.

By the time the poor turtle got to the lair he was going on instinct of where everything was, once he was sure he was at least outside of the lair he quickened his pace which had suffered along with his vision. He had grown sluggish and a bit panicked on his hike to this point.

He managed to make his way in the lair and to the kitchen quickly, he slung the food on the table and quickly pulled out a chair and finally let himself collapse. He set his arms on the table along with his head on top, he sat that way face down until he heard his brothers voices.

"Bout time knucklehead!" Raph said as he plopped down on the chair just across from him. Leo shook his head as he dug into the small mountain of Chinese take out boxes that had been flipped around when Mikey slung everything on the table.

Donnie entered the kitchen last and took a seat on Mikeys left where as Leo had sat on his right. As time rolled on and the three turtles grubbed on there food the slight twinge of tension kept gnawing away at there stomachs as they kept close eye on Mikey, he hadn't moved at all since they had all entered.

Raph had been the first to talk. "Well Mike didja wear yaself on the 'exciting' topside journey or somethin'?"

Mikey tried to lift his head but found he could only rest his chin on his arms that were still layed out on the table. "Nu-uh...m'really tired though..."

Dons concern deepened as he looked Mikey over. "Mikey you look...like you haven't slept in days..."

Leo shifted, clearly uncomfortable. "He was perfectly normal and healthy looking before he left."

Don scowled at this information. "Mikey can you come to my lab with me?"

Mikey nodded weakly as he tried to get up though he found himself unable to move hardly at all. All he had managed to do thus far was lift his head and take his arms off the table and he had struggled greatly at just these simple tasks! It was very clear to Mikeys brothers as well.

"Uh...Donnie...I-I can't um...I don't want to sound stupid but...I can't...get up..."