"Oh don't look so dense big brother! Sheesh! Hahaha! Now let me take that off your hands for you!"

Leo quickly held the hourglass away from Mikey. "Look Mike I don't know what's happening but I'm going through with this!"

"Oh I do not think so Leonardo."

Leo looked behind him stunned as The ancient one stood, now holding the hourglass that held the only cure and hope for any of them.

"What?! What's going on?! Dracos dead...how..."

Leo gasped as Mikey sent a powerful and unexpected punch to his face sending him a few feet away from the half hysterical Mikey.

"Our master Draco may be gone but we are his humble servants now." Mikey smirked, his eyes holding such power.

"W-what are you talking about?!"

Mikey cackled evily, "you see my dear brother the thing about the hourglass is that whoever had originally wielded it and poisoned its victims can control them after death. At least until the rest of what little energy they have left is gone and they die as well. But while the wielder is still alive the victims are simply weak and powerless against him/her. Isn't it...magical Leonardo? Hehehe..."

Leo barely dodged the ninja stars that came speeding towards his face, the Ancient One laughed at the pathetic sight. "Such a shame, you could have served Draco too! Oh well..."

Leo bolted forward and caught the hourglass just in time before it shattered upon the ground. Just as he caught it Leo picked himself up and ran as fast as he could toward where Donatello was throwing a few smoke bombs at Mikey and The Ancient One as he ran.

'There is no way this is happening...no way...no wa-'


Leo quickened his pace one hundred times faster as he heard the panic in his sensei's frantic call.

"Master Splinter?!"

"Out here my son! Quickly!"

As Leo ran forward to the caves exit just outside he was met with Raph and Master Splinter holding a struggling Don down.

"We came ta get him and he jus went berserk and tried to attack us!"

Leo shook his head as he gathered Dons few drops of blood. "He's not the only one...Mikey attacked me and The Ancient One almost broke the hourglass. Apparently when the most recent user of the hourglass dies its victims use the last of there energy to kill anyone the deceased 'master' wants them too!"

Raph sighed exasperated, "of course! I mean why not! Do you get there blood yet?!"

Leo shook his head, "no...I'm going to need your help to get it! There putting all they have in there fighting- Mikey was anyways."

Master Splinter nodded, "very well my son. Let us finish this." Master Splinter stood and quickly pressed the most sensitive pressure points he could think of on Donatello. "That will paralyze him for well over a few hours, I shall do the same moves on The Ancient One and Michelangelo after we catch them and you two hold them down. Then we shall collect the necessary amount of blood, understood?"

"Yes Master."

"Then let us go!"

Upon entering the main room the three were quickly attacked by Michelangelo who was going three times his normal speed as he swung his nunchucks around at deadly speeds. The ancient one was also moving quickly as he threw an almost infinite amount of ninja stars towards them.

"We must hurry and end this my sons while The Ancient One may still have more time I know that Michelangelo is on his last thread."

Raph gritted his teeth at the statement. 'Alright lil bro come on."

Raphael charged towards Mikey with just as much speed as Mikey was portraying, he slung his sai with practiced precision as they caught with Mikeys chains and pinned them against the wall. "Come on Mikey please jus let us help yo-"

"No Raph. I don't want to be helped, you see...I like being like this." Raphs blood boiled as Mikey smiled the same sinister smile Draco felt the need to show all the time.

"Mikey don't cha see?! He's using ya! He's dead! Come on now bro if ya don't stop ya ganna-"

Mikey laughed as he tackled Raph to the ground, "Die? Heheheh...I know Raphie. But ya know what? I just don't care! Never did and never will-"

Raph stared wide eyed at Mikey as he saw two blue orbs roll back into the young turtles head.

Master Splinter carefully removed Mikey off of Raph. "I am sorry for the late assistance my son, Leonardo and I have received the Ancient Ones blood, are you alright?"

Raph wordlessly nodded a full tint to his eyes, it wasn't natural to hear Mikey talk like that. Was it Draco talking or was it Mikeys inner thoughts coming out?



"Are sure you are ok bro? Ever since we cured the others and walked back from the cave you have been kind of...distant."

Raph sighed and put a hand to his face, "ever since the whole incident with Mikey attacking me...the words that he said...Well...ya know how he sounded deeper when he talked?"

Leo nodded respectfully.

"His voice went back to well...his voice when he said THAT."

"What exactly did he say Raph?"

"Grr...He said that...he didn't care if he died that he never did."

Leo's eyes dulled at this, "no Raph...Mikey would never think like that. You know that!"

"I know Leo but...why did his voice change?! Why?"

"Perhaps, my son, you should ask him yourself if he really does think such a thing?"

Raph looked behind him startled at Master Splinter who was currently criss crossed between a sleeping Don and Mikey.

Raph nodded, "you're right...I will once we get back, which by the way when are we heading back to New York?"

"After we help The Ancient One rebuild his home and make sure everyone is healed and well rested then we shall go back."

"I see...Master Splinter I have a question."

"Yes Leonardo?"

"We defeated Draco...why did you call for the Damyio to come retrieve him?"

"Ah yes, well we couldn't have a beast just laying in a spiritual cave could we my son?"

Leo did a half face palm, "good point..."

Raph patted Leo on the shoulder, "maybe you should get some rest bro! Haha."

Leo grumbled as he laid his head back against the rough caves wall when suddenly a small groan was heard.

"Donatello? My son, how do you feel?"

Don sat up a little looking around, "is...Mikey ok?"

Master Splinter smiled, "he is just fine, a few deep gashes and some deep bruising but he will be fine with rest."

Don nodded and slowly drifted back to sleep.

As the weeks passed by Mikey, Don and The ancient One all gradually gained there energy back and began to move around more.

Don and The Ancient One recovered within a week where as Mikey was still severely dizzy when he tried to walk by the middle of the second week.

The more and more the others stayed outside helping to build the Ancient Ones once destroyed home the more and more Mikey became frustrated.

One day while the others were outside yet again building Raph ran into the cool cave and began pouring a glass of tea he looked over to find Mikey resting his head against the rock wall and flicking rocks into an empty cup across the room.

"Uh...having fun there Mike?" Raph chuckled.

"Ugh...Raph I'm so bored..."

Raph laughed a bit then realized he had yet to ask Mikey what he wanted to a couple of weeks back. "Uh...hey Mike...ya wanna talk for a while?"

"Uh...sure Raph!"

"Alright...I gatta question..."

"Haha ok dude but your scaring me with that serious face, lighten up!"

"Psh...ok...so you know how kinda got..."

"Freaky possessed upon?"

Raph chuckled, "weird wording but yea, well you tackled me an-"

"I'm sorry dude..."

"Eh no sweat Mike you couldn't control yourself but anyways...you said some stuff to me...and it sounded like you! It really freaked me out."

Mikeys eyes widened at this, "What did I say dude?"

"You said that...you didn't care if you died...never did...never will..." Raph looked away from Mikey as he said this, he hated saying it, he hated thinking about how his baby brother had said it.

"Dude...I don't know what kind of messed up version of me you saw Raph but I swear on my shell it wasn't me. Promise!" Mikey wrapped up his sentence with a trademark smile, Raph instantly smiled as if it was contagious.

"I'm glad bro...ya wanna come outside Mike? We just got done making a little pond and garden behind the ancient ones house! There is a huge shade tree you can sit under too."

Mikey sighed, "that's a walk and a half from here though...you guys always take a good ten minutes to get back here. I'm sure you don't wanna help me down there, it's ok-wha?"

Raph took Mikeys hand and pulled him up then let Mikey lean on him. "Lets go Mikey! No more excuses ya gatta get off yer lazy shell!"

Mikey let out a loud laugh, "sure thing bro! Never been happier...thanks Raph."

"Sure thing bro. Sure thing."

After that the next week Mikey finally regained full energy and was almost fully healed aside from a few of the deeper gashes still healing.

"Wow! Look at all the lights!" Mikey laughed as he leaned more and more off the towering building looking over Tokyo.

Raph pulled at Mikeys bandana tails, "come on lame brain we are ganna be late for the boat ride over!"

Mikey playfully shoved Raph playfully, "okok! Sorry dude. Wooowww I don't remember it being this huge! Is this the same type of ship we rode before?!"

Don laughed, "yep! Except this one is taking us all the way straight back home."

Mikey stuck his lounge out, "this is ganna be a long trip dude..."

Master Splinter chuckled, "it shouldn't be my son, you bought many of those comic books while visiting Tokyo.

Mikey drooled over the bag of comics, "limited addition justice force comics. Pieces of gold in America!"

Leo rolled his eyes and chuckled then turned, with the rest of his family, to face the Ancient One. "Thank you old friend for taking care of us."

The Ancient One laughed and bowed back, "I'm not sure what good I have done for you! Thank you for helping to rebuild my home."

As respects were said the mutant family soon found them selves in a cozy corner in the bottom of the ship, they shared stories about there adventures in Japan and talked about the bizzare situation that lead them to all of it.

The End~ Hope you enjoyed! Thanks again for your patience! You guys rock.