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Fingers trailed across the small of her back. It's nice, she thought, to wake up without her mind snapping into awareness. The slow, languid return to consciousness was like sunshine warming an early spring day. Not that she'd had time to admire the weather. If she was honest with herself, and she usually was, she couldn't remember the last time she even wanted to engage in such an activity. Last night's activities, however, were not forgotten. She smiled slowly as she reflected on several memorable moments. Nope, crystal clear.

A light chuckle reverberated through the warm, solid chest that she was sprawled against. She opened her eyes just enough to peek at her companion through lowered lashes. She could almost feel the answering grin as she squeezed them shut again.

"No use pretendin', darlin'." A deep, gravelly voice rumbled, sending all sorts of pleasant vibrations through her body. She shivered and she knew he knew what it did to her.

In retaliation, (and partly for the opening it leads to other activities), she began to straighten leisurely, stretching her slight frame with catlike grace.

She felt him shift beneath her and opened her eyes to blink somnolently at him. Her smirk widened into a grin as she took in his hungry gaze, intent on her. His hands tightened inadvertently around her waist. Or maybe on purpose. Either way, she wasn't complaining.

"Morning," she drawled.

"That's a dangerous way to wake up, darlin'. A man can't be blamed for what happens next."

She shrugged a bare shoulder and smirked, hazel eyes never leaving his blue ones. Her fingers trailed up the skin of his ribs, running over muscled skin and puckered scars. She felt his breath catch as he caught her wrist.

"A very dangerous game." He rolled them over until she was pinned beneath him. She squirmed slightly and warmth flooded through her as she watched his eyes darkened.

"Don't worry. I plan on winning." Her eyes flashed a challenge.

He growled and she soon found herself too distracted to even smile at his response.

Yeah, she could get used to this.