Hello! Bolded writing is for the male Carnotaur- Anor, and italicized writing is for the female Carnotaur- Tsora. There's no narrating, just what the two are thinking and saying, mostly saying in this part. hey call Iguanodons 'spike-thumbs' by the way.

"Ahh, this rain is so soothing." "Mm-hmm, far better than being covered in dust."

"If only it didn't wash away the prey-scent." "Agreed. We won't be able to find anything tonight, so we should take the chance to rest."

"Someplace out of the rain, I hope. I'll barely get any sleep with the water tickling my hide." "You're a light sleeper anyway. Wait, I think there's a gap in the stone over there."

"A cave? Where?" "Where would you be without my good eyesight, Anor?"

"At least I hear better than you." "I know, I know. C'mon, it's right over here..."

"Ah, yes! There's no sound of rain from in th-" "What?"

"Listen. Movement from rocks." "Another predator? Wait, look down. A rock?"

"Snff, snff. Smells like prey!" "Perfect! Shelter and food! Enough for a full meal I hope..."

"Stay here Tsora. I'll see how many." "I'm the one with better eyesight."

"I'm bigger and I'll warn you if there's danger. You can watch in case anything tries to escape." "I'm not helpless, Anor. If anything comes out, I'll be the one to catch it."

"Fine- THERE!" "Aaa, this lightning hurts my eyes!"

"Inside! Found one! An adult spike-thumb!" "Coming! I can't see well."

"It's running! C'mon!" "Making noises too!"

"Good- just follow the sound. Watch your head! I'll get the prey myself." "No, you got the last one! You can't do all the work!"

"Hurry, there's more! Plenty for us both!" "Wait, yes! I see them!"

"Almost got it!" "I'm coming!"

"I've got it by the tail!" "Yes! Hey, I smell other prey, and hairy things!"

"Stay and help, this one's strong." "Alright, we'll get those other ones later."

"Got it now!" "Let me get it!"

"I caught it, let me! You go catch one or two of those other prey-creatures." "You always get the easy kills and I lose mine! It's MY turn, Anor!"

"This one isn't easy- move over!" "You mov- AAarh! Aakh it's another spike-thumb!"

"It rammed you!" "I'm fine! Let's just get it!"

"How dare you harm my MATE, puny PREY-CREATURE!" "I'm fine, don't worry. We'll eat it soon enough!"


"Tough old spike-thumb!" "I smell blood! It's already wounded, so this should be easier!"

"It's not as weakened by its wounds as it should be. Careful!" "I know- here, move!"

"Aa, its noise is so loud! Echoing makes it worse than outside!" "It's the old one we almost caught! The rest of the prey-creatures are running off!"

"Where, Tsora?" "They're trapped in here; we'll get them later. Let's just get this one!"

"We don't know where the cave leads. This old prey-creature wouldn't risk itself if the others- Aarrrhh!" "Are you badly hurt?!"

"No, just scrapes- I'm fine! Get the prey!" "First get up, show me you're ok! Then we kill and eat it together."

"I'm coming-" "RAaahrr! It rammed me- Aaauh, kill it, kill it!"

"I'll- Oh no! The rocks- the ceiling!" "It's falling!"


... ...

"...H'hh. ...H'hh. Ckh. ...H'hh." "Aahhnnhh... A...nor?"

"*Ckoulf ckouuhnf coulfh*. Ts'hhh." "Anor- aaaakh-... I'm here. ...Anor!"

"T-sor-a. A-are you... alr-right...?"

"I'm fine. Just scrapes, like you."


"We're injured, but we're fine. Both of us. Right, Anor?"

"I... hurt... It... h-hur-t-s. Hh'hh. Hha'hhh..."

"Where? I'll help. Help me stand up and I'll get you outside. We'll both be fine."

"Hhh. Nnnhh."

"Please, come on. The rain will soothe our wounds."

'Can't...' "C'annt'hh..."

"Where- where does it hurt most?"

'All over, Tsora.' "Aa...llll... o-v...verrr... T's...o...r-a..."

"Get up, you'll feel better. Come on, PLEASE, Anor."

'Tsora...' "..."

"Anor please get up." "..." "Get up. GET UP!" ...