A/N: This is my first one shot! It has quotes, moments, etc. from the book, musical, movie, and some things I made up, so it's slightly AU. Well, enjoy!

I can't point to the exact moment when I became in love with Marius. Nor can I tell you exactly why. However, I know that I am in love with him. Late one night, when I couldn't sleep, I looked out on the stars. At that moment, I swore to myself that I will kiss Marius before I die.

After his meetings with Les Amis, I meet Marius and walk him home. We have long, deep conversations about anything that came to our minds. He explains the most recent revolution updates, I tell him about Azelma and Gavroche. We developed a strong friendship, and I always hoped that it would eventually evolve into something more. It was even beginning to. That is, until the day he laid eyes on Cosette.

It was a normal day, us walking home. Marius was telling me how Enjolras believed that there would be a sign coming up soon, a sign that would rally the city of Paris into revolution. I nodded along, not entirely fascinated with the subject, but entirely fascinated with Marius.

"General Lamarque is not doing well, and Enjolras is very-" he stopped short.

I looked up at him. "Very? Very what?" But I noticed that he was looking up, and had a faraway look in his eye. I followed his gaze, until my gaze as well landed on a girl. She was blond, wearing a beautiful pink dress and an elegant hat. She was trailing a man, presumably her father, as they handed out money to the poor. I winced as I realized who it was.

Cosette. The girl that my father and mother had taken in, with a promise from her mother to give my parents money to take care of her. Well, they kept all the money for themselves, giving Cosette my old clothes, which were never nice in the first place. She lived with us for awhile, until one day, a man came by, and just took her with him. I had not seen or heard of her since then.

I looked at her, with her nice clothes and beautiful face. Then I looked at myself. I had a worn dress on, because my parents had stopped spending the money they had on decent clothes for Azelma and myself. We wore the least expensive clothes out there, which were usually just rags cut in the form of a dress. I was not half as pretty as Cosette, with my knotty, dark brown hair and brown eyes. But, I always thought of Marius as the type to love a girl for her personality and inner beauty. That image I had of him was fading away as I noticed the glance he shared with Cosette. They were both completely fixated on each other.

Cosette turned around a building, and disappeared from view. Marius turned to me, and my heart started beating. He asked me to find Cosette for him. I agreed to it, only because I loved Marius so much. When I found her and took him to her, I watched as he and Cosette sang to each other and kissed each other. That was enough for me, and I ran away crying.

After that, Marius and Cosette only had eyes for each other. I tried to make myself noticeable to Marius, but the only girl in his life was Cosette. At the same time, the revolution had finally begun. My last chance to be with Marius was to disguise myself and join him on the barricade.

Which is exactly what I did. I tried to make myself useful, all while keeping a wary eye on Marius. My heart stopped, as I realized that a soldier from the opposing side had managed to get onto our barricade, and had a gun pointed directly at Marius. Right as he shot it, I dove in front of Marius, taking the bullet myself. I immediately fell backwards, unbearable pain shooting through my body. I realized that the bullet had went right through my back.

I knew that I was going to die. But then I remembered my promise to myself that I would kiss Marius, at least once before I died. He turned around, to see where the bullet had went, and his eyes widened as they landed on me. He ran over, and I realized that my swear to kiss him one day would finally come true. But time was running out.

"Eponine," he gasped. "What are you doing?"

"I-I just wanted to save you," I stammered.

His face turned from sadness to determination. "but you will live, Eponine! I will find you a doctor, you will live."

I shook my head. He too realized there was no hope, and knelt down beside me.

My eyes closed. But I knew there was something I had to say. So I forced them back open, one more time. "And do you know, Monsieur Marius, I do believe that I was a little bit in love with you."

His face took on a form of understanding, and leaned in to kiss me. It was finally happening. I leaned in too, and our lips were about to lock.

But the pain overcame me, and I fell back down.