A/N: I own none of these characters, except the ones I invented. I am just using them for my story. Sauron belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm not sure who the Greek gods belong to.

Sauron meets the Greeks

Chapter 1

Taholus(a character of my design) was outside hunting in the forest. He was an excellent hunter and thought he was better than anyone, including Artemis. Of course, he never said this out loud yet because he never had a big enough audience. Then, he would shout for the whole world to hear that he was the best hunter on the planet. Well, anyway, Taholus was walking when he heard something move. He raised his bow and put an arrow in it. Suddenly, a man covered in black armor wearing a gold ring on his finger approached him. "Who are you? My name is Taholus." "Shut up you future slave. My name is Sauron, and I am the Lord of the Ring.But where am I? I mean I need to know that if I am to take over this place." "Greece..Say, I know how you can take over.Just say, 'I am better than all of the gods combined. They are weak, and I am strong. I can easily kill them all.'" Sauron, being a huge moron, said those words, thing that he can take over the world by saying them. "I am better than all of the gods combined. They are weak, and I am strong. I can easily kill them all." The gods were swift to act as usual, and Zeus threw a thunderbolt at him, but since he was wearing the One Ring, he didn't die.

Mt. Olympus

"What the ****? Why didn't that kill him??" Zeus cried. Poseidon smirked and said, "Maybe you've finally misaimed!!!!" Several of the gods sniggered, but Zeus didn't find it very funny. "Nah, I think Zeus forgot to put on his thinking wig. HA HA HA HA," Hephaestus snorted. Then, he realized that nobody found this funny. "Ah, yes Hephaestus, interesting 'joke.' We're laughing SO hard right now!" Ares couldn't resist saying. "Ares, shut your mouth.We need to do something about this Sauron. A hunter who saw him in the woods just prayed to me, saying that Sauron was crazy and wants to take over the world, and with you making stupid comments all time, how are we supposed to kill him?" Athena snapped. "Hermes, get Hades and ask him to come here as quickly as possible. We may need his help. Persephone can come if she wants," Zeus said.

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