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Naruto Uzamaki was caught. After all that training, all that hard work with Jaraiya-sensei, and he was fucking caught. Caught by the fucking Akatsuki no less. Caught by Itachi Uchiha.

All he could remember is hearing from local citizens from the Land of Fruits that a duo of women wearing black robes with red clouds on them were in the area, and were foreigners like him. Naruto, having known them since he was twelve, instantly grew curious. There were only two women in the Akatsuki, Konan and the Pein girl. When he asked them to describe the two women, the citezens said they were extremely beautiful women, one with blue hair and the other with black hair.

Naruto had never heard of an Akatsuki duo such as this, only remembering Itachi and Kisame as the two who had black and blue hair and were a duo. Yet, a member of the Akatsuki was a member of the Akatsuki. They were all crazy strong and had freaky abilities. Naruto would not be caught off guard. Not this time. Not after they took his friend Yugito away during their joint mission 5 months after his return to Konoha.

He had ducked off into the forest and stood behind a tree. He stood perfectly still, trying to gather as much nature chakara as possible in order to undergo sage mode. He hadnt seen the duo yet, but wouldve liked to catch them off guard. He would make them pay. All of them.

But as soon as Naruto was about to finish, he saw something that made him give one last word of "Oh shit!" before his body dropped into unconciousness. The eyes of Itachi Uchiha. Those red, Sharingan eyes that were so intreging to look at yet also deadly. He didnt even register as his whole body was drawn in to a world of red.


"So, we finally caught him. The hero of the Leaf, the great toad sage, the container of the Kyuubi." A sharp, feminine voice spoke, sounding rather mischievious.

"Yes, Kisame. He has been our assignment for too long and leader-sama couldn't wait anymore. After 6 long years, we finally caught him." Another feminine voice spoke, sounding as if the owner of it had no emotions whatsoever. She had been carrying the young man in her arms for the last 20 minutes. She sure hoped she could rest whem they got back to the hideout. Her Sharingan genjutsu always took a bit of chakara out of her.

Her partner, now known as Kisame, sighed and rubbed her hands on the crook of her pale blue neck, slightly moaning. "Yeah, he has been keeping us up for years trying to capture him. If he wasnt so cute, Id have killed him years ago." Kisame said, stepping over logs and bushes with her long, slender, pale blue legs. She wasnt lying. Naruto had gotten away from them so much that she almost thought of drowning the leaf village just to get back at him. She readjusted her sword, Samahada, and put it across her back.

Itachi also readjusted, only her possession at the moment was Naruto. She carefully swung the limp 18 year old over her shoulder. She kept walking, silently praying that the hideout their leader said to meet at was not too far away. She wasnt holding a boy you know. She was holding a 6'1 ANBU captain, who was also 226 pounds of muscle. Much heavier than herself. But it would all he worth it. She smiled as she thought about the things that the very near future holds for her and her blonde captive. Killing her clan, rejecting her brother, nearly losing her eyesight, but it would all be worth it.

Besides her, Kisame herself was also excited. The girl had one hand on the handle of her sword, one hand on her breast. Her beautiful blue hair was blowing in the wind and her small gills on her cheeks were moving, proof that she was breathing hard in anticipation. The henge that made her look like her older brother had worn off a couple minutes ago. She was now her regular self, a beautiful shark kunoichi that had joined the Akatsuki because she believed the same thing their leader Pein believed in, peace. And out of every 500,000 women in the world, one of them thought to seek peace the same way. Those women were them, the female kunoichi of the Akatsuki. While able to fight, they also were beautiful women who had bad pasts, and who looked to instill peace in the world. The reason they portrayed themselves as men was because it was not lady-like to kill and capture people in such a fashion as when they were in a male henge. It would contradict their way of peace and they couldnt have that.

Itachi smirked at her companion. They both looked at each other and shared a girlish giggle, even despite Itachi's emotionless demeanor. Their way of peace was finally here. The butterflies in their stomach fluttered at the mention of peace. Especially theirs.


Naruto awoke in a sweat. He had battled it out with black crows for at least 2 days if he could recall. Itachi's genjutsu was amazingly powerful. He couldnt release if he tried.

He sat up, or tried, on the bed, realizing he was chained down. He gasped as he took in his surroundings. He was laying on a king sized bed in a room that was a little bigger than his livng room. It was decorated in white and red and black, from the curtains, carpet, dresser, sheets and comforter. He looked down, only to find his clothes were discarded. His only article of clothing was his foxy boxers. He blushed as his evening wood threatened to peak through the slit in his boxers.

Before he panicked, he tried to think of his situation. 'Okay. So first off, my arms are tied to a bed. Secondly, someone mustve been hasty to discard my clothes, evidence being that my neck hurts like hell. And the last and most important, Ive been captured by the Akatsuki. Way to go Naruto. Just two more years of being ANBU captain and I wouldve been the Hokage. Now they'll try to get the fox, who is hibernating at the moment from exhaustion. Fucking great.' Naruto thought as he layed on the bed more.

Though he really wanted to act like his old self and go ape shit with screams and shouts to whoever was around, he was the Leaf's ANBU captain and had to keep his cool. Plus his enemies were the infamous Akatsuki, who destroyed villages and murdered ninja with one member. They didnt want to hear his shit.

But before Naruto could ponder a way out, his door flung open. And into the room came the most shocking thing he ever saw in his life. Akatsuki. Not just any Akatsuki either. Women Akatsuki. Women Akatsuki that looked like the males, only with amazingly pretty feminized features. They filed in, one after the other.

First came his captor, Itachi. She walked in the room, robe hugged snugly onto her curvaceous figure. The cleavage in her large breast showed perfectly, giving Naruto an unwanted throb through his cock. Her slender, naked legs were smooth and were shown when she walked slowly into the lit room. Her eyes, that usually held no emotion, showed innocent lust, a look Naruto knew nothing about. Her eyes were still Sharingan, but Naruto was afraid at looking at them again. Finally, her hair was long, trailing to the middle of her back, put into a ponytail. She was extremely beautiful.

Next came in the one he knew as Kisame. But this one was a godess as well. Her usually rugged appearance as a man changed dramatically as a women. Still keeping a slightly rugged appearance, Kisame had nice pale blue lips that also complemented her face. Her gills were smaller than her male self, and her hair also came to the middle of her back, smoothed out. Her neck was soft looking and her eyes held lust as well. Her large and curvaceous bust was slightly hidden due to her Akatsuki robe, but her legs and pedicured feet and hands were enough to make any man want to touch themselves.

Naruto sighed in relief when the door to the room closed. He could probably escape from two Akatsuki members, but not all of them. Still not over his shock, Naruto sat up, unbelieving.

"What the hell is going on in here!? Itachi, Kisame!? Why are you two henged as women!? Naruto asked aloud. He paled even more when the two snickered at his words.

Kisame, being the wild one, stepped forward and sat on the bed. "Damn. The nine-tailed brat turned out to be pretty nice looking after all." She said, running her cold hand over Naruto's chest and abs, making his nipples hard.

Naruto's breath hitched as he felt her hands violate his body. He felt her hands run along the ridges of his abs and breathed hard as his heart skipped a beat. "What are you doing!? Stop!"

Kisame only smiled and continued her actions. Truth be told, this was her first time with physical contact with a male, and if they acted like this, she couldnt believe she hadnt done this sooner.

Itachi finally spoke up. "Kisame, lets talk to him first. He needs to know." She had to tell him before she did what she did. He needed to know the Akatsuki's interior motive for gathering the tailed beast.

Kisame sighed a girlish sigh and seperated from the young blonde. She knew this was coming and couldnt stop it anyway. "Okay Naruto. We want you to ask all the questions on your mind. Then we shall get to the ritual."

Naruto squirmed in his bonds. 'Ritual?' he thought. He shook it off for later. "What the hell is going on with you two!? Youre women!? Naruto shouted out his first question.

Kisame smiled at the young blonde. "Why yes we are. It doesnt look as if we are men does it?" She spoke, sarcastic. Itachi rolled her eyes at her companions lack for answering questions.

"We were always women. The henge we used to make ourselves masculine were perfect for missions and facades." Itachi answered.

Naruto gave her a confused look. "But why?"

"Men assert dominance and power. If I had taken you as my regular form long ago, do you think you wouldve taken us seriously? Do you think the world would really tremble at the mention of an all women organization trying to steal their tailed beast? No." Itachi said, sounding angry.

Naruto was shocked. 'Did Itachi Uchiha just show emotion?' He then stored that in his head for later, so that he could get on with his questions. "So, all of you are women?"

Kisame decided to speak. "Yes. We all use henge." She spoke, rubbing her hand down his pecs.

After Naruto let out a shivering gasp, he moved to his next question. "But what do you really want with me?" He asked. He was surprise to see the look at their feet.

"We can not tell you. Our leader should be here in a few days, so she can tell you all." Itachi said, walking closer to Naruto. "Now, we need you ourselves. Leader-sama told us to put our plan in action though, so please dont get angry at me." Itachi said, unzipping her robe slowly.

Kisame instinctively stood up and leaned to Naruto. "I cant wait for my turn." She spoke seductively before kissing his cheeks.

Naruto paled and blushed. As Kisame approached the door, she looked back. "Have fun Itachi. Dont wear him out just yet." With that, she left the room.

As soon as the door closed, Itachi dropped her robe revealing her large breast, her toned abs, her slender legs and her slick entrance. Her slightly trimmed pubic hair was glistening in wetness. As she walked seductively towards Naruto, she noticed his cock slightly get bigger. As she got on the bed, Naruto started to struggle.

"Itachi, what are you doing!?"

Itachi only smiled as she descended her chest upon his. "Please, call me 'Tachi." She said as she pressed her lips to his.