"Five, six, se-"

"I'm sorry to interrupt, love, I'm looking for Rebekah?"

Caroline turned to the strange accent and blinked in surprise at the blonde man standing behind her, hands behind his back and a smile graced with dimples. "Mikaelson?" She squeaked.

The Englishman nodded with a chuckle.

"The accent gives it away, doesn't it?"

She nodded with a flush of her cheeks. "A little,"

"Hey, Care!"

Caroline raised on her tiptoes to see her boyfriend running over, she grinned wide and dodged Rebekah's brother, straight toward Tyler.

"Did you see? I scored!"

Caroline beamed for her boyfriend. "Great job!"

Tyler smirked and turned to the blonde stranger standing by her girlfriend and her squad. "Hey, Tyler Lockwood," he greeted, holding a hand out.

The man took his hand and nodded back. "Klaus. Rebekah's brother."

"Oh, the new chick?"

Klaus' eyes narrowed. "I suppose, yes."

Tyler nodded and smiled, a bright smile, but somewhat possessive as he placed an arm around Caroline's shoulder. "Yeah, she's pretty cool."

"I like to think so," Klaus responded with a hesitant smile.

Caroline turned and observed the field.

"Rebekah should be here soon, she was coming to cheer practice, but she said she'd be a bit late, you're welcome to wait on the bleachers if you want. Until she gets here?"

Klaus nodded and smiled at the bright cheerleader. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?"

"Caroline," she said softly, holding a hand out for him to shake.

Klaus took her hand and kissed her knuckles softly.

"A pleasure, Caroline."

xx xx xx

"Do you remember when we first met?" Caroline muttered, holding her head in her hand, her elbow perched on her vanity desk.

Klaus sat on her bed, opening the bottle of wine, two wine glasses sat between his knees. He looked up at Caroline for a moment with a slight smirk on his face. "How could I forget?" he mumbled softly, concentrating on the bottle and letting it open with a soft pop. "You were in the middle of practice."

"And you bounded right over and interrupted."
Klaus laughed, a genuine laugh. "I do not bound, sweetheart, and I did apologize," he pointed out.

"Yeah, well."

Klaus smirked and poured some of the wine into the glasses, handing one over to a sullen Caroline. "Cheers."

Caroline pushed herself off of the desk and took the glass, clinking it gently against Klaus'. "To what?" she sighed.

"To life, whatever the complications."

"To complications," she said, forcing a tight smile.

Klaus frowned, taking a sip of the sweet German wine. "Sweetheart," he sighed softly. "It is a rare moment when I show even a slight sign of sympathy, bathe in it before I go back to the miserable man I am."

Caroline's smile grew genuine. "Miserable," she giggled. "I think we've swapped rolls."

"Impossible," he responded quietly. "Your light can never be dimmed, even in the darkest of moments."

"I don't think I'm full of light anymore," she laughed, a sarcastic laugh. "Full of shit, is more like it. I just left my fiancé at the altar, with an expensive ring on my finger and not even an explanation why. Who does that if they're so 'full of light', as you put it?"

Klaus smirked, taking another sip of his wine, choosing to ignore the question.

Caroline let out a soft sigh and placed her wine glass down on her desk. She turned toward the mirror and ran her hands through her curls, fingers sticking to the hairspray. "Exactly. No one."

"Quite a few women leave their man at the altar, it's become a common occurrence in everyday life, I'm sure dozens of others were doing it just as you were."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?"

"Worth a shot."

Caroline smiled slightly, tears welling in her eyes. "What's your favourite type of egg, Nik?"

Klaus frowned in confusion, staring at the blonde as she wiped a finger under her eyes, hesitant to ruin anymore make-up than she already had that afternoon.

"I'm sorry?"

"The entire time I've been with Tyler I just told him that I liked scrambled, you know why?"

Klaus shook his head.

"Because he liked it."

"I'm not following."

"My entire relationship with Tyler has been me pretending to be what he wanted. I wore the clothes he bought me because I didn't want his family to think I was just some common little girl that slept with everything. I went to all these parties with him because it made him happy. I took trips to the Alps and to France and to England, but I never asked him to come with me to Paris or Rome." Caroline took a deep breath. "I don't even know what type of egg I like anymore."

"So why did you stay?"

"Because I was scared," she replied quietly, looking over at her friend. Klaus shuffled on the bed, eyeing the blonde, concern touching his eyes; lips frowning. "Tyler's my high school sweetheart. We've been together since we were fifteen. I'm now twenty-two. Who's going to want a twenty-two year old runaway bride, who can't even decide what type of egg she likes because she's too scared she's going to turn out to be something that they don't like? I pretend to be this person that they want. I'm the perfect girlfriend because I listen to their needs, and not my own. In the space of the entire time I've been with Tyler, I've forgotten who I am - who I was. Klaus," she blinked her eyes and welcomed the tears. "Who am I?"

Klaus crouched off of the bed and onto his knees before Caroline, he placed his wine glass on the floor beside him and grabbed her hands, pulling them towards his chest. "Caroline," he whispered. "You are beautiful. Strong. Full of light."

She closed her eyes and hiccupped a sob.

"You are brave and wild, you are the most organized person I've ever met and quite frankly - the most frustrating. You are loving and caring and you couldn't hurt a fly, even if it stole your most favourite thing in the world. You are Caroline Forbes, and no one in the world could possibly change that. If you've lost yourself in Tyler, then take your time and find yourself. Why do you want to rush into being what everyone else wants? You are perfect as you are, sweetheart. Remember that."

Caroline let a small smile grace her lips.

"Klaus?" she mumbled quietly, eyeing Klaus seriously.

The blonde man smiled back at her. "Yes, love?"

"Can we make some eggs?"

xx xx xx


Klaus turned to his sister, closing his laptop. "Yes, Rebekah?" he mumbled, trying to keep the irritation out of his voice - hours upon hours sat at his desk and he still couldn't put his thoughts on paper, no amount of writing could do what he was feeling (or thinking) any justice. How did you explain such beauty without the right words? Beauty didn't even touch it.

"You've been in here all afternoon, aren't you coming tonight?"

Klaus frowned. "Coming where?"

"To the game. It's my first game cheering, a little support would be nice, considering Elijah is off somewhere with Katarina and Kol is gallivanting with the likes of silly high-school


"Oh, right," Klaus turned back to his laptop, biting his bottom lip cautiously. Perhaps the game could inspire him to find the right words? "What time is it?"


Klaus nodded, stepping away from his desk and toward his alcohol stash in the corner of his office, hidden behind easels and pastels.

"It's gone three."

"And the game starts when?"

"At five."

Klaus nodded. "I have a while then."

"I have to leave at four to meet Caroline and the rest of the squad. You're my ride."

Klaus frowned at her use of American lingo, he was no one's 'ride', but if it meant admiring beauty for a little while longer than necessary, he was sure he wouldn't mind so much - it was crucial to his current writers block.

"Go get ready then, Rebekah. I'll meet you downstairs in twenty minutes."

"Thanks, Nik."

Rebekah turned to walk out of the room and froze, her hand touching the door handle. "Oh, and Nik?"

"What is it, Rebekah?"

"I know what you're doing."

The blonde man froze and lowered his tumbler. "I seem to be enjoying some bourbon, Rebekah, but thank you for your observation, now if you would-"

"I meant with Caroline. Don't be sarcastic, Nik, it's not fitting."

"Nor is threatening your older brother."

Rebekah laughed. "I'm not threatening you, I'm warning you," she took a sigh and turned to fully face Klaus. "Niklaus, you could do much better than a silly high-school girl who's only interest is her boyfriend, her cheering and organizing parties. I bet she's probably slept with at least half of the school-"

"That's enough, Rebekah."

"You're not sticking up for her?" Rebekah spat, her eyes wide.

"Rebekah. You may be warning me, but now I am warning you. Mind your tongue. Now, leave."

Rebekah huffed and turned, opening the door in a violent swing.

"She'll break your heart, Nik. Just like Tatia did."

"You assume so much little sister, but I am not in love with your friend. I may fancy her, but there is nothing in her that will make me who I was with Tatia. Not again."

Rebekah slammed the door behind her as she stormed out of her brother's office. Klaus turned to his closed laptop, listening to the sound of the cooling fans whirl. He sped over to the desk and placed his tumbler beside the laptop, opening up the screen again.

Klaus wriggled his fingers and stared at the blank page before he pressed the first keypad.

xx xx xx

"I'm profoundly and irreversibly screwed up," Caroline muttered, pushing the empty bottle over on her bed. Klaus was sat at the vanity desk now, smiling down at her.

"Yes," he responded. "Yes, you are quite screwed up, but it isn't always necessarily a bad thing, love."

Caroline snorted and threw her head back against her pillow before sitting up and crossing her legs. "Do you think there's a 'right' person out there for everyone?"

Klaus' smile dropped for a moment, a frown covering his features as he blinked in genuine thought. "No," he answered honestly. "I think some people were born to be alone because they were strong enough. I also think attraction is mistaken for 'rightness'."

Caroline sighed and fell back against her bed, staring up at her blank ceiling. "Did you know," she began, voice quiet, but loud enough for Klaus to hear. "There was a guy in Ancient Greece called Aristo-" Caroline paused for a moment, scrunching her nose up.

"Aristotle?" Klaus offered.

Caroline clicked her fingers and smiled, nodding into the bed, eyes still cast up at the ceiling as if she were picturing the story she was about to tell in her head and displaying it on the wall. Klaus found himself watching the same spot at certain points, when she'd smile as if the world had given her a wish.

"So he had some big old speech about people, like you and I, but in the case back then, he said that people were made up of man and woman, Sun, moon, sky, earth, and all that, but then these people weren't being good people so Zeus - the big God - he decided that he'd teach them a lesson, do you know what he did?"

Klaus smirked, of course he did. "No, but I have a strange feeling you may tell me."

Caroline ignored his sarcasm and carried on, waving her hand above her face. "He cut them in half, because one couldn't live without the other, and this Aristotle guy, he said that when they were cut in half they would run around like headless chickens and there arms would cross with everything just so they'd feel whole again. Sometimes they'd find another woman or another man and they'd try to be one but the other never quite fit, and he said that when one half died, the other never stopped trying to fit itself back together until it died itself." Caroline smiled. "You know whatelse? He said it wasn't just men and woman that were connected it was men and men and women and women, it was about finding love. It's still there in my mind: what if we were really split in half and fixed but we couldn't be whole until we found our other half, and we kept having to try all these people to see if they'd fit?"

Klaus watched Caroline's fingers play with the material of her sheets, he watched her throat as she talked and wondered how soft the skin felt. He smiled at her, although she could not see.

"Perhaps we are," he said, amusing her.

"When they find their other half they stick together forever and they never split again - ever. It's just it. They're one again, there's no reason to split because they know the pain of losing each other. It's kind of like marriage, just a little less gruesome."

Klaus chuckled quietly.

"So if they don't find their other half, their soul continues to look - because that's what they know. Their soul knows that they crave something but it's a bit like an oracle, it's a big riddle that you can only solve yourself if you try hard enough. You have to follow your instincts and your heart - otherwise you'll end up alone."

"I'm sure it was a bit simpler than that," Klaus interrupted.

Caroline shook her head, sitting up on her elbows. "It was ancient Greece, Klaus, they thought people got split in half, how are they going to simplify that? It makes sense though, doesn't it? Have you ever been in love and thought - something's missing? You just keep trying to find what it is and you look for every clue and you eventually solve your riddle. You are your own oracle. We used to be complete wholes, but then we weren't, and it's our pursuit of wholeness and happiness to find that one person and just melt together as one. To spend so long looking and to find it and just know, because you fit."

"Caroline," Klaus sighed. "As much as your story telling is impeccable, what's the point of this?"

Caroline smiled.

"You said you didn't believe in someone being right for someone else. 'The One'."

"I said that, yes."

"So, I thought I'd see if I could change your mind."

"Sweetheart, you really thought an ancient Greek mythologist could change my mind with his story about cutting people in half and having them run around like headless chickens until they find one another?"

"Love is… um, love is the body of.. Something."

Klaus smirked. "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."

Caroline blinked and pushed herself off of her elbows, staring. "That's right," she mumbled, shell-shocked that he'd even been listening to her pointless rambles for God knows how long she'd just spoken for.

"Plato's Symposium, sweetheart."

Caroline shrugged and scoffed, leaning back down. "Smartass," she grumbled.

Klaus laughed and shook his head, taking another bottle of wine from the bag at his feet which Caroline had moved earlier. He popped open the lid of the wine and poured a fair amount in his glass and watched as Caroline picked hers up from the sheet, not even glancing his way, holding it out toward him. He filled it up and screwed the lid back on, placing it on the desk.

"Do you think Tyler has someone out there running around looking for him?"

"Hopefully they're flailing arms knock some sense into him when they find him."

Caroline couldn't help but smile. "I'm serious," she said softly, letting out a small sigh. "What if Tyler's got this amazing person but he just doesn't know yet because he hasn't had a chance to find her? What if he's got his other half somewhere and they're just waiting to see if they fit?"

"Then be happy for him, sweetheart."

Caroline nodded, sitting up to take a sip of her wine.

"I would be, but, what about me?"

"What about you?"

"Where's my other half? Where's my split soul?"

Klaus smiled. "Around."

xx xx xx

When Klaus finally admitted his feelings for Caroline it had been almost five months. Her bright personality never failed to amuse him, and he always found himself sitting by the bleachers of the high school, supposedly waiting for his younger sister, but never keeping his eyes off of Caroline.

He was five years her senior.

When everyone else found out about Klaus' feelings for Caroline it had been since the very beginning, they all duly noted the sly glances and the touches as he brushed past her, one hand on her hip or taking her hand to move her somewhere or to show her something - nothing he did went unnoticed, not even by Tyler. Tyler had never confronted the man about his infatuation with Caroline - because there was no solid threat, Caroline was not a cheat and Caroline was whole-heartedly in love with Tyler, everything she did was to impress him, and so he couldn't help but love her back, and just push Klaus' silly feelings aside.

Until they started getting closer.

Tyler wouldn't have minded if it were due to Klaus' sister - Rebekah. If they had grown a bond through Rebekah, it would have been totally normal, but Rebekah hated Caroline. Caroline was around Klaus more than she was any one of her other friends - other than Stefan or Elena - and Tyler could help but feel uneasy that she had made such a good friend out of Klaus, confiding in him, coming to him with their relationship problems, and Tyler could always see that stupid smirk light up his face when Klaus would drop Caroline back at Tyler's house after their little argument.

But Tyler always won. He always had her back at the end of it all, always in his arms.

But now where was she?

She was with Klaus.

When Klaus had finally admitted his love for Caroline it had been four years ago when she had graduated high school and he had kissed her cheek and promised her anything in the world. She had smiled, taken his arm and walked back with him to the party, only to be taken back by Tyler.

Klaus watched her the entire night, he watched the way she laughed with everyone, he watched her smile and pose and make childish faces at numerous amounts of cameras (keeping to himself the one photo she snuck of herself kissing Klaus on the cheek in the hallway and snapping it on her camera - he kept that picture). He watched her Valedictorian speech. He watched it all, and toward the end of the night, he watched her say goodbye to her friends and finally come up to him, Tyler hanging back, glaring. She hugged him then, a huge hug with her arms around his shoulders and he slowly wrapped his around her waist, bringing her close to him.

He had breathed in then and smelt the most beautiful smell - Caroline - and when she pulled back, her big blue eyes shining at him, he knew he was in too deep. He knew he loved her.

xx xx xx

Caroline was finally alone, Klaus having left her with a spare bottle of wine and a few choice words that if she needs him she calls him straight away. Caroline had nodded and waved her hand toward him. "Go," she had encouraged him, a forced smile on her face. "I'll be fine."

But she hadn't been, and she wasn't.

Caroline found herself wandering around at twelve in the morning with only her clothes on her back and goose bumps on her arms to keep her company. She had walked outside of Tyler's house without really realising, she saw the bedroom that they had shared countless nights in together and saw that the light was on. She waited for a while to see if she would see him - to catch a glimpse - to make sure if he was okay.

When she finally thought to give up and leave him be, she saw him stand and walk over to the window, still dressed down to the nines in his tuxedo, his face red with rage and hurt, a phone pressed to his ear. Caroline assumed no one had picked up the phone because Tyler immediately turned and threw it, seeming to sink down the window and out of sight.

Tears welled up in Caroline's eyes, struck on by the guilt at the emotions she had led her ex-fiancé to and she could only hope there was someone else waiting for him.

xx xx xx

"Caroline, it's me. I need to know why you did it. I need to know what I did wrong. Didn't I love you enough? Didn't I buy you enough? Is that what you want, because I'll give it to you? What do you want, Caroline? What can I do? When you know, call me."

"Caroline, it's me again. I know you're there, please pick up. I don't hate you. Call me."

"It was because of him wasn't it? Did you see him the night before? Did he tell you to run? We all know he's in love with you, Caroline, if you're too dense to see it then you should know now. He's always wanted you. He's always tried to rip you away from me, I was never good enough for you. Tell me, Caroline. I deserve to know. Was it him? Was I not good enough for you?"

"I hope you're happy together, Caroline."

Caroline's fingers shook as she repeated the voicemails left on her answering machine by Tyler. She shook her head and deleted all but one.

Who was Tyler referring to? Who was she supposed to have seen the night before her wedding? Who was Tyler comparing himself to and why? Caroline pressed the palm of her hand into her forehead and closed her eyes in deep thought. No names came to her.

She took her phone out of her pocket.

When you're free, please come over. I need you.

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