"I bet she's a dog"

"I bet she's a bitch"

"Emmett! Jasper!"

"What Pops? She has to be some kind of ugly if she's Aro's kid! There ain't nothin' pretty about that dude!" Emmett whined.

"I'm sure she's a sufficiently attractive young woman, all we care about is what this match could mean for us. This has been arranged for years, ever since Aro tracked her down. Isabella is going to be announced as Edward's fiancée tonight." Carlisle lectured his sons.

"Sufficiently attractive Dad? First off she's gonna have to be some kind of goddess for our Eddy to even go along with it. Second of all, Alice is sufficiently attractive and our match was 'beneficial' but she does my fucking head in. All her and Rose do is spend our money and bitch about each other or other people. Doesn't sound fuckin' beneficial to me!" Jasper said in an exasperated tone with Emmett nodding in agreement.

Edward blocked out their conversation and sipped his whiskey quietly as they drove in the back of the town car to the Volturi Estate. Jasper was correct, no woman could hold his attention long, not through lack of trying on their part but purely because he got bored of them. The longest he'd seen the same woman was a gold digger named Tanya. He knew she wasn't the best looking woman he'd ever seen but she kept his mother off his back despite the fact they didn't get on and helped him deal with his insatiable sex drive. Once Edward's father had informed him of the match made whilst he was still in his youth he had to finally get over the fact he held no feelings for the woman and he bluntly told her so. To say she didn't take it well was an understatement, she tried to claim being pregnant with his child which was completely absurd but she pushed and eventually was publically humiliated but still claimed no woman would satisfy him like she could. There was only one way to describe her and that was a money hungry slut.

His mind then turned to this Isabella and what she would be like. He knew she was young, only just turning 21 to his 26 and hoped that innocence would come with such a young age. Then he could mold her as he wished and dominate their relationship as he wanted to. He wasn't particularly happy about his current position of being forced in to marriage with some chick he's never even seen. The woman might make him want to chew his own arm off rather than sleep with her, she might be completely vanilla and easily bore him but unlike the others he cast aside he would not be able to do so as the Cullen family did not believe in divorce. You marry your soul mate his mother would say to him when he contested this absurd belief. He scoffed internally at her naivety. She knew all her sons were to be entered in to an arranged marriage but believed that fate would select their other half. He loved his mother dearly but she was too much a romantic to believe in the reality. Her two other sons could not stand their wives. They wouldn't show it around her but his father was very clear in his knowledge of the fact that they did what they did for the family.

Emmet, the eldest of the Cullen children was married to Rosalie. Rosalie is a beautiful woman, there is absolutely no denying but it's all superficial from her tits right down to her nails. That chick was more plastic that a Barbie doll but she's a hell of a looker. Emmett got lucky on that front but she is a serious Ice Queen. She was part of the Hale family and her father came asking protection from the Garcia family who are our main problem. James Garcia had expressed his desires in Rosalie and had insinuated her would take her by force if her father didn't agree. Carlisle had promised protection by merging the two together and this is how Rose came to be with the family. She rarely got along with the family and didn't like Esme at all which caused her to become isolated with Alice at family dinners. She constantly complains about her life with Emmett and uses sex to get what she wants from him which he has to go along with because she's the only place he can get it. Truthfully Em can't stand her but she's at least good looking so he gets some benefit.

Alice is a whole other ball game. Jasper is the middle child and married to Alice Brandon. If you know Jasper it's clear he ended up with her through an arranged marriage coz there ain't no way in hell he'd pick her. She's cute in a little kid kinda way, short black spiky hair, baby blues that get what she wants from Daddy and a boyish figure. She's just constantly going and talking about some shit no ones that interested in. She feels like she has to compete with Rose in everything even how much their husbands love 'em which ain't a whole lot.

Edward then contemplated how he'd deal with a chick like either of those two and the simple matter of it is, he wouldn't. There'd be no bribing him with a fuck, he'd find some clueless little girl and get it somewhere else if he had to but there's no way this chick would be ruling him. She was bound to be a submissive little thing he thought with a smile on his face.

"Ed, we're here" Jasper told him with a nudge bringing him from his thoughts "how you feelin'?"

"Let's just get this shit over with" he grumbled before being reprimanded by his father.

"Edward! You are not the only one in a position you don't care for! I'm sure she's lovely now come on we're late, to your own engagement party!" He scolded before slipping out of the car and walking up the few steps of the Volturi Mansion with his three sons following behind with some appreciative looks from the females.

"Ah Carlisle! Good to see you again old friend" a man exclaims as he exits the ballroom. Edward surveys the man carefully with a cold, hard gaze. He quickly took in his suit, designer, crisp and screamed money but it didn't have a patch on the ones currently worn by himself, his father or his brothers. The mans hair was a jet black color which was fairly short and slicked back showing a deep V forming on his forehead and his skin is extremely pale. Edward grimaced once he had taken in the mans appearance only assuming this would be Isabella's father. Perfect, she really would be a dog.

"Good to see you too Aro, I apologise for our late arrival, the traffic is ridiculous tonight" Carlisle apologized gracefully taking the mans sweaty hand and shaking it before introducing his family.

"This is Emmett my oldest son, Jasper who is a few years younger and Edward, my youngest son"

"Nice to meet ya" Emmett smiles with a handshake quickly followed by a similar greeting from Jasper.

"Ah, so Edward, you're my future son in law. It's good to meet you. Let me tell you my Isabella is a beautiful young lady, I'm sure you'll approve" he beamed at Edward before grasping his hand in his.

"Now Jasper, Emmett please go and enjoy the party and of course the drinks on offer whilst I steal Carlisle and young Edward for a quick chat before Isabella is introduced."

Jasper and Emmett offered there brother a consolatory slap on the back as comfort and left for the ballroom as Edward turned to follow Aro and his father to the mans office.

"Come in gentlemen, take a seat" Aro exclaimed gesturing to two chairs in front of his desk and poured them each a drink of expensive whiskey before seating himself "Like I said young Edward, it is a pleasure to meet you. I just want to let you in on a few things before you attend the party. First of all, Isabella is my baby, my little Princess I expect you will keep her safe and happy like a true husband should. She is very important to me, as you know Carlisle, I only discovered Isabella when she was 10 once her mother died and then she came here to live with me. I have managed for the last 11 years of her life to avoid any photographs being taken of her so that is why tonight is her coming out party if you would as she will often be photographed once she is part of your family."

"Yes unfortunately she will be popular with the paparazzi around her after tonight. Are you hoping to keep Isabella here with you until the marriage takes place Aro?" Carlisle asked the man politely "Is she aware of the business you are in as well as ourselves?"

Edward heard his father ask the question and unconsciously held his breath to await the answer. From Aro's earlier words he already believed she would be a spoiled brat and the last thing he was doing was telling some stuck up little rich kid her Daddy was no businessman in the legal term.

"Yes Isabella is aware of the business and that your family is very high ranking within the Mafia, she understands how much of a honor it will be to become a part of your family. With regards to living arrangements I thought she would remain here with myself until the wedding."

The mans assumption had managed to provoke Edwards temper. Why would his wife stay here? He could have her with him in his home showing her the rules and hopefully getting laid and he couldn't help but voice his opinion.

"Actually Aro, as my bride I wish for Isabella to be moved in to my penthouse in the city so she can begin to learn her place with me. I will be taking her tonight so please have someone arrange at least an overnight bag for this evening and I will deal with the rest of her belongings tomorrow."

"Edward" Carlisle interjected "Isabella will be more than likely be overwhelmed by the whole evening and wish to stay at home in a familiar setting. You can discuss this with her once you meet her"

Edward glared at his father but relented. Maybe it was for the best anyway in case she was extremely irritating and not so easy on the eyes. He mulled this over for a few moment before Aro interrupted, his posture changing and his tone attempting to take on a fierce tone.

"Now, Edward, I am serious that if you do not treat my daughter well and her safety or happiness is somehow threatened then I will not hesitate to have you taken down you hear me? I never want to see a mark on her beautiful skin!" he practically growled as his face began to flush at the thought.

"Aro, you yourself know you would not find an assassin good enough to off me. Now with regards to your daughters safety I am to be name the head of our family in a few months so she will need to become accustomed to constant attention on her. She will be protected for definite but if she lets me down I will discipline my own wife how I see fit. Now if you no longer want to continue with this arrangement please let me know. I am sure that James Garcia would be thrilled to take her off your hands" Edward snarled with a predatory gleam in his eye.

"Now there is no need for rash remarks Mr Cullen" Aro stuttered nervously "I was merely enquiring about my daughters safety when with your family" he glanced at his watch "Ah it is time for Isabella to make her entrance gentlemen, Edward, your father wished for the media to believe you are not having an arranged marriage I believe so please wait at the bottom of the staircase and greet her like you would your fiancée"

Edward stood following Aro through the throngs of people attending the gathering, most he had never met before and doubted Isabella had either. He stationed himself at the bottom of the staircase as a dutiful fiancé would. It was then he noticed Aro stood with his father to the right of the staircase and his brothers at the left. 'Clearly making a big show of this fucking stupid thing' he thought mockingly. The atmosphere began to quiet and the music changed to a beautiful introduction the audience eagerly awaiting the first glance of the 'Lost Volturi Princess' as she had been dubbed. He turned to look up the stairs to wait for his future wife to emerge. It felt like hours in the anticipation when finally she appeared at the top of the staircase in a pale pink gown which was fitted at the top with diamond embellishments showing off her perfectly mouthwatering tits before flowing down in to a long skirt accentuating the curve of her waist, hips and ass along the way. She was fucking beautiful. Edward shot his brothers a quick shit eating grin which clearly showed he had won out of the trio when he saw their mouths drop before turning back to the stunning woman he was now bound to. Maybe arranged marriages weren't so bad.

Isabella had reached the last few steps now so Edward acted as a dutiful fiancé would and moved up them to offer his hand out for hers while studying her face. Her eyes were huge pools of brown giving off an air of innocence as she batted her thick black eyelashes in his direction. Her mahogany colored hair had been pulled in to a bun with her fringe framing her delicate ivory face. His eyes moved over her face from her cheeks which held a tint of a blush, her perfect button nose right down to the most sinfully sexy lips coated in a pale pink gloss which were turned up in a secretive smile. Once she reached the bottom she looked up at him and smiled innocently after taking in his striking appearance. Edward cut his gaze from hers and looked towards the photographers waiting for the first picture of Chicago's Golden Couple. Some of the women were looking at the couple with glazed eyes like they were the most romantic thing they'd ever seen and some were looking at Isabella with pure envy gracing their faces that she was the one to tame Chicago's most eligible bachelor. It was then that Edward glanced around at the males in the room who were all looking at Isabella like she was something to eat and he felt a possessive rage boil inside him for this woman who was to become his wife. He had only known this girl mere moments and already he was jealous of the way other men were looking at her. He looked down at Isabella before pulling her flush with his body, placing his hands on her tiny waist firmly and leaning down and kissing her perfect lips to show clear ownership of her.

Isabella melted in to the kiss tasting his own unique flavor mixed with alcohol on his breath. As soon as she had descended the stairs and taken in the sight of her new beau Isabella couldn't help but believe she was one lucky girl. This man of hers screamed sex appeal from his muscular but lean body right up to his stunning green eyes and bronze colored hair. Edward pulled away from her and smiled down before squeezing her hip and kissing her nose affectionately. She felt him slip a ring on to her finger discreetly and turned to catch a glimpse of it. She looked down and found a beautiful square pink sapphire with a border of diamonds set on to a ring with diamonds set around the band. It was beautiful and must have cost a fortune. She couldn't help the gasp that left her mouth and her eyes snapped to Edward who smirked at her appreciation before bringing her ring to his mouth and kissing it softly. Edward turned to the crowd and slipped one arm around Isabella's waist once again fitting her snuggly to his side and addressed the media.