Pokemon Adventure Zetto

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, but we've been down this road before. I'd actually rather much own Digimon.

Manabu: Gentlemen, behold! I have children!

Tatsuo: Yeah, we were made a while ago dad.

Raika: Let's begin before grandpa comes in telling a random story.

Kenshin: I'm not that old!

Yusei: This is a romantic adventure story, with hints of mystery, humor and drama, which takes place after my Pokemon Adventure series. The main character is Calem Xavier, a teenager who has recently moved back to the Kalos region with his mom, and this story will depict his adventure throughout the French land where he'll discover his destiny and become the hero who saves Kalos. During this time he'll reveal his deep secret and come to trust others again, like his childhood friend Serena. She also-

Manabu: Don't reveal too much! *coughs* Anyway, Lightning?

Lightning: Let us begin.

"Calem, wait up!" calls out a woman as a child with a water bottle rushes into the forest chasing something. His eyes light up as he continues after it, not noting where he is.

The boy comes before a large tree, an odd looking one at that. He looks up at the light, which enters the tree. "A white tree... It needs water!" The boy pours water into the tree's roots, and it glimmers in the branches. "There you go; see you later!"

The kid pats the tree and walks away, before immediately getting lost. "Wait, where am I again?"

He walks in a random direction, naïve to the fact that he's lost. "Calem!" He then hears him mom, and as he calls out to her he doesn't notice a hill that he eventually slips down. The child hits the bottom, his mother's voice calling out to him.

Welcome to the world of Pokemon! My name is Augustine Sycamore, and I am the Kalos region's Pokemon Professor. As you know this world is widely inhabited by creatures called Pokemon! These Pokemon can be found in all parts of the world; some run across the plains, others fly through the skies, and more yet swim deep in the oceans. There are also some who exist outside of this world, within the deep recesses of space. We live together with Pokemon, lending them our strength and vice-versa.

Very soon two trainers will begin their very own adventure throughout Kalos. The first is a girl of an adolescent age named Serena Yvette. She's a kind girl who loves Sky Battles, which is new, and Pokemon Riding. The second will be a boy of the same age named Calem Xavier; for reasons unknown he's a shut in finally opening up to the world, and has a secret no one else knows about. They've been friends since childhood, separated for years after he moved, but now they're back after a recent move in. They have other friends who will join them on this adventure: Tierno is a dancer who aims to create a team of Pokemon for Coordination and Musicals, Trevor is a scholar aiming to see all the Pokemon in the world, and Shauna is an expert puzzle solver starting out as a trainer.

Today their adventure begins! They will explore the beautiful Kalos region. They will meet many people, find plenty of Pokemon and achieve worthwhile experiences; tres bien!

Journal Entry 1: In The World We Must Defend!

"Kya!" shouts a honey haired girl as she explodes out of bed. She looks up and sees a Sensret ontop of her head. "Sensret, get off!" she cries before reaching for the little guy. She then looks outside and sighs. "Morning already?"

She gets dressed, wearing a red skirt, a black sleeveless t-shirt, black zettai ryouki socks and shoes, a pink hat and shades on them. Ready to go out in the world she grabs her bag and straps on a Pokeball belt. "Today's finally the day; I begin my quest as a Pokemon trainer!"

Heading outside, she goes next door and knocks. The door opens and out steps an older woman. "Oh, good morning Serena."

"Hello Mrs. Xavier! Is Calem up?"

"Doubt it." She turns to a Fletchling perched on top of the Rhyhorn in her yard. "Fletchling, wake him up again."

Nodding, the little bird flies in through his window and pecks the sleeping boy. "GAH!"

"Now he's up." They both laugh hearing Calem argue with the bird.

Upstairs, Calem rises from the floor as Fletchling leaves. "Morning huh?" He yawns as he peeks out the window, seeing Serena with his mom. "Serena? It's too early to be waking me up."

"Don't be so melancholy! We gotta get our Pokemon!" she tells him.

"She's right; you don't wanna be late, bedhead!" his mother jokes, pointing up at his hair.

Though he knows the importance, Calem looks less than enthused as he goes to his closet. He dresses in blue pants with blue lace boots, a white t-shirt underneath a blue long sleeve shirt with white highlights and a red hair with shades. He grabs his backpack and goes downstairs. "Ready."

"Bout time; we gotta hurry or there'll be nothing for us!" Serena grabs his arm and runs off with him.

Calem picks up in speed and ends up leading her. "S-S-So, who's the provider?"

"Professor Sycamore," Serena answers. "He asked for five kids to help him out on something. But I'm surprised he asked for you too."

"Because I'm a shut in who will only talk to you?" They pass through Route 1 into Aquacorde City. There at a table awaits her friends.

"Bonjour, mes amis!" she says with a wave. "I brought Calem!"

"Oh, so this is Calem..." says the overweight male of the group.

"That's Tierno; he's got some tres bien dance moves," Serena says explaining him to Calem. She then gestures over to the shorter male with orange hair. "He never misses a single answer, but he's kind of shy... Not as much as you though."

Calem glares at her with a scowl. "And she's Shauna, who lives next door to you."

"Hi," she says with a wave.

"Come, have a seat," Serena offers to her friend. The X protagonist sits down next to her.

"Nice to have you here Calem, though it's easier if we all identify ourselves with nicknames," Tierno begins, holding his hands out to Calem, "right?"

"Y-Yeah..." he mutters, shrinking down in his seat.

"So, how's about it C-Meister?"

"C-Meister?! He's better off a lil Cal!" Shauna says. "What do you think Trevor?"

"H-Hey, don't put people on the spot like that!" he tells her. "We just met Calem today; we can't ask him to-"

"Actually," Calem speaks up, gathering their attention. He shrinks back in his seat, biting at his bottom lip, and says, "I wouldn't mind...X."

"Well, X it is then!" Trevor says.

"It sounds ironic, giving we call Serena Y," Shauna says with a laugh.

"Can we see the Pokemon now?" Tierno begs before holding out a rectangle box.

"Oh right!" Serena opens the box and sees three Pokeballs. "Let's see... Three Pokemon."

"I'll...pick the one...on the right." Calem picks up his Pokeball. Shauna grabs the middle, and Serena picks up the last.

All three then send out their Pokemon. Serena has a Chespin, Shauna a Fennekins and Calem a Froakie. Calem places a hand on his Pokemon's head, and she ribbits. "It's a female... Alright, I'll call you Nanami."

"Yay! Welcome to the world, Sakuya!" Shauna says after naming her Pokemon.

"Nice to meet you, Maurice." Serena hugs her Pokemon.

Tierno and Trevor stares at them. "What?"

"What's with the name?" asks Trevor.

"Well... Nanami is a ninja," Calem tells him.

"Sakuya is a miko, and one of those Digital Pets," Shauna adds.

"Maurice is the real name of that famous hedgehog." Serena states. "With Maurice, I can now become a true trainer and surpass my mom."

"Actually," Trevor begins, holding out his bag. "I have something else from the professor; he says it'll help you understand your Pokemon better."

"Really?" asks Shauna. He hands over three Pokedexes, and all three take them.

"This is the Pokedex," Trevor explains. "This is a high-tech device that automatically records the Pokemon you encounter. The professor wants us to go on our journey collecting Pokemon and completing the Pokedex."

"Really?" Calem says as he thinks about it.

"I think it's a great mission we've been bestowed!" Trevor exclaims excitedly.

"You take things too seriously," Tierno comments with a shrug, before something comes back to memory. "Oh right! Here X." He hands Calem a letter. "It's a letter for your mom from the professor."

"Uh, thanks..." Calem takes the letter.

"Now, Trevs and I will go catch some Pokemon. See you guys!" Tierno gets up and heads out.

"See you guys." Trevor follows after.

Calem looks at his Pokedex. "Is it alright... for us to go?"

"In Kalos, teenagers chosen by Professor Sycamore are encouraged to go on Pokemon adventures," Serena tells him. "But you still have to get permission from your parents."

"I don't know..." Calem sounds completely hesitant about going through with this.

"Oh, come on X." Shauna stares at him with puppy dog eyes. "It'll be fun."

Taking a moment to pause, he looks away to avoid her eyes. But this lands him into looking at Serena's. That makes him cave, and go through with it. Then again, he has nothing to lose. "... You got it."

"Yes! Oh, you're gonna love being in Kalos!" Shauna shouts while holding his arm. Serena twitches before pulling her away. "What?"

"I'll go right away." Calem stands and heads home.

"Wait, let's have a battle first!" shouts Shauna as she tries to catch up to him.

He stops to turn towards her. With a brief pause, he says, "Okay."

"Oui! Let's go, Sakuya!" Shauna sends out her fire fox. "Ember!"

"Counter with Bubble!" Nanami blows bubbles to counter the ember sparks, and strikes the fox. "Pound!"

The frog then rushes in to slam his fists into the Pokemon's snout, and Sakuya backs away rubbing her nose. "Oh..." Shauna groans inwardly at her predicament.

"Shauna, it's useless," Serena tells her. "Froakie is a water type, and Fennekins is a fire type. The type advantage puts him ahead of you."

"No way! Sakuya and I got this! Ember!"

"Bubble!" Nanami fires a larger stream of bubbles, dousing her flames and blowing the fox away. She faints.

"No, Sakuya!" Shauna picks up her fallen friend. "Sakuya, you okay?"

"I'm sorry Shauna," Calem says as he lifts Nanami on his shoulder, and focuses ahead towards his home. "I'll...meet you guys later!"

"X... He's better than he looks," Shauna comments. Serena smiles as she watches him leave.

Back with X he reaches his house, where his mom sits downtrodden staring at paper. He notes what it is, but keeps to himself. "Hey mom."

"Hello Calem. How was going out for the first time ever?" asks his mother as he raises the letter to her. She quickly drops what she had to receive it. "Huh? Professor Sycamore? Probably a love letter."

She then reads it. "I see... Then that explains your Froakie."

"I'll be leaving now if that's okay," he tells her before going upstairs. He grabs a backpack and fills it with supplies to travel with. He then comes downstairs.

"Well, I had expected this to happen, Calem." His mother wraps her arms around him in a hug. "I'm glad you're opening up to the world now, especially after what happened."

"I'm ready to move on from that," he tells her before returning it. They move from eachother, and Calem heads to the door.

"Wait, before you go, take this." She tosses over a device to him.

"What's this?" He opens it up, which reveals a smartphone-like device. "A town map?"

"Yup. It'll help you when you travel the world, I believe," she tells him.

"Thanks. Bye mom." Calem heads out.

"Good luck Calem." His mom sighs as he leaves, Fletchling landing on her shoulder. "There he goes, like his father." She then takes a seat and looks down at the table, where letters labeled 'notice' and 'past due' are left.

With all his stuff, Calem heads out the door through Route 1, with Nanami clutching onto his hair. As he moves out of the small forest he comes to Aquacorde City again.

He looks around and stares at the nearby route up ahead. "Better go that way..." On his way towards Route 2, he notices someone up ahead. Sighing, he realizes it's Shauna and Serena.

"Hey X, look!" Shauna says as she directs him to watch Serena. "Y's about to show us how to capture a Pokemon."

"Really?" Calem looks at the battle between Serena's Fletchling and a Bunnelby.

"Peck!" Fletchling strikes the rabbit several times, knocking it down. "Pokeball, go!" She then throws her Pokeball and captures the Pokemon. It shakes a few times as the button flashes red several times, before it stops blinking finally.

"Wow. It went inside..." Shauna says in awe.

Serena laughs. "Of course; what do you think Sakuya is inside of? Here are some Pokeballs."

She hands over ten Pokeballs, five for Shauna and five for Calem. "Pokemon can be found in the grass. Don't be afraid to run away when your Pokemon are too tired to battle."

"Thanks." Shauna jumps up and down several times. "I'm going to catch some cute Pokemon! See you guys, X and Y!"

Calem watches as he leaves, before turning to the surrounding area. "Let's see..."

Times passes by as Calem trains his Pokemon. He also catches some, a Pidgey, a Bunnelby, and a Zigzagoon. Despite them being in their balls, Nanami remains outside. "That's three... Maybe one more..."

He looks around in search of more Pokemon, any he has never seen before. Before long a Fletchling lands on a tree branch. Calem takes out his Pokedex and scans. "Fletchling, the Tiny Robin Pokemon; these birds can release uplifting music that doubles as communicating with others, but also turn feral when their territory is threatened."

"Okay. Nanami, go!" He sends out his starter, who leaps off his head. "Bubbles!"

The frog breathes in and releases a stream of bubbles at Fletchling, a successful sneak attack that knocks it off its branch. "Now, Quick Attack!" Nanami then sneaks in and tackles Fletchling into a wall. "Pokeball go!"

He quickly throws his Pokeball to capture it, awaiting the light to go out. When it does he sighs with relief and retrieves his ball. "Takes care of that. Good work, Nanami." The frog Pokemon rubs her head blushing.

"Time to move on."

He continues north of the route, entering into the Santalune Forest. Nanami looks about, seeing Weedle and other bugs crawling around. The sound of insects is easily discernible to the frog. "Let's see... The next town is only north of here."

Before Calem can go ahead, he hears someone shout, "X," and turns around to see Shauna. "Hey, wait up!"

"Shauna?" He becomes nervous again, and adjusts his hat. Nanami moves to his shoulder.

"I was wondering; could we walk through the forest together?" she asks. "I think it'd be safer if we went together. It's already past the afternoon."

'Walk? Alone? With her?!' Calem pinches his nose and sighs. "Sure."

"Yay!" Shauna grabs his arm and takes off into the forest with him. He walks with her through the forest, where they see the others. "Hey, let's beat them to the exit."

"I uh... actually, I want to see more Pokemon around here," he tells her while looking around.

"Oh, come on!"

A bug falls out from a tree above him, and Nanami leaps up to kick it away. The insect, a Scatterbug, crawls back up. "A new Pokemon. Nanami, Bubble attack!"

The frog blows bubbles at the bug, blowing it into a wall. Calem then quickly throws a Pokeball, as Shauna looks in awe. The ball shakes a few times, before it clicks shut. Calem then takes the ball and raises it. "Let's see... This makes number 6."

"Wow. You've captured five Pokemon already," Shauna says in awe. "You're allot more confident than you give yourself credit."

"A-Ah." Calem looks away with a blush. "Let's keep going."

Shauna smiles and follows him towards the end of the forest. "we're here."

"Well," Serena comes up to see them, "you made it first. Guess I'll be expecting more from you, Calem." Tierno and Trevor do so as well.

"Man, that was sick. The moves those Pokemon did-"

"Is that all you think of?" Trevor asks of the big guy Tierno.

"We're all here, so let's go to Santalune City already," says Shauna to calm them down. "X and Y are already leaving."

"Eh!?" The boys turn to see Calem and Serena walking outside of the forest, hooking their arms together. They almost look like a couple.

"So, how was your first day in Kalos outside?" asks Serena. She turns around to see the others catching up.

"Well, it was okay..." he responds, and together all five and finally outside in Ouvert Way.

"What will you guys be doing now?" asks Shauna.

"Why, look for Pokemon of course," says Trevor as he leaves ahead. "The professor did ask us to complete the Pokedex of course. Since different Pokemon live in different areas this will be a good chance to find Pokemon that weren't in the forest."

"I bet different Pokemon will also use different moves. I wanna catch that." Tierno states.

"What about you, Y?"

Serena releases Calem and says, "I'll challenge the Santalune City Gym Leader."

"Gym leader?" asks Calem curiously. "Is it really...necessary to challenge the gyms?"

"Of course!" Serena lightly pushes him, tilting his hat over his face. "Pokemon trainers can only find out how really good they are by challenging the Leaders in Pokemon Gyms, and with each victory we earn a badge that symbolizes our trainer skills. Those who get all eight badges of the regions gain the privilege to challenge the Elite Four and the region champion."

"Really..." Calem fixes his hat, and watches as she leaves. "I guess that's a start." He then chases after her in the same direction.

"He's going to challenge the gyms too?" Shauna wonders. 'He feels so unsure.'

"You guys get the feeling Xavier's hiding something about himself?" Tierno asks the shorter girl.

"Nah, he's just shy! Maybe a little more outdoors will open him up!" Shauna says, staring at Calem from behind.

Said blue trainer continues towards Santalune City, following the precious map device his mother gave him. "Let's see... It'll probably take all afternoon to reach the city, so I better hurry up. It's a bad idea for a beginning trainer to camp out."

"COMING THROUGH!" shouts someone from behind him. He looks back in shock and gets knocked down by a skater with blond hair. Both parties groan as they try to get up. "Ugh. Total wipeout-eh?!"

Calem opens his eyes and looks forward at who knocked him over, only to come face to face with said person's breasts. Turning red faster than the setting sun's horizon, Calem backs away while spurting nonsensical words. The girl picks herself up with a similar blush. "I'M SO SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO-"

"No, it's my fault for moving so fast. I'm sorry," says the girl before bowing her head to him. She then gets back up and skates away.

"That was...strange..." Ignoring it, Calem focuses his attention on heading towards the city. On his way however he meets a new person, who stands so tall he makes the X protagonist look like a midget. This towering, homeless looking, grey man looks at him. The teenager loses his breath at his menacing eyes. "Uh..."

The man walks off with a nod, causing Calem to breathe a sigh of relief. "That was close..." The kid turns his eyes to Santalune City and runs ahead.

Yusei: Well, this was good. Calem is a bit angsty, but not the kind that you'd see in Evangelion.

Takeshi: Lay off that little loser.

Manabu: Let's hope our Pokemon audience is better than our Digimon audience.

Takeshi: Well to be fair, the last two Digimon Frontier fics we attempted were Yugioh GX Frontier and The Hangover, and both were terrible. The first was done when TCM was a poor writer and the second was based off something too visual.

Manabu: Anyway, next chapter Calem battles against the Gym Leader Viola, and meets a new travel buddy.

Takeshi: As before, here are the main trainers Calem and Serena, and the Pokemon they carry with them.

Calem: Froakie/Nanami, Fletchling/Yaoki, Scatterbug/Papillon

Serena: Chespin/Maurice, Bunnelby, Fletchling