"In the morning…" I answered dumbly. My Uncle has woken me up from a delightful dream at nine am. On a Saturday, now that changes things.

"I apologize, but I finally got it ready!" He exclaimed as he dragged me to his secret great invention. I rubbed my eyes and yawned.

"Wasn't it ready when I went on the Titanic?" I questioned as I blinked. Gosh I was tired from the sleepover I had yesterday.

"Yes, but this time it can go up to three thousand, two hundred ten years!" With pride and excitement my scientific Uncle said this.

Okay you are probably confused. My Uncle is a scientist who invented the best time machine ever. We have gone back in time a lot. I have been on the Titanic, have met Georgiana the Duchess of Devonshire, worked alongside George Washington and etcetera. Yes, it is complicated because I cannot change actions that affect the future, yet.

"Where do you want to send me now?" I asked curiously.

"Back to the Trojan War of course!"

I looked at him as if he just asked me how to spell orange. And I mean 'Mean Girls' style, if you know what I mean.

"Oh my gosh Uncle. It. Is. A. Myth." I said as I fell onto the couch.

"NO! The events happened! The only myth in it is the gods! Also, if you successfully go there, help spread the word of God and Jesus Christ, por favor." My Uncle can seriously lose it at times. What did he mean by successfully going there?

I walked around the machine. It was a tube like thing, with a glass door. The taller version of R2-D2, but better and less creepy. (By less creepy I mean it does not robot talk. I love Star Wars so don't get me wrong.) My Uncle was prepared. How do I know? He had the greek dresses and jewelry laid out on mannequins. The golden wreath, stone and gem jewelry, the gorgeous dresses were there. I am in love.

"Those are the dresses used in the movie, Troy. I bought them for you." He informed. That movie was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Costume. Adromache's blued ress, her sleeping dress, her funeral dress, her jewelry was there. Including Helen's and Briseis's pocessions. I could faint if wanted to. These dresses were gorgeous.

"Oh my god! Uncle, these are flamazing!" I almost yelled as I touched Helen's white and gold dress. I think I am shaking. Her hairpins were there too. Omg...I am in.

I got a bag that looked adnormal, and placed the jewelry, shoes, clothes etc in it. I was going to wear Briseis's blue white dress, with wreath, but no viel. I do not ship Apollo...He did not go to the moon.

I looked up on Youtube, greek goddess hair tutorials. Then it clicked. If I go, no more wi-fi or electronics. Oh please! YOLO, I have been on the Titanic and survived. I can handle no...modern stuff.

"What are you doing?" My Uncle questioned as he took notes.

"Ah...getting ready to go." I answered rolling my eyes and taking the bag that I named Paco.

"Oh, get in then." As I did, I walked straight with my head up. Gosh, I think I will love this because at least I don't have to have whale bones killing me while I was drowning.

Before my Uncle closed the doors, he asked one more question.

"Don't you think this is too fast?"

"I am not getting any younger here Uncle. Plus, I know I can handle this." I answered with pride.

"You know what to do and what not. This time, you can only change one event. I'll explain later why okay. Good luck, Alexandria Princess of Troy." He closed the glass doors and the last thing I saw, was sky blue light.