"This is Tsunade, the mayor of Konoha. The terrorist group, the Akatsuki-"

"What's... that?"

"Oh, thank God, you're awake. I thought you were dead, Idate-"

"- an attack they call Operation EDOTENSEI. We have gathered information from an inside source- [crackle] -Operation EDOTENSEI is a contagious biological attack. I repeat, a contagious-"

"Can you stand?"

"Fuck… ow. Shit. I think I have a concussion. My head is pounding…"

"Shh, lay down, its fine. Are you hurt anywhere else?"

"-infected persons began attacking around 1:00 AM this morning - [crackle] - military is on their way, and Konoha's police force is working hard to protect all of us. Isn't that right, Chief Kakashi?"

"That's correct. Everyone, please stay put. Find a secure area, like a room with a lock. We will find you."

"So far, we have gathered the following symptoms: extreme aggression, memory loss, and… well, unfortunately, a penchant for cannibalism. Infected beings have no sense of human identity- [crackle] – more than 8 hours can be identified by ashy, flaky skin and black sclera, the area in your eye that is normally white. They are unable to speak, can withstand great injuries, seem impervious to pain, and - [crackle]-"

"No... I think I'm fine. Where's everyone else? How long have I been out?"

"About an hour. I've been sitting here. They've been looping the same radio message over and over."

"-original source of infection is currently unknown, but it has spread through saliva and blood- [crackle] - Once it sets in, it is permanent. There is no known cure-"



"Where is everyone else?"

"- they are no longer your friends. They are no longer your family. Do not approach them. Do not attempt to reason with them. Do not get bitten. I repeat, do not get-"

Sakura stood up slowly, adjusted her red tank top, and shut off the radio. "Well," she said carefully. "You remember when those strange men burst through the door and attacked Haku."

"Yeah." Idate replied, gingerly sitting up and wincing. "I don't really know what happened after, though. I think someone pushed me?"

"It was more like… everyone pushed you. They started tearing at Haku and everyone freaked out and rushed for the door. You got trampled. Everyone ran out the door, the two… crazy guys left you alone and chased after them. I locked the door but… God. You could hear the screaming and-" she shuddered and wiped her eyes. "I had no idea what to do. You were breathing though so I've just been here, listening to the radio and waiting for you to wake up."


She sniffed and pointed to the bloody pile of flesh in the corner of the room.

Idate gagged. "Shit."

"He's long gone. I checked."

"…So the radio report is right, then. This is just like some… Hollywood zombie flick. Mindless, cannibalistic people running around…" He groaned and laid back down on the floor. "I don't feel good."

Sakura laughed weakly, sitting down and leaning back on a fallen desk. She closed her eyes, sniffling as a tear ran down her check again. "Yeah, I guess. Sort of. One big, fucking movie."


"…Idate?" She said, opening her eyes inquisitively and frowning. "You okay?"

He was on his side, shaking. "Don't… feel good." He gasped. Sweat poured down his face and puddled on the ground. He groaned loudly, gripping his head and clawing at his hair. "Sakura…" He wheezed.

"Itate?" Sakura grabbed his shoulders, shaking him lightly.

He staggered to his feet, gripping one of the classroom chairs with a death grip. "Stop." He snarled.

"What?" Sakura shook her head in confusion. "Do you feel nauseous?"

Idate looked up, his eyes dilated and cloudy. He stumbled towards her and growled.

"Oh, fuck." She whispered. "You-"

Quick as a flash, he grabbed her wrist, his fingernails digging painfully into her skin. Sakura screamed and slammed her foot onto his face, hard enough that he was startled into letting go.

She ran for the door, swinging it open and sprinting, slamming the door in Idate's face. Sakura froze outside of the classroom, staring down the hallway. Nothing. Good, she thought, relieved. Nobody else.

Behind the door, Idate howled and pounded away at the wood, snarling through the tiny window at Sakura.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," Sakura chanted as she ran down the hall. I can outrun him, right? I can outrun the goddamn fastest member of the track team.

Behind her, the door slammed open and soon, rapid footsteps and heavy panting began to follow her.

"Shit!" she cursed, increasing speed towards the staircase leading to the cafeteria. Suddenly, her foot slipped on something thick, red, and liquid, sending her knee skidding to the nearby window.

"Fuck!" She yelled, clutching her knee, then froze as Idate sprinted closer and closer.

Acting quickly, she tore the drapes off the window and, with a perfection that surprised herself, threw it in a perfect arc-

-and right onto his head.

He roared in protest, running into the wall and flailing against the heavy fabric that covered his entire upper body.

"Shannaro!" Sakura grinned triumphantly.


Sakura screamed in shock, clutching her ears and falling to the ground, goosebumps erupting over her entire body at the loud, sudden noises that came from right behind her.

Idate stumbled and fell, drapes and all, his howls turning into gasping breaths. A puddle of red grew underneath his body, soaking the curtains a sticky scarlet.

"Oh God. Oh, fuck. God." She stammered, clutching her hair. "Who-"


Sakura turned slowly, only to see that tall, dark-haired, handsome guy in her Statistics class standing to her right, cool as a cucumber.

Cool as a cucumber with a goddamn handgun.

"W-what… oh my God, oh my fucking God, you shot him." She gasped, pulling at her hair. "Oh my god you killed Idate."

"Tch." He gave her a haughty look. "He was already dead."

She gaped at him. He tucked the gun into the belt-holster on his dark blue jeans, then tucked his hands into the pockets of his black leather jacket.

"H-how did you find me?" She stammered out.

"I heard you scream 'fuck.'" He replied calmly, adjusting the backpack on his shoulder. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah." She breathed, her heart still pounding, tearing her eyes away from the curtain. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Okay. I'm okay." She took a deep breath. "Thank you… Sasuke, right?"

He nodded, then turned and began to walk up the stairs.

"H-hey, wait!" she stood up and hurried after him. "Where are you going?"

"I was eating in the cafeteria when you interrupted me." He replied coolly.

She fought down a stab of irritation. "I-I didn't interrupt you!" she sputtered indignantly. "You saved my life!"

He said nothing, only giving her a dry look that clearly said yeah, I did, and now I'm regretting it.

Growling, Sakura fell silent as they went down the stairs.

Tables and chairs were overturned and knocked over, plates of abandoned breakfast lying spilled on the floor and mashed into the carpet, as well as bodies – some of which were riddled with bullet holes.

Sasuke sat at one of the few, relatively-untouched tables, picked up a fork, and continued eating what was presumably his interrupted lunch.

Sakura awkwardly sat next to him.


"…So," Sakura said, "You did those?" She pointed at one of the bodies; this one in particular had a particularly gory hole in his head.

"Hn." Translation: yes.

"…forgive me for asking, but why the fuck did you come to school with a gun?"

He gave her a condescending look. "If," he said slowly, as if speaking to a child," you had seen the news this morning, you would've heard that a number of people were jumped, assaulted, and killed by either total strangers or close family members, beginning at 1 AM this morning. I brought this and the ammo in my bag –" he motioned to his backpack "- because I am always prepared."

"…I can't tell if you're a good planner, or just really fucked up." Sakura breathed in awe.

"Well, this 'fucked-up' guy just saved your stupid life." He snarled. "Now, go away and make both our lives less miserable."

"As much as I wish I could, I'm not. There are perks to sticking with the guy with the gun. The fact that we know each other is just a plus."

He paused mid-bite. "We," he growled, "do not know each other."

"Yes, we do!" She cried. "We've been the same Statistics class for the last 6 months!"

"Shut up!" he hissed, glaring at her. "Do you want every one of those goddamn things to come running when they hear your goddamn screeching?"

"I am NOT-"

"What the fuck did I just say?" He snapped. "Tch. You're so annoying."

Sakura huffed. What a prick. She thought viciously. Can't believe I ever thought he was cute. He's such an asshole.


"…Well, are you going to eat or what." Sasuke said eventually, his voice rough. "Stop looking like such an idiot."

With an annoyed snarl, she swiped the apple off his plate and took a huge bite.

"Sakura," he warned, "I'm serious."

"HA!" She crowed, triumphantly pointing at him. "So you do know me!"

"You're the only person I know with such ridiculous hair." He replied, completely deadpan. "Get your own food."

Grumbling, Sakura got up, and came back moments later with what seemed like an untouched plate of eggs and sausage. "So," she said, anger quelled by the food. "What's your plan?"

He gave her a weary look. She mock-batted her eyelashes. He scoffed, but began to speak.

"After this," he began, pushing crumbs on his plate with his knife, "I plan to go back to my house: the Uchiha Manor. Even with my gun, it's not enough to last much longer in this environment. The police say to wait." He snorted. "I'd rather take my chances. The Manor has near infinite food, more guns, and an electric fence."

He paused. "I believe," he said hesitantly, almost painfully, "That travelling in groups is key to survival. You are not completely incompetent. Your move with the… drapery was…" he struggled for a word, "…convenient. It would, admittedly, be optimal for my survival as well, if you agree to come."


"I think," Sakura began slowly, "That's the most I've ever heard you say. Holy shit."

"Just answer the goddamn question." Sasuke snarled.

"Alright, alright. Yes, I'll come. But…" She grinned, pointing at the handgun. "Do I get to try?"

"No." He bit out. "Absolutely not."

She laughed, shoving a forkful of scrambled eggs into her mouth. "So, when do we start?"

"We will raid the kitchen before leaving. "Sasuke said. "What time is it now?"

"About 11 AM." She replied, glancing at her watch. "Raid it for what?"

He sighed. "You'll see. "He grumbled, obviously tired of talking.

They finished eating in a comfortable silence, broken only by Sakura's crunching apple-bites. Sakura pushed images of Idate's body out of her head.

"Ready?" Sasuke said eventually.

"Yep." She replied, plopping the core of the apple on the plate, picking it up, and started walking to the cleaning and trash window.

"…you know that's pointless, right?"

"…Ah. Right. No one to clean it." She set the plate back down sheepishly. "Forgot we're in the middle of a terrorist attack."

He snorted. "Do you have a bag?"

"No, left it downstairs. Should I, or..." She took a random abandoned backpack lying on the ground, and shook out its contents onto the floor. Papers and pencils flooded out. "This works."

He glanced up from his own backpack, as he cleared binders and notebooks out, and nodded.

They shouldered their bags – Sakura's completely empty, and Sasuke's near empty bag save for bullets and a gun. Sakura opened the plain white cafeteria doors. "So, what are we after?" She asked as they walked into the room. "How long will this take, anyway?" She frowned. "Hold on, I know absolutely nothing. Where is your house, how are we getting-"

"Here." Sasuke interrupted, tossing her a box from the table as he opened a drawer.

"Saltines?" She questioned, throwing it haphazardly in her pack.

Sasuke closed the drawer. "I have a car. It might be stolen or wrecked. If not, we can drive part of the way." He opened a cabinet. "We will have to walk for some of it. The manor is right outside the city, about 30 miles away from here."

"Why walk? The streets are practically empty." She said, glancing out the window.

"Konoha has only 3 roads out of the city. Everyone is probably trying to drive out right now, probably to Suna or Oto. There will be bad traffic: 800,000 people trying to leave at the same time. That's why I haven't left campus yet." He tossed her a plastic bag of almonds. "Our school is right in the heart of Konoha. Of course no one would be here."

"Lady Tsunade said to stay put." Sakura mumbled, fumbling with the pack of nuts.

Sasuke snorted. "You really believe in that bullshit?"

"Yeah, I do!" She countered indignantly. "Didn't you hear the radio report? Why can't we just wait for the police?"

He sighed, rubbing his eyes. "Look, I only have 5 full magazines left." Sakura gave him a blank look. "50 bullets." He explained shortly, and then continued. "But still. The first attacks began at 1 AM this morning. It's been 10 hours, and everything's shit. Do the police look effective to you?"

Sakura didn't respond.

"30 miles is a bit far. I don't know how long it will take, but I don't want to take chances, especially since we might have… encounters."

"So, dry food then?" Sakura grabbed a bag of granola. "Water, too." She opened a final drawer, pulling out a thick frying pan. "Since you won't let me use the gun, this might be useful."

Sasuke raised a single eyebrow. "That looks pretty heavy."

"I was on Varsity Softball in high school." She replied smugly, hefting the heavy pan onto her shoulder.

"Take this too." Sasuke handed her a carving knife, its blade sheathed in cardboard. She jammed it in her belt.

Sasuke zipped up his bag after putting two bottles of Zabuza Springs water into his backpack. "That's not water." He frowned while Sakura sneakily tucked a pair of "RINGO 100% APPLE JUICE" juice boxes into a side pocket on hers.

She smiled sheepishly.

He sighed, rolling his eyes. "Don't make it too heavy. You might need to run." He warned.

"You're lucky I'm on the track team then." She replied cheekily.

He ignored that. "Anything else?"

"Maybe that first-aid kit over there." She ripped the small, plastic box off the wall, threw it in, and zipped the bag up. "So, where's your car?"

"The parking lot outside." He loaded his gun, slamming a full magazine into the grip. "Let's go."

The pair walked out the kitchen and out of the cafeteria. Sakura gnawed on her bottom lip, the palm holding the frying pan sweaty. Sasuke led the way, face impassive and emotionless as usual, one hand in his jacket pocket, the other holding the gun loosely by his side.

They half-ran down the back staircase, keeping their footsteps as light as possible, ears perked for any human or non-human sounds. Occasionally, they passed by bodies, faces torn and limbs in awkward angles. Sakura tried not to stare.

They finally got to the last steps, the emergency exit door blocking them from the outside.

Sasuke pushed the door handle cautiously; when no alarm sounded, he continued, the door opening enough so a sliver of life came through. He peered through the crack, the pushed the door even further and slipped through. Sakura followed, silent as a shadow.

The parking lot was nearly empty, a few skid marks on the ground, apparently from someone trying to drive out as quickly as possible. A few abandoned bodies were crumpled on the ground, some with minimal wounds, others missing whole limbs. A few cars were still parked in the lot, abandoned. A red pick-up truck with a broken window, a small silver car. The front door of a black SUV was still open, a body slumping in the front seat.

Sakura shivered, avoiding the face.

"Do you see yours?" She whispered.

He nodded, when suddenly-

Something moved inside the silver car.

A turned person howled at them from inside, her heavy panting flecking spittle on the side window. She clawed at the glass, her skin flaky and dry, eyes wild and glassy.

Sakura jumped, but, to her credit, did not scream, only breathing a startled "fuck!" and accidentally tapping Sasuke on the thigh with the frying pan.

She watched the girl with a breathless, horrified fascination, half-expecting her to tear out of the car and killer her when she realized-

Oh no. She thought, dread making her heart plunge to the ground. She's forgotten how to get out.

The girl screeched again, the whites of her eyes dyed an inky black.

"Let's go, before she attracts others." Sasuke snapped, grabbing her wrist and breaking her out of her hypnosis.

They scrambled further through the parking lot, Sasuke warily glancing about, until the muffled yowls fade away.

That's when she saw it.

It was black as midnight, but reflected the sun like a mirror. The front end was dented and one of the side mirrors hung limply by a single wire – the handiwork of panicking, driving teenagers in a terrorist attack – but, as Sasuke deftly unlocked the car, Sakura couldn't help but admire its silky curves as she automatically opened the door to the shot-gun seat.

She slid onto the softest, smoothest leather seat she ever sat on, ignoring the way the black, sun-soaked material burned the back of her bare thighs.

The engine purred to life, and she ruefully thought of her old high school car she affectionately called "the Croaker."

Sasuke maneuvered through the parking lot with a precision and grace Sakura never achieved, and yet, she couldn't help but wonder…

"This is it?"

He raised a single, dark eyebrow.

"No offense, but I was kind of expecting a sports car."

"This is the newest model." He said, bemused. "Only out for 2 months."

"It's nice." Sakura agreed. "But it's still… just a car." She paused. "Doesn't that other rich kid, Kenji Hyuuga, have that new Ferrari?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes, one hand resting casually on the wheel as they zoomed off campus. "It's Neji." He grumbled. Sakura grinned at him. He flicked his black bangs out of his eyes and gave her a flat look in return.

The car grew silent, Sasuke speeding through abandoned streets while Sakura preoccupied herself with gazing out the window.

There were fallen, crushed bodies littering the ground, buildings with doors flung open, empty and haunting. Occasionally, humanoid shapes howled and tried to chase after the car, but were quickly left behind.

The car flew out the gates of Konoha University, without trouble. Sakura hummed quietly, hugging her backpack on her lap. Sasuke absently switched on the left turn signal as he changed lanes.

She gave him a funny look. "You know that's pointless, right?" She teased.

He ignored her, narrowing his eyes at the road ahead of them. He frowned. "Fuck."

Sakura followed his gaze, squinting through the windshield.

A police car appeared in the distance, its lights flashing blue and red. Two figures dressed in black were leaning on the back, one of them standing up as they approached.

"Policemen!" Sakura exclaimed.

Sasuke didn't reply, his eyes darkening as he shifted his gun holster, hiding it from view.

The standing policeman waved at them to stop. Sasuke gritted his teeth, and the car slowed to a halt, one policeman at Sasuke's side, the other peering through Sakura's window.

"Hi there!" An officer said cheerfully, waving to Sakura through Sasuke's window.

"Hi. Oh, man, thank God you're here." Sakura stammered. "I never thought I'd see any of you."

"A little late evacuating the city, are we?" The officer said, adjusting his police hat over his chin-length, silvery hair, smiling charmingly. The other officer was silent, one dark eye shifting around warily, his other eye hidden beneath a dark brown, nearly black, bang.

"Yeah…" Sakura replied sheepishly, glancing at Sasuke. He glared back. She frowned. What's his problem?

"So, we just need to ask you a few questions before we send you on your way."

"Send us… on our way?" Sakura repeated incredulously. "You're not coming with us?"

The officer gave her a pitying smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. "We have to look for other survivors, sorry. Now," He and his partner pulled out notebooks. "We have a few questions, if you don't mind."

"Um, sure." Sakura replied.

"Where is your destination?" The other man asked sharply.

"We were heading to his house, but I was hoping you could tell us about some kind of shelter? The radio report seemed to imply that the police would take care of us."

They ignored her. "Food?" The silver-haired one asked.

"We brought some, yeah." Sakura could feel Sasuke's eyes burning into the side of her head. What? She thought, glaring back.




Sakura and Sasuke said at the same time, glowering at each other once again. The officers frowned.

"I said, 'Do you have firearms.'" The officer at Sakura's window asked slowly. "What caliber."

And suddenly, something in Sasuke's eyes changed. No hostility. No haughtiness.

A warning.

And then, it clicked.

These officers… Something wasn't right.

She nodded, barely moving her head. He blinked back.

"Alright. You have three fucking seconds to hand me your guns." The younger policeman snarled, his formerly-charming voice now dark and threatening. "One-"

Sasuke slammed on the acceleration petal, speeding past the officers and running over their feet. One hopped around holding his run-over foot, cursing loudly, while the other pulled out his gun and shot, breaking the glass of the left-side mirror.

"They're not cops! Who the fuck are they?" Sakura yelled.

"Don't know." He replied shortly, gritting his teeth as they tore through the streets.

"They're following us." She glanced through the back window, staring at the police car racing behind them, jumping when the window shattered because of a stray bullet.

"Keep your head down!" Sasuke roared, spinning the wheel and making the tires squeal.

Bullets whizzed past the car, occasionally hitting with dull thunks. They weaved through the abandoned down-town, making harrowing turns and twists, trying to lose the 'cops' but with no luck.

Suddenly, the car started vibrating intensely, groaning so deeply her whole body seemed to shake.

"What's happening?!"

"They got the back tires." Sasuke growled. "Hold on." They made one last turn, almost colliding with a mass of cars abandoned on the side street.

"Come on, let's fucking move!" He hissed, violently kicking the car door open.

The pair ran, weaving through the cars and glancing behind them. Sasuke dragged Sakura into a nearby alley, crouching behind a few trashcans.

Seconds later, they heard the sound of screeching tires and two car doors being opened and slammed shut.


"Nice shots, Yura."


"Now, where did they fucking go?"

"You should've driven faster, Mizuki."

"Ah, go fuck yourself. I thought you were going to shoot them out earlier. They were literally right in front of us, for fuck's sake-"

"Lower your voice! You are only going to attract the Infected."

"The Flakies? Eh. I'm not afraid of them. You've got your gun, I've got my Glock. Captain Kisame said we were more than prepared."

Sasuke stiffened beside her.

"Ptch. You know what? Might as well enjoy ourselves. Whatddya say?"

Their voices faded a bit. Footsteps, then shattering glass. A dog barking. A gunshot, then a pained yelp.

"Wow, Yura." Mizuki said, sounding impressed.

"I hate animals." Came a clipped reply.

The sound of a refrigerator opening, clinking bottles.

"What do they have?"

"Water, soda, beer, milk..."

"Gimme the beer. C'mon, you get one too. Relax."

"I'll just have water."

A pause.

"Yura." Mizuki said slowly. "What are you drinking?"

"Water. I already told-"

A dull splash as the bottle was knocked from his hands.

"You fucking idiot." He cut off harshly. "Didn't you hear Captain Itachi's orders?"

Sasuke jerked, almost knocking over a trash can.

"What's wrong with you?" Sakura hissed. He didn't reply, color draining from his face.

"Did you hear that?"

"Mizukage water." Mizuki snapped, ignoring Yura's comment. "You're drinking Mizu-fucking-kage bottled water. That's the fucking water we fucking infected."

Coughing and gagging. "No." Yura gasped, "You're lying. No. W-what are you doing." He said, his voice turning wary.

"Sorry, flakie."


A shot, followed by a sickening crunch and a strangled scream.

Sakura felt sick, automatically grabbing Sasuke's arm, squeezing it tight. He tried tugging away, giving up when she did not let go.

Tense silence. Neither moved, barely breathing, listening.

Finally, they heard footsteps gradually coming closer.

The pair squished even further behind the trashcans as Mizuki passed the alleyway, looking as normal as can be, one hand with a thumb casually hooked on his belt, the other holding a half-empty bottle of beer.

He passed out of sight, footsteps growing quieter and quieter on the concrete sidewalk. The steps faded out completely, only to be replaced with the wheeze of ignition and the hum of an engine.

The car drove away.

They relaxed. Sakura stood and slumped on the cold, red brick walls of the alley; she let out a relieved sigh, Sasuke silent next to her.

They stared at each other, forgetting their bickering for a moment: Sakura's eyes wide and shocked, Sasuke's showing a glimmer of fear, but only for a second.

"Stop staring at me." He grumbled, stalking past the trash bins.

"Wasn't staring." Sakura muttered, following him to the street.

They were in downtown Konoha, in a street famous for expensive, world-class boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, as well as a few luxury apartments.

They walked past Sakura's favorite frozen-yogurt shop and the sushi joint Sakura's old high school friend Ino dragged her to every month. Now, the yogurt shop was empty, its windows shattered and tables askew. The sushi café's formerly neat outdoor seating was a pile of broken chairs and upturned dishes. Flies flitted around on abandoned rolls of raw fish.

Sakura sighed, adjusting her backpack, while Sasuke stopped and knelt down, frowning.

"What are you doing?!" She nearly yelped.

"Seeing if he had anything useful." Sasuke replied shortly, checking the pockets of the bloody mess that used to be Yura.

Sakura swallowed thickly and turned away, bile rising up her throat at the sight of splattered brain-matter. "Anything?"

"The other one, Mizuki, took the gun, the ammo… Nothing useful."

She nodded and started walking, her feet carrying her automatically through the street.

"Sakura, wait."


"We need to plan."

She nodded. "Okay. Let's go somewhere a little less exposed. "And away from Yura. She thought, shivering.

They walked into a designer clothing store that Sakura always admired but never could afford, manikins tumbling out of the broken front window, pretty silk dresses and seven-hundred-dollar jackets dirty and torn on the crushed glass and sidewalk.

Sasuke kicked aside a fallen rack of jeans, clearing a path to the side of the store. The pair sat on the floor, their backs to the wall.

"So." She said.

"So," he began, "You heard the officers."

"Yeah." She curled up, hugging her knees to her chest. "The water. They… infected the bottled water."

He nodded, tearing his backpack open and pulling out their water. "Zabuza Springs." He read.

"Do you think it's safe?" She asked, peering into the liquid.

He shrugged. "It's not Mizukage."

"I still feel kind of… uneasy about this."

For the first time, he smiled at her, tight-lipped and wry. "Me too."

"Well, if we get thirsty, I've always got my apple juice." She smiled back.

His smirk disappeared, and he rubbed his eyes. "Listen… we're still far. We didn't get to drive for very long."

She frowned. "Can we use your car?"

Sasuke shook his head. "Not with two back tires shot. Can't outdrive the fake-officers."

She sighed. "We've got a while then, huh."

"Prepare to stay up until night."

She huffed, glaring at his leather jacket and long jeans, then stared down at her shorts and red tank-top. "Gimme a second." She grumbled, strolling through the shop. Sakura picked up a practical khaki button-up trenchcoat from the ground, dusting it off.

"What do you think?" She asked while pulling it on, twisting around and testing her mobility.

He rolled his eyes. She glared.

"It's acceptable." He bit out, grudgingly.

She grinned. "Thank you, Sasuke-kun," She cooed teasingly, brushing past him and swishing the back of the long coat theatrically.

She heard Sasuke snort behind her.

Finally, Sakura thought, amused. I guess the prick can laugh after all.

- Operation EDOTENSEI - to be continued –