A new story. Yes, I know, I should really update one of the other trillion stories I have on the boil, but I couldn't help myself. I hope you like it.

Turning her had been an accident.

He had needed a spy and Caroline Forbes, little Miss Blonde and Perky, with a naturally nosy disposition and a friendship with the Doppelganger, had seemed like the perfect candidate. Also, she was rather beautiful and Klaus liked beautiful things. That silly little vervein necklace she wore around her neck was hardly any protection at all, they should have made her drink it… but then they would have had to tell her that monsters were real.

Not that Caroline Forbes didn't already know that, deep down, under all the compulsion.

He cornered her one fine autumn's evening after cheer practice, admiring the way the short gym skirt flared and showed off her toned legs as he approached. He noted with amusement the braids in her hair.

An unsure smile hovered on her lips as her eyes slid up and down his body as he approached. Little Miss Forbes was not exactly subtle and he could practically hear the two tracks of thought going through her mind. The first one that told her she was looking at a hot older guy and the second one asked her what the hell was a hot older guy doing wandering around the halls of a high school.

But sweet little Caroline Forbes didn't have time to figure out whether he was hottie or foe before he ripped her necklace from her throat. "Stay very, very still," he intoned as he caught her chin and looked into her eyes.

Her eyes gleamed with fear as they dilated but her feet stayed firmly planted on the ground and her arms limp at her side. "How…how are you doing this?"

Klaus smirked. "It's called compulsion, love. And, believe it or not, this is not your first trip on the merry-go-round – now be quiet, there's a sweetheart." As amusing as her current state of ignorance was, he didn't have time for twenty questions. He ran a finger down her cheek, still rounded with baby fat. She really was a delectable thing. It was a pity he didn't have the time to play with her but he was on a clock. He happened to know the council were planning something for the next evening's activities, probably instigated by the new Gilbert in town. He needed to get his new piece in play before the fun began.

He leaned in and watched as her eyes dilated again under his influence, her body was perfectly still, but he could still hear her heart thumping with fear in her chest and her blood rushing through her veins as her body attempted in vain to take flight, not realising it wasn't an option. He tugged her through a door and into an empty classroom, smiling as he noticed the dismay in her eyes.

He curled a braid around his hand, using it to tug her head back as he contemplated her racing pulse point. Klaus felt his fangs begin to elongate, his hunger sliding to the surface. Just one little sip wouldn't hurt, would it? He curved her body against him, pinning her arms as he dipped his head and let his breath fall along her skin, raising goose bumps along her flesh - so marvellously responsive. Every muscle in her body strained against his compulsion and he watched as her throat quivered as she struggled to use her vocal chords.

"Easy, love," he said. "I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to have a little taste." He sank his fangs into her, latching onto her pale, soft skin. She let out a soft exhale, that might have been an attempt at a scream, but it hardly mattered as her blood flooded his mouth and slid down his throat. He lost track of time as he lapped at the wound, savouring her. She was truly delicious; he might keep her around for a while, once she'd outlasted her usefulness as a spy.

It took him a few moments to realise it was only his grip that was holding her up. Cursing under his breath, he hurriedly bit into his wrist and forced blood down her throat, massaging her neck to make sure she ingested it. Colour slowly returned to her cheeks and Klaus draped her over the teacher's desk, and waited for her to recover.

That was his first mistake. He should have left her to die and picked another one, but the next day was Founder's Day, and he didn't have time to waste. At least, that was what he'd told himself at the time.

Apparently, it wasn't only Elijah who was adept at self-delusion.

As they say, even the best plans can go awry and, the very next day, Caroline Forbes, cheerleader, human, and Prom Committee head, died face down on main street, her body flung from a vehicle as one of friend's lost control of the wheel – a few hours later, Caroline Forbes, vampire and future bane of his life, awoke on a slab in the hospital mortuary. Not that he knew that until two days later when she called the number he'd given her and hissed at him down the phone.

"You bastard, what did you do to me?"

"I thought I'd explained that to you, love, it's called compulsion."

"Not that, I mean the part where you turned me into a vampire."

Klaus's eyes narrowed, that might cause complications. It meant that his compulsion had worn off, and that meant she had probably spilled the beans to her little friends. He extended his senses and picked up the tell-tale signs of another person breathing. "Who's with you, Caroline?"

"That's none of your business!" she said. "Who the hell are you?"

He smirked and promptly hung up before ripping open the back of the burner phone, and divesting it of its card and battery. So she had called him for a little fact finding mission,had she? He had little doubt that her Sheriff mother had been attempting to track the call.

"Trouble?" Greta asked, looking up from the Grimoire she's been studying intently.

"I may have to return to Mystic Falls sooner than I intended," he said.

She frowned thoughtfully. "I'm going to need a full moon to complete the transference spell, and one isn't due for another week."

"I don't think that'll be an issue," he said, getting to his feet. "I'm just going to pick at the edges of the herd."

She was magnificent. Vampirism suited her, made her glow and glitter with a light that had been just a dull flicker when she was human.

But if she didn't stop screaming at him, he may have to kill her.

"Let me go, you ass," She struggled against his grip as she dug into the lawn with her too high heels. Deep ploughs of dirt showed their progress as he carried on regardless.

"Do us both a favour and shut up, sweetheart, or we may have a repeat of our last meeting," he said, as and he opened the passenger door to his SUV and bundled her into the seat. She glared at up at him.

"You can't do that, anymore, remember? I'm a vampire, I can't be compelled," she said.

He smiled down at her, his eyes tracing the curve of her neck. "I'm afraid you may have been a little too hasty in that assessment, love, I'm not like any vampire you've met before." He watched the pulse in her neck quicken, and he wondered how she tasted now that she'd been turned. He felt a flare of hunger and even the sullen glow of desire spark within him and his eyes trailed up to her face again, seeing the anger and wariness war on her face. He grabbed her chin and held her gaze as he compelled her. "Strap yourself in."

Wordlessly, she reached for the seatbelt, and pulled it around her, clicking it into place before a look of dismayed horror dawned on her face.

"I'm an Original, do you know what that is?" Silently, she shook her head and Klaus rolled his eyes. "What do they teach young vampires these days?" he asked rhetorically. "It means I'm one of the first vampires. All vampires descend from us, and that comes a few perks, including being able to compel other vampires. Do you understand?"

She took a shaky breath and nodded. "What do you want from me?"

"What I always wanted, love, information."

"But they already know about you. It's not going to work."

"And, tell me, what do they know? My name? Why I wanted you to spy for me? No, I didn't think so. I doubt you dear mother even had time to triangulate the position of my cell phone yesterday."

She looked down at her hands, and Klaus smirked knowingly. He had guessed correctly. He leaned in. "I'm afraid it is going to work, my dear Caroline, and do you know why? Because they, like you, have no idea of what I'm capable of." He shut the door and rounded the SUV to get into the driver's side when, all of a sudden, the passenger door car flew across the lawn and the baby vampire blurred down the street. Klaus almost laughed at her audacity but then realised that he had to stop her before she spilled the beans. Damn it, he had been too complacent, he should have compelled her not to move.

He made a split decision and sped in the direction of the Salvatore house. Instinct told him she wouldn't head for her mother. The Sheriff was human and thus vulnerable. No, she'd head for the place most likely to have muscle – the Salvatores.

She showed great presence of mind for a newly turned vampire. Most vampires spent the first couple of weeks gorging themselves on the local populace before they figured out how to reign it in. She had also been wearing a daylight ring. That had taken her – what – three days?

Oh yes, she was a bright little thing.

Unfortunately for her, her new abilities were no match for an Original's. He made it to the Salvatore house in time to hear her tearing through the woods, unknowingly heading straight for him. With a sly grin, he sped towards her, snatching her up before she broke the treeline and slamming her against the rough bark of a tree.

"Let me go," she protested, beating her fists against his chest.

"Now, now, love, less of that." He said, rolling his eyes. In response, she stomped on his foot. He began to laugh.

Her eyes narrowed. "Whats so funny, you… you…monster."

His amusement withered away, and he slammed her back up against the tree, raking his hands through her hair so as to tilt her head up. "You shall not move or talk until I say you can," he said, watching with satisfaction as her eyes dilated. "That's more like it. You're very beautiful, Caroline, but you have a mouth on you."

His eyes lingered on said lips, plump and glossy, and temptation slithered into his mind, but he didn't have time for those kind of games today. Instead, he tucked a new cell phone into the front pocket of her coat. "A new phone, with a new number programmed into it," he said. "Same plan as before –but this time there will be no way for you to break the compulsion, no… get out clause, if you will. You're mine until I grow tired of you."

It didn't take him long to reinforce his previous instructions. They were pretty simple. Every evening, after eight and when she was alone, he would call her and tell her everything about her day that involved the Doppelganger… and this time they would never suspect her of being compelled to spy on them.

She spared him a single venomous glare before she half stumbled, half ran away from him, and satisfied with a day's work well done, he pushed his hands into his pockets and strutted away, only pausing when he remembered the SUV parked in Sheriff Forbe's driveway, now with a missing passenger door. He shrugged, it wasn't as if it were in his name, and even when she discovered the dead body in the boot, it would hardly point back to him.

He kept on walking