Pain. It was the first thing that registered in her brain. Regina rolled over, the pain in her ribs intensifying for a moment. Her eyes blinked, once, twice, slowly opening. A purple haze was evaporating in the air. Regina sat up, her head spinning, What the hell?, she briefly wondered. Then realization hit her, "Henry," she gasped breathlessly. She closed her eyes, putting her head in her hands, another type of pain overwhelming her.

She heard movement behind her and slowly turned to face the noise. Charming was slowly rising, his eyes frantically searching for the one person he couldn't live without...Snow. Regina couldn't even bring herself to roll her eyes at his desperateness, tears came unwanted to her eyes. The one person she couldn't live her life without was...gone. Her hand flew to her mouth as a sob threatened to escape.

She heard other movement around her and knew she must pull herself together, at least for the time being. There was no way she was going to let everyone see her this vulnerable, no more than some had already seen. She must be strong, that is what Henry would expect from her. She glanced around once more finally registering who surrounded her...Granny, Red, Blue...Regina felt a small sense of relief come from the pit of her stomach seeing that Tinkerbell had arrived with them as well. Regina had went to great lengths ensuring that the curse returned people to where they were from.

She glanced to her other side and noticed that Charming had found Snow. They were locked in an embrace. Snow was hidden from Regina's view, blocked by her husbands frame but Regina could tell she was crying, they both were. They too had lost a child. Regina closed her eyes, willing the tears back that once again threatened to escape. Now was not the time for that nor was it time for the guilt that was arising from the quiet sniffs she was overhearing from Snow's direction. What did she care about Snow's loss...She didn't...but as she opened her eyes, she realized she did care. When the hell did that happen? Nevermind that, grief needed to wait, they were sitting out in an open field, in an abandoned Enchanted Forest that had become overrun by ogres and who knows what else since their departure. They needed to find shelter somewhere more confined and discuss the next steps that should be taken.

She glanced over once more at Snow and Charming just as it seemed Snow was having the same realization Regina had undergone just seconds before. Their eyes locked, the sorrow and pain in Snow's eyes a reflection of how Regina felt. Regina gasped taking in all of Snow's appearance. It was like a dial had turned back time. Long gone was Mary Margaret's pixie cut and in it's place was Snow's long tresses and she was wearing an outfit she would have worn back when they inhabited the Enchanted Forest. She realized then that everyone had had a change of clothing, all except for Hook, who it seemed never changed clothing. Regina looked down at her own clothing, groaning inwardly, she was decked out in full Evil Queen attire. She definitely did not miss the awkwardness of her outfits from here and had come to really relish the comfort of the clothes Storybrooke had to offer. Standing now, she startled as Snow become the first of the disoriented bunch to speak. "We're back."