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I never thought the week would end, and I was thrilled when I finished up ahead of schedule. I caught the red-eye out so I would be home early in the day instead of late that evening. I had Emmett keep the change a secret so I could surprise Bella. With the early departure I even slipped through the airport undetected. I hoped it would happen at LAX as well. I wanted to arrive unannounced.

God, I had missed Beaker.

She had been amazing all week. She kept her cool and her sense of humour; even when other stories surfaced about the fact she was older and divorced, accompanied by pictures of her looking less than glamorous. I didn't care about the age difference or the photos, and I was thrilled they had gotten the second part wrong. Once they found out she wasn't yet divorced it might get uglier. Rose issued a simple statement and otherwise we ignored what was being said as best we could. Jake had proven himself a man of his word, helping Bella get around safely the whole time I was gone. I knew the shouting and flashes bothered her, but she remained composed, which in turn kept me calm. I was gobsmacked at her attitude. She was brilliant.

Emmett had a car waiting for Felix and me, and as usual, it was a different make and model. This meant there was a chance I could get past the crowd at the gate quite easily if they didn't realize it was me in the back. As in the past, Felix would stay in the car and depart after I was safely in the house.

Entering the house, I headed straight for the kitchen, disappointed to find it empty. I saw two coffee cups on the counter and figured Bella must be out with Jake. I checked the garage, surprised to find her car gone. Had they taken hers? Where was his car? That seemed unusual. But I could smell my favourite cooking: turkey. So, she couldn't be very far. She was getting ready for me to come home. She'd explain it all to me when she got here.

Grabbing my bag, I went upstairs, walking in my room and breathing in the scent of Bella. The top of my dresser now had bottles and jars on it—Bella's lotions and perfume, which filled the air with her fragrance. It made me long for her to get home. I tossed my bag in the closet and came out, stopping dead at the sight in front of me. Sitting in the middle of my bed, eyeballing me back, was a cat.

Well, maybe a kitten more than a cat. Striped grey, chocolate, and white with huge paws and wide blue eyes, it blinked at me warily as we stared at each other. It had an amusing face on it—sort of a tough guy expression with a pug nose, as it looked at me and I grinned. I wasn't overly fond of cats as a rule, but this one was rather … cute.

I approached the bed slowly. Where the hell did it come from? And why was it on my bed? It stood up, stretching, arching its back, and walked toward me, sitting on the edge of the bed and extended its paw, patting my hand. Unsure what it wanted, I lowered my hand and awkwardly stroked the furry head. Immediately it began to purr, pushing against my hand and looking at me with its blue eyes, pleading.

"Um … hello cat, who the bloody hell are you?" I murmured. "How did you get here?" I sat down beside it, shocked when it crawled up onto my shoulder, curling into my neck, purring. I sat for a few minutes, letting my fingers run through the fur on its back. Obviously, this was Bella's handiwork. Maybe she was so lonesome she thought a kitten would be a good idea. I knew she had trouble sleeping when I wasn't here, so maybe the kitten helped. Emmett told me once she had been like that all her life—unable to sleep in an empty house. He had sheepishly admitted it might've something to do with him forcing her to watch scary movies with him when they were younger. Maybe the kitten made her feel better. I would ask her when she got home.

I settled back against the headboard and let the kitten sleep. My head rested on the wood and I felt my eyes drift shut. I'd just sit here 'til Bella got home.


A noise startled me and I looked down to see the kitten's head lift up as well. I glanced at the clock and realised I'd been asleep for almost an hour.

The noise came from downstairs which meant Bella was home.

I lifted the kitten from my shoulder and got off the bed. It followed me to the edge, giving a pitiful meow as I started to walk away. Turning around, I picked it up, grinning as it settled right back onto my shoulder, where it promptly dug its claws into my neck and curled up tight. I guessed it was where it liked to be.

Quietly, I went downstairs and peeked in the kitchen. Bella was clearly not only oblivious to the fact I was home, but was searching for something in the bottom cupboard. All I could see of her was her tight ass sticking out of the open cupboard door. My cock hardened thinking about burying itself between those plump cheeks.

I sat the kitten on the floor, ignoring the pitiful look I got from it. Grinning, I snuck up behind Bella, crouched down, grabbing her hips and pulling her sweet ass tight to my groin as I leaned in over her. "Tell me, Bella, why is it I came home to find a strange kitty in my bed? We both know I only want one little pussy waiting for me there." I thrust forward. "Yours."

Bella yelped, her head hitting the cupboard as she pushed backward, scaring the kitten who was trying to crawl up my leg, causing me to yell as its sharp nails dug in to my calf. I stumbled back, taking Bella with me, landing on the floor with a loud "oomph" as all the air escaped my lungs. The kitten jumped in fright, meowing loudly as Bella scrambled off me, her pointy elbows digging in. Except as she rolled and sat up gasping, it was my turn to be surprised. Instead of warm, dark toffee-colored eyes, startled, hazel ones met my shocked green.

This was not my Bella.

From the garage door there was a loud gasp. "Edward?"

My head turned and I gaped at Bella standing in the doorway. Pushing and scrambling, I backed away from the unidentified woman on the floor, who was staring at me, horrified.

My eyes bounced between them. The kitten jumped back on my lap, crawling right up to my shoulder like that was its rightful place.

Bella's voice was dry. "I see you've met Fuzzball. And introduced yourself, as only you can, to Esme." She shook her head. "Are you trying to add to that list of women who have screamed your name by assaulting my friends, Oscar?"

My head shook violently. "Bloody hell, Beaker! I thought it was you—I missed your sexy ass and it was beckoning to me!" I clambered to my feet. "It was all wiggling and lush—"

Her eyebrows shot up, and I realised what I had said. "I mean … oh fuck." I hung my head in defeat, groaning. "Oh, fuck, bugger, wank, shitting arse head and hole," I muttered, squeezing my eyes shut.

I was so fucked. And not in a good way.

The woman sitting on the floor, Bella's friend Esme, apparently, began to chuckle. She looked over at Bella. "Charming," she stated sarcastically. "You neglected to add that to your list of attributes when describing your boyfriend."

My ears perked up. Bella had been listing my attributes? Maybe I could salvage this mess.

With a flourish, I bowed and extended my hand. "Forgive me, Esme. Allow me to introduce myself. Edward Cullen at your service. May I help you up?"

With a grin she allowed me to pull her off the floor. "I, ah, apologise for the um, ass grabbing. I really thought you were Bella." I shrugged. "I don't have many strange birds rooting around in my cupboards, waving their fanny at me."

Her eyes widened again and behind me Bella groaned.

"Does she wave her fanny for you a lot?"

"Not as often as I would like, I admit."

"But you like to grab it?" Esme smirked at me, her eyes dancing.

I nodded. "As often as she lets me." Then I winked at her. "And often when she doesn't as well."

A real smile broke out on her face. "Nice to meet you, Edward." She winked right back at me. "Nice grip you have there. And, um, I would say from the feel of your welcome, you're happy to be home."

"Bloody happy."

"Sorry it was the wrong ass."

I waggled my eyebrows at her. "A pleasure anyway."

"Maybe I should leave you alone to say a proper hello to the right ass."

"That, Esme, would be greatly appreciated. Maybe we can have coffee after?"

"I'd like that." She indicated the ball of fur sitting on my shoulder. "I realise you are rather possessive of your, um, pussy, but would you like me to take him while you have some time with Bella?"

God, I loved this woman already. She was brilliant.

I lifted her hand and brushed a kiss over her knuckles. "Thank you. That would be great. A little private time with my other, ah, kitten would be appreciated."

Behind me, Bella groaned. Again.


Esme left the kitchen, carrying the kitten who I now knew was male and Bella had named Fuzzball. I would have to address that, but first I had another kitty to soothe.

Turning, I looked at Bella, giving her my best sad eyes and smile. "Oops."

She shook her head. "Can you ever do things like a normal person?"

"Um, no?"

"You grabbed my friend's ass, Edward." She waved her hand toward my crotch. "You ground your … oh God—"

I grinned sheepishly. "In my defense, I thought it was yours."

"So you said."

I stepped forward. "Again, in my defense, I didn't know she was here."

"She got here late last night. We went for breakfast. I wasn't expecting you."

"I finished early," I explained, slipping my arm around her waist. "I was anxious to get home to you."

"I think Esme knows just how anxious."

"I like her."


I nodded. "She's feisty." I moved a little closer. "But I like you better."

Her cheeks darkened a little. "Yeah?"

I chuckled as I pulled her against me, my lips at her ear. "Her ass was nice, Bella, but nowhere near as spectacular as yours." I squeezed her rounded cheeks firmly. "I'd like to show you how anxious I really felt. How much I missed you." I squeezed again. "And this."

Her eyes, the warm, deep toffee I missed so much looked at me from under her lashes. Her arms wound around my neck. "Show me then."

With a groan I tightened my hold and crashed my lips to hers. My tongue commanded her mouth instantly, delving and tasting, needing to show her exactly how much I had missed her. One hand stayed on her hip while I buried the other in to her thick hair, tilting her head and controlling the kiss. Her soft whimper was all I needed to lift her onto the counter, stepping between her legs as I reacquainted myself with the sweetness that was Bella. Her hands tugged and pulled on the back of my hair, keeping me close; her legs wrapping around my hips as she welcomed me home. I wanted to lose myself in her taste forever.

It was only the sudden, plaintive and loud meow that broke through the fog that was beginning to cloud my brain. I wanted Bella. I wanted to tear her clothes off and shag her right here on the counter until she was panting and screaming my name. Then I wanted to take her upstairs, make love to her in our bed and then shag her all over again on some other surface of the house. God knew there were plenty of places I wanted to try.

But we weren't alone.

If the meow hadn't done it, the quiet "sorry he escaped," did. I stepped back, my breath ragged, and bent down, picking up the kitten that was clawing at my jeans, trying to climb his way up to my shoulder.

Esme stood in the doorway, uncertain if she should leave or stay. I smiled at her as my thumb traced Bella's bottom lip. God, I loved to bite that lip.

"Someone likes you," Bella said quietly.

I looked over to the kitten that was nestled happily again by my neck. He did seem to have taken to me. I chuckled. "Pussies do like me. " I winked at her. "I mean, what's not to like? Where did he come from?"

Bella gave me a pointed look, rolling her eyes, before explaining. "I was dropping off a donation at the shelter. He was abandoned and he needed a home—he was down to his last day." Her eyes were pleading. "I couldn't leave him, Edward. I couldn't."

Her tender heart made my own ache. She cared so much about everything. "It's fine, Beaker. He's welcome." I tickled his chin as he purred happily. My new little mate. "But we aren't calling him Fuzzball. That is all sorts of wrong. He needs a good, strong, male name."

"What's wrong with Fuzzball?"

I leaned forward, my lips against her ear. "I already have one soft, fuzzy pussy in the house I like to play with. This little guy is gonna be my mate. He needs a different name." I bit down on her lobe softly.

She shivered and swallowed deeply. Her voice was husky. "What are we calling him?"

I looked at his rugged little face and big paws. He was going to be a monster when he grew. I grinned at her. "Thor."


I nodded. "He looks like a tough little bugger. I like it." He licked my finger. "See, he agrees."

She rolled her eyes again, but nodded. "Okay, Thor it is."

I grabbed her chin and kissed her. Hard. Deep.

"Thor and I are hungry. We need you to take care of that for us."

Her eyes crinkled as she smiled saucily. "For food right?"

I kissed her again, pressing my lips to hers firmly. "For now." Then I grinned. "I smell turkey?"


"I want sandwiches."

She stared at me, slowly trailing her tongue over her bottom lip. "I want you even more," I murmured.

"Esme," she whispered. "I can't just kick her out."

Pulling back, I winked at her. I wanted her alone—and soon. "I've got it covered."

I turned to Esme who was watching us with a smile. "Come in and join us, Esme. I have to make a call, but I'll be right back."

I scratched Thor under the chin as I walked down the hall, dialing the phone.

"Hey Carlisle, can I interest you in the best tasting sandwich you've ever had?"

I grinned at his enthusiastic reply.

"Great. Come on over."

Well that is one homecoming nobody will forget. Can he do anything like a normal person? I doubt it and really-do we want him to? And enter Carlisle.

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