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*******************STEVE THE POV CHANGE LINE********* Donnie*************************

I believed she was delusional, and with her injuries who could blame her? My brothers and I had already planned to push her back down if she stood up, but she only stood up to portray her name, evidently she was slightly proud. At the very least that was the feeling I was receiving. She looked like she was going to collapse the whole time she was awake, and had nearly passed out from the pain of being on her leg before we pushed her down. Master Splinter asked the first question.

"Why is it that you have enemies young one?"

"Because those that try to hurt you are enemies." She said that in such a monotone voice that I began to wonder.

"Why did they try to hurt you?"

"Why would I know that?" She seemed to know something in her monotone voice.

"Because you do know"

"You are right, I do know, I just don't know if I can trust you."

"Why wouldn't you be able to trust us dudette?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I be able to trust beings who are similar in appearance to my enemies, have for the most part a similar name scheme, and won't let me go to my house?"

"Your enemies are mutants?"

"How do you already know our names?"

"Nice sarcasm"

"We will let you go home when you are not injured."

"Yes they are, I was in the hallway by this one room and listened to an entire conversation, that was sarcasm? and I would be fine with you just showing me out of the sewers, and in the general direction of my place."