The language of High K'haril goes along with my stories Order of the Phoenix II, and the soon-to-come sequel to that Land of the Elves. It has absolutely no relevance to any of my other stories.

Incase you haven't read the above-mentioned stories, Order of the Phoenix II is Harry's fifth year, 51 chapters long incase you're wondering. Land of the Elves will be his sixth year.

This is all the High K'haril I have made up so far. Yes I invented it, this is my creation, and this is not an actual language.

* Feel free to use it in your own stories should you wish too, just add that Miranda Flairgold invented it will you? And please don't make up any new words; I'll expand it as I go along.

Translations of High K'haril

High K'haril - language of the war mages

Heron: Harry's name among war mages (pronounced like the bird)

Xa'hazik: Literally means great fighter

Zifaratol: Grand (title given to graduates of the Glaz'rahan)

Sha'hrak (Sha-a-har-rak): Master (s)

Xiphasis: Swords - sometimes used for special Warriors

Ma'zak: Order (in a group sense) of people

Phoenix: Phoenix

Jaqrahtesh: Phoenix (formal way of addressing the Lord Phoenix)

Rah: title among phoenixes, Emperor phoenix. Also used in names to show
great fighting prowess.
Glaz'rahan: Common name of the Sha'hrak Xiphasis Ma'zak rah Phoenix.
Easier and quicker to say so it is more commonly used to identify
students of this hellish training program.

Aranak: Shock, electrical in nature, or surprise.

Jaqra: Lord

Sahai (sah-hay-E): Wave

Istafar (Iss-ta-far): Ignite, also a spell.

Il'tan (eel-tan): Fire

Kam'lek (kam-lek): Water

Veld'rim (veld-rim): Air

H'sef (h-sef): Earth

Akanro: Metal

T'shen: Blood

Akanro T'shen: Blood metal, created by mixing the blood of a War Mage
with metal, heating to five thousand degrees, cooling steadily while
slowly adding tears of the War Mage. Heat again; wash with lifeblood of
the War mage when red hot and flexible. Cool completely then wash in a
mixture of lifeblood, and water form the Crystal Spring.

Lefdasifl (lef-da-sif-il-): Elemental

Ramat: Fighter, warrior

Lefdasifl ramat: Elemental Warrior

Zazjatah (zaz-sh-atah): Attack

Cevan (see-van): Away

Yagul: Dark (evil or just dark)

Yagulshai (Ya-gul-shay-E): Darkness (evil or otherwise)

Rea: Do

Vil: In

Cah: It

Nahi: None

Itemesha: Spirit

Resla: The

Norilna: Open

Sharel: Home

Vahael (va-hay-el): Lie (the opposite of truth or to lie down)

Lastal: Float

Githar: Devil

Nirsval: Through

Calusun (cal-oo-soon): Hear

Stauki: Have

Sol: Call

Norlay: Creature

Leim (lay-im): Easy

Yan: Can

Felri (Fell-ri): We

Ryam: Run

Keylur (K-lure): Give

Erya: Me

Gahne (gah-nay): Will

Delsham: Gold

Delshamai: Golden

Kehol: Rise

Nesarle: Fear

Neshazi: Afraid

Neculi: Scared

Jgrehe (J-grey-hey): Much

Faralo: Worried

Yefis: Start

Aril: My

Icar: Knife

Ivelus: Fallen

Seharulo: Brethren

Dashatu (Da-sha-tu): Temper

Atair: Alive

Atairath: Living

Usoli: Apprentice

Yelreve (Yea-l-reve): Long

Velrak: Dead

Dovelrak (dough-vel-rack): Undead (the undead: vampires)

Velrith: Death

Povaril: A shade (form of a spirit)

Povar: Shade

Velrithas: Death's

Nimdaer (nim-day-air): Night

Laer: Light

Ierul (I-air-ul): Fast

Leshami: Day

Kaver: I

Lensi: Am

Kav'lensi: I'm

Ril: Only

Eru: Of

Jolme: Awake, also a spell.

Versahaer (Ver-sah-hier): Forest

Ahyi (ah-yi): Are

Zaril: Where

Zolarim: Fly

Gadarentik: Difficult

Gilmasen: Danger

Nelas (Nay-las): Thee

Kolokio: Walk

Estev: A coma

Jahar: To

Jaher: Too

Sha: Yes

Yar: No

Belor: You

Yahasi: Long

Eyule (A-yule-A): Loom (weaving or otherwise)

Eyulez: Looms

Hewar: Sense (sight, smell etc.)

Hewemahi: Senses

Salye: What

Nir: Is

Nevura: Upon

Olen: Some

Nati: Thing

Natis: Things

Shiratun: Fierce

Olen'ati: Something

Ulsan: Their

Pazirel: Time

Serwe (ser-way): Been

Leitsul: Return


Oshil: Go

Geshulran: Ancestor

Hozfol: Come

Sera (say-ra): Feel

Ley: For

Negam: Wrong

Melit: Now

Ri'salan: A branch of the war mages which could grow wing (usually white)
and fly. They were the best of the healers and often visited humans with
various ailments to cure them. They trained human healers (in disguise
of course) and sent them into society to care for humanity.

To make a word plural add s, as, z, or is to the end of it. The ' in a word is rare, used in the names of the elements, occasional names of people, and some titles, and in a few spells. Sometimes it means to add 'a' into its place when spoken. But in other cases like Glaz'rahan it merely means to put a small break between the two parts, but less then the break between two words - first saying the part before the ' then the next part, in the same breath, but slightly separate.

The ' between two words is added when the two words are combined to
form a spell or name. It is not that common.