Life sucked. Here I was, moving once again, to a foreign town, with no one we know lives nearby. I don't see why my dad thinks that 'more money' means 'happier kid'. Sure, I get everything I want, but why does it even matter when I am stuck at home by myself? My mother died in a car accident, along with my 7 year old brother. I felt tears forming in my eyes.

My mother, was the best mother anyone could have. She was always there, she never yelled, she would take of me, listen, and she loved me. My dad says he does, but he doesn't act like it. Half the time he's an empty shell, and all he does is work. Work, work, work. He may shower me in video games, computers, anything and everything, but he will just sit on the couch and stare at the blank wall. I try to talk to him, he shoos me with his hand. I ask him for help for my school work, he does the same. I'm crying, he says, 'I love you', then he stares at the wall. What the heck?!

I sighed and watched my breath form on the cold window. I watched the familiar trees fly by, and I laid my head on the window and closed my eyes. Life. I hated it, I wished I wouldn't have existed. Around the time I lost my mom, I was crying, and I asked my dad for help, I saw a emotionless stare and then he locked himself in his room. I tried to OD myself with sleeping pills, didn't work. I'm tempted to try again. I used 5 last time. Maybe I should try 9 this time. I don't know what to do.

If you were wondering, I was moving to some town that my dad didn't say. I had just made friends with people with my old school, very few bullies, and my life was taking a turn for the best. Then dad brought the 'good' news that we were going to move. I was crying hysterically, and I was screaming at him.



"I DON'T! YOU DO! I HATE YOU!" I hated that short, yet painful arguement. I tried to talk to dad to tell him sorry, he didn't even acknowledge I was there. The only words I heard from him were, "Let's go" when it was time to leave.

I was silently crying now. I cried till my eyes turned sore, and I couldn't produce tears. By that time we arrived at the house. The house was decent sized. Big yard, and a beautiful oak tree. I sighed and turned to my only pet, my cockatoo. He was named Oscar . He saw my red, puffy eyes and began to whistle and do silly things, like spin around on his green swing, and hang upside down on his perch like a bat, bob his head, and make laughing noises. I giggled and he began to sing. It's sad when your bird loves you and cares for you more than your own dad. I picked his cage up and walked into the unlocked house.

There was this huge, spacious living room it had a large flat screen. I looked at the left into my kitchen, where I would cook the meals. It had a huge fridge, and a black glass top stove, with marble counter tops and a nice table. I walked forward and I saw a large room, which was going to be my dad's, and then I walked to one of the smaller rooms and I found a wooden dresser, a double sized bed, a mirror planted on my door, a nice comfy chair, another dresser for my crafts and fish tank, and a medium flat screen.

I gently place Oscar on my dresser and looked at myself in the mirror. I was a bit taller than the average kid, I had rectangular glasses and I had long, black hair with metallic blue highlights streaking down. My hair came to my butt and I was so skinny I was almost sickly. I had a soft tan, from spending outside with Oscar. I had pimples too. Stupid pimples. Oh I hated pimples. walked back to retrieve my stuff. I growled at the site. My 10 gallon fish tank was out of the car, on it's side with the contents spilled out. My bags were thrown everywhere. And my heater for my tank was busted. I was steaming with rage. I hate that sorry good-for-nothing father that disrespects me. He never really liked me, he loved my brother, Jack dearly though. He's been mean and everything to me from the beginning. It's just been getting worse.

UGH! WHY IN THE HECK DOES HE HATE ME! DANG IT! I screamed in my head.

I stomped over there to inspected the tank for cracks and there was none. I sighed a breath of relief, and I placed the spilled contents back in the tank. I walked into my room, brushed passed my idiotic dad, and placed it on my dresser. I grabbed all my luggage and placed it in there also. I heard some loud clattering and a thud. I glanced out the door and my dad fell, and was picking his self up. I pretended not to notice and I went to unpacking my stuff.

I had just finished putting my stuff away, and I opened Oscars cage door and he hopped out right onto my shoulder. He rubbed his head on my cheek and made a purring noise, like a cat. I giggled and rubbed his head, making him purr louder. If I lost Oscar, I wouldn't know what to do. He's my only friend, and I don't have a dad, I have a effin' monster.

He was the one that killed mom and my brother in the accident. He was being stupid, and he was talking on the phone, and not paying close attention. A drunk smashed right into the right side of the car killing my mother and brother when I could have turned and saved us all, I saw it coming and I screamed. My dad looked at me like I was stupid, and we wrecked. Why wouldn't it be me that died. I would have been happy then. Everyone would be happier, except my mother. No, I'm probably wrong, she would have been happier too. I shoved all that out of my mind.

"Are you gonna say somthing?" He said. I turned around and faced dad.

"Like what?!" I snapped.

"Apologize?" oh my god. I wanted to kill him on the spot.

"Why? At least I'm not a jerk!" I regretted saying that. He looked pissed. He stormed out of the house and I swallowed. He came back with a large switch.

Oh s***!

I made Oscar fly to the opposite side of the wall,


"AAHHH!" I yelled as the switch hit my face, making blood trickle down my cheek.


I screamed in pain and I got hit in the face again, and my neck was bleeding. I got hit several more times.

"How about now?!"

"I'd call you a retard, but I would be insulting the retarded!" I hissed and I spat on his shoe.

He began to beat me harder.


No, NO! I heard John, my 'dad', scream in pain, and I looked at him, Oscar was ripping at my dads face, and my dad was bleeding. He grabbed Oscar and threw him, thankfully he landed on the bed, instead of the wall, or floor.

"I'll get you later!" he hissed. He slammed the door on the way out and I ran over to see if Oscar was ok. He stood up and flew to my shoulder. Thank god! I locked my door, and placed him in his caged, and I took my bottle of water and washed the blood off my face, and applied pressure to the bleeding cuts. He's never beat me before. Holy crap... I hope he rots in hell. I knew I shouldn't say stuff like that, but after this, I don't give a crap.

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