Zobiko's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Things on the SASASR race courses tend to be a bit odd, whether it be the racers or the actual race tracks themselves. Today on the Rocky Coaster race track of Samba De Amigo's Carnival Island was such a case as Zobio and Zobiko were racing together, being in fourth place as Zobio was driving, while Zobiko was eating her favorite treat, a ripe red apple.

"Zobiko!" Zobio shouted as he turned the wheel, ramming Opa Opa off the wooden course.

Zobiko was chucked into the air as she landed back on the car, glaring at Zobio as she finished up her apple. As Zobio drove into the mountain, riding on the rainbow colored pathway, Zobiko's stomach grumbled, with Zobio turning to Zobiko in confusion.

Alex Kidd laughed as he came riding up to the zombies on his Sukopako motorcycle, zipping to their right side as he saluted to them. "You guys will never overtake me! Gotta speed!"

Zobiko bent over, aiming her butt at Alex's face. Alex yelped as Zobiko farted directly at the young boy, knocking him off his red bike. Zobio dropped his jaw in disbelief, his jaw literally falling off to the ground as Zobiko smirked, pulling out another apple from her blonde hair, this time the apple being green as she munched on it.

The ChuChus came zipping up to the zombies after watching Alex teleporting back onto his bike, with Chuih driving the white and red rocket as they approached Zobio and Zobiko, the two passing the starting line and starting lap two of the four lap race. Zobiko quickly finished up her green apple as she rubbed her grumbling stomach, jumping to the back of the Hotrod of Horror and aiming her butt at the small mice, farting in their direction as the Chu Chus went spiraling into the wall. Zobiko nearly fell off, holding onto the back of the Hotrod of Horror as Zobio kept on driving, taking glances to check if Zobiko was doing all right.