Zobio and Zobiko were still driving in their Hotrod of Horror as they were on the Curien Mansion's Deadly Route race course, with Zobiko herself proving to be deadly as the zombie girl was still full of bad gas. The two Zombies were in the lead, going up the wooden road within the tower as Opa Opa and Amigo were trailing behind them.

Zobio was once again at the wheel, with Zobio grabbing a couple of red apples and chucking them at Opa Opa and Amigo. Amigo smacked the apples away with one of his red maracas, while Opa Opa simply dodged them with ease, approaching the zombies. Zobiko growled lowly as she turned around, aiming her butt at Opa Opa as she waited for the sentient vehicle to get close. As the two racers were on the rooftop, Zobiko jumped onto Opa Opa, farting on top of him as the sentient vehicle went crashing off the rooftop, with Zobiko jumping back into the Hotrod of Horror, Zobio pulling her in.

"Hey!" The announcer exclaimed as he mysteriously witnessed the event that just occurred. "Zobiko just pulled a fast one on Opa Opa, and does it stink! He's not gonna like that!"

Indeed, as Opa Opa was placed back onto the rooftop, he was knocked into fifth place, with Big The Cat and BD Joe zipping past him. Opa Opa began going faster than usual, fast enough to push the racers in front of him to the side.

"Hey man! Not cool!" BD Joe exclaimed as he fell off the rooftop.

"Froggy!" Big shouted as he was pushed into the wall.

As Opa Opa sped off the rooftop to catch up with the leaders, Zobiko grabbed Amigo by the face, farting directly into it as Amigo spun out of control, crashing into several fat blue zombies nearby. Zobio patted Zobiko on the head as Zobiko let out a not so cute, not so little poot, with Opa Opa charging directly towards the racing zombies as he knocked them into the air, laughing at them as he regained the lead. Zobio and Zobiko bounced back down, both upside down as Zobiko let out a deep pitched poot in defeat.