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"Distorted Talk"



[Scene Shift]

Chapter 1: Becoming Sinful




These were all that he could feel at the moment. His eyelids were too heavy to rise, so he couldn't see where he was. His hearing was also disoriented, but he knew that there others near him. Their voices were garbled and distorted, making it impossible for him to comprehend what they were talking about.

Suddenly, he felt something touch him on his chin, turning his head slowly in both the left and right directions. He heard more talk, but still couldn't understand. He tried to talk, but it just came out as a pain filled groan. He had to have a broken limb or two, because the pain was at least that level.

He then felt someone lift him up and his stomach rested against something very large and flesh like. 'I must be on some guy's shoulder,' he thought, trying not to groan as the person who was carrying him walked. Their movements made his body bob up and down slightly, and it was doing nothing to help his condition.

He tried again to open his eyes, using all of his remaining strength. They cracked open, revealing crystal blue eyes that were almost completely dull with death. In his blurred vision, he saw a metal floor, some pipes along the walls, and a large shadow that his mixed in with it, proving that he was being carried.

'Where am I…?' was his last thought before he finally fell unconscious to the outside world.

The large figure carrying the disoriented man stopped walking as their passenger finally went limp. "He's…not moving," they said in an incredibly lazy voice and male tone.

A woman's sigh was heard as a feminine figure stepped behind the large man and looked over the unconscious man. She gently grabbed his chin, like she had done earlier, and lifted his head so her other hand could find a pulse. It was faint – dangerously so – but it was there.

"He's still alive, but we better hurry, Sloth," the woman stated as she took the lead again while her larger companion followed.

They walked through the metallic halls of the place they resided in, with steam hissing out of the many pipes that surrounded them. It took some time, but they finally made it to their destination…where five others were waiting for them.

The first was a short and very fat man with bald hair, a bulbous nose, and rather large arms. He wore a single piece outfit that had no sleeves while his arms had markings on them that looked to be blood red lines that went from the shoulders to the wrists. On both shoulders and elbows, there were circular markings that connected the line markings.

The second was a tall man with short black hair that spiked up. He wore black boots, very dark red leather pants, a skintight sleeveless black shirt, and a black vest with white fur lining the collar area. Like the first, he had blood red markings, but his started as circular marks on his pecs and turns to lines that went over his shoulders and met in the middle of his back in another circle. He also had a marking on the top of his left hand that looked to be a winged serpent in a circular style making to devour its own tail. Inside the circle was a six point star.

The third looked to be a child, but if one took a good look at his face, they'd see that it was that of someone much older than the child he appeared to be. He wore some simple brown shoes, white socks that stretched just above the ankles, brown shorts, a white shirt, light blue vest, and red tie. He had short black hair and dark brown eyes.

The fourth was an elderly looking man with a full head of black hair and a thick black mustache, and a blue tint to his right eye while an eye patch covered his left one. He was wearing a blue, full length military issue coat, a black undershirt, and slacks with black dress shoes. On his left hip was a sheathed sword.

The one carrying the unconscious man was a very large man, easily twice the height of the average man. He wore black boots and a black one piece outfit much like the short and round man. His forehead had a headband of the same color and held up his dreadlock hair. His right shoulder held the same serpent like mark as the second man.

The lone female of the group had a black strapless dress and two black gloves in a gown style, going from the tips of her fingers to just below her shoulders. The line and circle markings were present on the gloves. She had red eyes, wavy black hair that reached her mid back, and blood red lipstick while the serpentine mark was seen above her endowed chest just below her throat.

The final member in the room was a man with blonde hair that fell to his upper back, while his sideburns flowed into a beard. He wore nothing more than a white robe and sat on what looked to be a throne. Underneath his robe, pipes connected into his back and red sparks were seen running along them every few minutes.

The golden haired man's amber eyes stared down at the woman and Sloth, but they zeroed in on the unconscious man. "What is the meaning of bringing this near dead human before me?" he asked.

"We witnessed him appear out of what could only be described as a rip in space, Father," answered the woman. He looked to be almost dead and I believe he may be of some use to you," the woman answered.

"Is that so? Bring him to me, Sloth."

The large man stepped forward and placed the unconscious blonde down before the man called "Father". In the light, he was finally able to be seen well enough for the others. Sun kissed blonde hair was seen on his head and spiked in all directions wildly. His cheeks intrigued them due to the whisker like markings on them and his shirt and jacket were torn enough to see a very large marking on his stomach that looked to have a large swirl in the center. The torn clothes used to be a black shirt, an orange jacket with a black upper half, and orange pants while his sandals were black as well as the headband he wore. On the headband was a metal plate with a swirled design that looked to be either an arrowhead or a leaf.

"You say that he appeared out of a spatial rip, Lust?" asked the blonde man.

The now named Lust nodded and answered, "Yes, Father. I have no other explanation for his arrival."

"Hmm," hummed the man in thought as he looked down at the whiskered blonde that lay at his feet. "Curious… This boy has power flowing through him… One seems to be tied to his own life force while the other is tethered to the marking on his stomach."

"Really now?" questioned the man wearing the fur trimmed vest with a grin. A gleam was seen in his eye as he looked to the unconscious man with growing interest.

"Sounds tasty," commented the fat one before he grinned with some drool leaking from his mouth. "Can I eat him?"

"No Gluttony, you may not eat him," stated "Father" before he leaned back in his throne and closed his eyes. "Lust is correct; he will be of use to me."

"How so, Father?" asked the man wearing an eye patch. "He looks to be nothing more than a weak human."

"For one who carries the Ultimate Eye, you lack vision, Wrath," admonished "Father". He then continued, "This human shall act as the shell that holds the final piece of what makes me human; my Envy."

"You seek to use a human shell instead of pure creation, Father?" asked the child looking member.

"Yes, but only because of the power I already sense within him. Now, silence while I prepare."

The others obeyed without question and only the occasional spark was heard for the next five minutes. Next to "Father" on a small table was a vial with crimson red liquid dripping down into it. When it reached a certain amount, "Father" grabbed the vial and motioned Lust forward.

Grabbing the vial, she walked back over to the unconscious human and knelt down next to him. Placing his head in her lap, she poured the liquid into his mouth and helped him swallow. When the liquid was fully ingested, the body spasmed before he arched his back and shot his blue eyes open with a silent scream, agony clearly written on his face.

"It begins," stated "Father" with a small smirk.


Surrounded by Japanese styled wooden archways rested a large dark orange fox with blood red eyes, elongated ears, and none tails. Its eyes narrowed as it saw its surroundings shake violently, as if an earthquake were occurring.

The sound of many interlacing voices moaning, laughing, and screaming was heard followed by heavy footsteps. From the shadows appeared a grotesque lizard-like creature with a long black mane and six pupils on its left eye. The most disturbing features of it were the human faces and limbs protruding all over the body like drowning people momentarily attempting to surface before being pulled down by others.

"Well well, and here I thought I'd be all alone in this little body. Looks like I already have a housemate!" giddily stated the creature.

"Who are you?" asked the fox in a deep, yet whispery, tone.

"Me? I'm no one really," the creature said before it grinned insanely. "Just the physical manifestation of what this human was given. You can call me…Envy."

"The sin of Jealousy… Cute," commented the fox with narrowed eyes.

"Why thank you! That's so nice of you to say! So, what do I call you?"

"My name is none of your concern. Just call me Kyuubi."

"Kyuubi? What a strange name, but I won't make fun or judge seeing as we'll be living together from now on."

"You're a fool if you think that's going to happen. This human is my vessel and my ally. I won't let anyone else try and take vacancy here," declared Kyuubi before it got in a low crouch with its fangs bared and its tails waving madly.

"Aww… You don't feel like sharing? Are you so greedy that you can't share even a little bit? What about my desires and needs?! I want to have a body too!" raged the beast before it prepared to pounce on the fox.

However, the Kyuubi was ready due to having years of experience in the art of combat. While not having the physical makeup to perform fighting styles of humans, it still knew how to fight and cause damage. So, as soon as Envy pounced, the fox shot a tail forward and wrapped it around the beast's throat before slamming it down hard into the flooded ground.

Still having a grip on the grotesque creature, Kyuubi lifted it up by the throat before flinging it away like a rag doll. "You're beyond foolish if you think I'd go down so easily!"

Envy roared as it got back to its feet and looked to the fox murderously. "I will have this body!" It then roared again and launched its tongue like a harpoon, sending it rocketing toward the fox.

Glaring at the tongue, Kyuubi moved its head to the side and let the tongue pass over its shoulder before it grabbed the appendage with its humanoid forepaw. "You're not welcome here…" it began before it squeezed the tongue roughly and prepared a large sphere of pure energy in its mouth. Before firing, it roared, "BEGONE!"

The energy erupted into a large blast of pure power that tore right through Envy's torso, leaving a gaping hole that had a glowing red gem inside of it. Not sure of what it is, but sensing the power within it, the fox stretched a tail and had it grab the gem before it looked to the slowly breaking pipes that carried blue energy within the area.

"I refuse to let us die, Naruto… You've done more for me than anyone I've ever met…" declared the Kyuubi before it shoved the gem into one of the pipes, turning the blue energy into a blood red one with a quicker flow while the pipes that contained a more crimson red kept their color and flow. "That should do it…" it commented before the violent shaking stopped and a glow appeared on its body. It looked down and saw a much larger version of the serpentine mark on its stomach while the body of Naruto gained the same marking in the center of the original mark on his stomach.

[Outside World (Half an Hour Later)]

Naruto Uzumaki groaned as he slowly regained his consciousness. He brought up his right hand and rubbed his aching head as he rose from his lying position to a sitting one. "What happened…?" he asked as his eyes slowly opened and he saw himself inside of a small room with nothing more than a desk, a chair, and the bed he was on. "Where am I?"

"You're in our hideaway," answered a feminine voice, making him turn to see what was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. His face burned red and his voice left him, making her smirk slightly. "Eyes up here, Blondie."

"Ah! Sorry! Sorry!" he said as he jumped off the bed and turned away from her. "I didn't mean to look, honest!"

She couldn't help but find his panic cute. The young man was obviously new to the more adult things in life, but it just made him all the more desirable; especially to tease and bother. Deciding to mess with him, she slowly draped her arms over his shoulders and across his chest, making him turn red once more.

"Oh, that's too bad," she said in a fake pouty voice. "I was actually hoping you meant what your eyes were portraying. Am I ugly to you?"

As she expected, he panicked and cried out, "N-No! You're not ugly at all! You're probably the prettiest woman I've ever seen!"

To his surprise, she let him go and chuckled at his embarrassment. "Relax; I was just teasing you."

"Not cool, lady," he deadpanned with a small pout, making her smirk again.

"In any case, my name is Lust. I was told to take you to Father when you woke up, Envy."

"Envy? I'm not Envy," stated the blonde.

"All will be explained when you meet Father; now come on," she stated before she began to walk away.

The blonde reluctantly followed, mainly because he had no clue where he was or what was going on. 'Hey Kurama, you there?'

"Where else would I be?"

'Oi, no smartass comments! What the hell is going on?'

"Well…you almost died."


"Yea… You were caught in the blast created from our conjoined Bijuu Dama before your sensei warped you out of existence with that eye of his. It landed us here, but you were close to death. These people had you ingest something, but it tried to inhabit the seal alongside me. I got rid of it, but the creature called itself 'Envy', much like that woman is calling you."

'So, they're expecting me to be this "Envy" person? That's strange, but it's also suspicious…'

"That's right… Keep your guard and senses up, Naruto. Something is bound to happen real soon."


They arrived back in the room where "Father" resided and Naruto got his first look at the others. One thing was a definite cause for warning bells, and Kurama made it known. "They all have energies similar to Envy… But that blonde one sitting down has the largest source… He must be this 'Father' that Lust mentioned…"

"So, you're awake now," began "Father". "Good… Now I can waste no time and explain to you about what you are."

"What I am?" asked the Uzumaki in confusion.

"What he means kid," began the one in the vest, "is that you're not exactly 'human' anymore."

"And what exactly am I then?" asked Naruto with narrowed eyes.

"Simple; you are a Homunculus, an artificial human; however you were made differently than the others. You already had a body to begin with while they were made from nothing more than a mere thought; a whim," answered "Father".

"So…you're saying that they're just creations? But aren't all humans 'creations' as well; creations of Kami?"

"Kami?" asked the eye patch wearing one. "Is that what you refer to as 'God'?"

"Yea… Kami is our God and she watches over all of her creations…or at least that's what I was taught."

"We're getting off track," "Father" stated. "You are but the last of seven that I have made; the others are standing before you." He then motioned for the others to introduce themselves and the one in the military uniform spoke first.

"I am Wrath the Furious," he declared.

"Sloth…the Indolent," drawled out the giant one.

"The name's Greed; Greed the Avaricious," stated the one in the vest with a grin.

"Pride the Arrogant," the child like one introduced.

"Gluttony the V-," began the rotund one before he stopped short, his face filled with confusion. He tried to say the word he was associated with a few more times before he deflated and gave up. He turned to the golden eyed man and asked, "What's that word again, Father?"

"Voracious," answered the man.

"Yea that!" exclaimed the Homunculus.

Finally, the lone female smirked and said, "Lust the Lascivious."

"Which makes you 'Envy the Jealous'," declared "Father" to the Uzumaki.

"No, I'm not," retorted the whiskered blonde. "I'm not Envy; I'm me, and my name is Naruto Uzumaki!"

"So you say," was the counter. "But you are bound to me now, and you were given my Envy. So, you are to be called as such."

"Screw you, old man!" roared the Uzumaki, making the other Homunculi tense. "I'm not staying here any longer!" he continued as he leapt at the sitting blonde, unconsciously calling upon his inner energy to increase his punch.

Within the seal, Kurama frowned as the energy that took over Naruto's chakra pulsed and the feeling of Naruto's arm changing filled the fox's senses. Its red eyes widened slightly when the Uzumaki's arm surged with red electricity and changed into a large orange fox claw as long as he was tall.

The Uzumaki, fueled only by instinct, went for a slashing strike, but he was stopped when many pipes surged with the same red electricity and wrapped around his limbs much like binding ropes. He struggled to break free before he finally caught sight of his transformed limb.

"W-What the hell?!" he gasped out, making "Father" sigh.

"That is your power as my Jealous Sin; to take the form of anyone you wish to be in your envious desires." He then surprised everyone by jabbing his right hand directly into Naruto's stomach and surging his power, making red electricity course through Naruto painfully. "This will teach you not to try and disobey me anymore until I feel you do not need it any longer. Think of it as…a leash of sorts."

Within the seal, Kurama saw many red chains erupt from the ground and stab into the walls, making it narrow its eyes in annoyance and anger. "This won't be easy to break," it murmured.

Back with Naruto, he fell to the ground in a crumpled heap and groaned in pain as the electricity died down. "Do you understand now that you are bound to me?"

The Uzumaki's answer was a hate filled glare, but he reluctantly nodded.

"Good… Now, I have an assignment for you. You are to head to Ishval."

"And where…would that be?" asked the new Envy as he rose to his feet.

"Lust will show you when I'm finished giving you your assignment. I want you to go there…and start a war."

"S-Start a war?!" Naruto gasped out in pure shock.

"Yes… It's crucial to my plans for the future. Make sure you do it as an Amestrian so that the Ishvalans know who to blame. Amestris will have no choice but to send soldiers to the war front."

"But… But why?!"

"That is not your concern. Just do as I command," ordered "Father" before he had Lust take the Uzumaki back to the room he woke up in.

Lust placed a bundle of clothes into his arms and said, "Get dressed, and then I'll tell you where you need to go."

The blonde said nothing as his body moved on autopilot and began to change. Lust just leaned against the doorway, unconsciously eying his body as he changed.

'Not bad… Muscles are there, but they don't act as the main focus. His body is more of a runner's build than a body builder's.'

When the blonde was finished changing, he was seen in his old black sandals, blood red pants, and a black shirt with sleeves reaching his elbows. On the back of the shirt was a triangle pattern made of the same line and circle designs as the other Homunculi. The last thing was his old headband which he moved to his left arm.

"Good, the clothes suit you. Now, follow me and we'll get you started."

Naruto couldn't help but clench his fists and let loose a lone tear as he thought of what he was being forced to do. 'Whoever you are…I pray to Kami, or God, or whoever you pray to that you can forgive me…'

[Ishval (One Week Later)]

A blonde soldier of Amestris walked along the dirt roads of the Ishvalan community, regret filling his brown eyes. Naruto had changed his appearance slightly so that he wouldn't stand out, but it only made the feeling of what he was about to do even worse.

He looked around for a random person so that he could get his job over with…but all he saw was a small girl. He quickly looked for anyone else, but he saw no one.

To make things worse, the little girl stepped up to him with an innocent smile and greeted him, but he didn't respond. Instead, he let tears fall as he raised the small pistol he was given as standard army issue. He pointed the barrel at her and whispered, "I'm so sorry…"

The next thing anyone knew was the sound of a shot being fired.

(End Chapter)

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