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"Distorted Talk"




[Scene Shift]

Chapter 2: Sin Meets Sinners

Thirteen years had passed since the start of the Ishval War and the new Jealousy Incarnate sat on the floor in his room of the Homunculi hideout. His eyes appeared to be dead to anyone who looked into them as the thought of what he had done lingered in his thoughts, haunting him.

The look of innocence on that young Ishvalan girl's face before it changed to a look of shock at the sight of a gun barrel being pointed at her. The shock turned to fear before finally changing to that of emptiness as the bullet fired pierced her head and ended her life.

He shook his head for what felt like the hundredth time as he tried desperately to rid his mind of the image. Tears of regret threatened to spill as he hugged his knees to his body. He had never truly killed someone in cold blood before. Sure, he killed Kakuzu with his RasenShuriken, but the child he killed wasn't a criminal or anyone dangerous. She was just a poor girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and she paid for that with her life.

Kurama sighed sadly at his container and partner's guilt ridden mind. "Kid… I'm sorry," he muttered.

'Don't be, Kurama… It…It wasn't your fault. You didn't pull that trigger; I did…'

"No... Not that… I mean I'm sorry for…all of this; for everything you've been put through. If I hadn't been ensnared by that damn eye, none of this would've happened."

Naruto sighed at the fox's words before he entered his mindscape and weaved his way through the many red chains before he stood before the Bijuu. "You don't have to apologize for that… Now that I think about it, if you never were sealed into me then we wouldn't have become friends. You'd still be full of anger and hatred and I'd be ignorant to it all." The blonde raised his fist and the fox slowly brought his own to bump it. "In truth, I'm glad you were sealed into me. I probably wouldn't be anywhere near as strong as I was if I never knew you."

The fox closed his eyes a small chuckle. "I suppose the life I've lived sealed into you wasn't that bad… Still could've been better, but not bad…"

The two shared a laugh at the joke before an air of seriousness filled the mindscape. "Something's happened to my chakra, hasn't it?" asked the blonde as both looked to the pipes on the ceiling. "It feels like I've lost my connection to it, and the color has changed."

"You can blame that on the Philosopher Stone that was merged into your body. Its energy has taken over your chakra, which resulted in you losing it."

"Shouldn't I be dead then?"

"No… At least, you wouldn't be. Due to the seal taking some of my chakra, and the stone supplying you with life, you're not dead."

"Okay… But if I can't use chakra, how am I supposed to stand a chance against that bastard who turned me into his Envy? All I can do is transform into things, and I don't even know the limits of it. Not to mention that 'leash' he said I now have."

"I have a theory," began Kurama as he raised himself on his haunches, bringing his humanoid forepaws together in a ram seal. "Focus back on the outside. I need you out there to see if this works."

The blonde nodded and left his mindscape before he felt the familiar rush of energy through his body; the feeling of chakra being focused. 'I feel it, Kurama…'

"I thought so… It seems that, with the two of us being bound by that strange mark, my chakra allows you to use jutsu and chakra. But, I believe that I will be the one who needs to focus and make the seals needed for it to be possible. For example: Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Naruto felt a rush of energy before a plume of dark red smoke appeared next to him, revealing a perfect clone. The two stared at one another before grinning and saying in tandem, "Sweet…"

"So, it seems our lives are now completely symbiotic since I need you to stay alive to live, you need me to provide you chakra live, and the mark links our souls far more than the original seal did."

'I see… How many jutsu do you remember? And can we still use the Rasengan?'

"I remember the basics of the Rasengan, but you could easily have a clone do it since they still listen to you. As for other jutsu," the fox began before it began to chuckle proudly. "I believe I know enough to give you a decent arsenal."

'Awesome! This coexistence we have will probably be a bigger boon than we thought!'

"Indeed… Now, we'll talk more later. One of the Homunculi are coming."

Mentally nodding, Naruto had Kurama dispel the clone before his door opened and Pride was seen in the doorway. "Father is calling for us, Envy."

The Uzumaki scowled at that and followed the child-looking Homunculus while muttering that his name wasn't Envy. Pride ignored him and led him to "Father" and the other Homunculi. "Glad you could join us, my children. Now then, I believe it's time we see how Envy fairs against the rest of you."

The others had varying emotions on their faces ranging from calm, confident, and confused. As for Naruto, his eyes were narrowed in suspicion and he asked, "What are you getting at, Teme?"

One of the things Naruto loved about the lack of linguistic knowledge between his natural language and theirs was that they had no idea what he was calling them; although he was still curious as to how he could even speak their language.

"What I'm saying is that I need to know if you'd be able to survive long enough out there without having to rely on your shape shifting. To do this, I'll have you face each of your siblings in single person combat. The first to 'die' loses."

"Hold up! 'First to die'?! You want us to kill each other?!"

Lust turned to him and explained, "We, as Homunculi and beings made of Philosopher Stones, have more than one 'life'. We can 'die', but the Stone will bring us back…so long as it has enough life energy to provide."

"Life energy?" asked a perplexed blonde.

"Idiot," Greed said in a condescending manner. "The Stones are made from the souls and life forces of hundreds, if not thousands, of human lives. It's through them that we have so many 'lives' of our own."

Crystal blue eyes widened in horror at the revelation. Shakily gripping his shirt over his seal, he whispered, "Hundreds of people…sealed into a Stone inside of me…"

Horror turned to rage as his eyes changed from blue to bloody crimson while his whisker markings deepened into what looked to be jagged scars. He glared at "Father" and growled out in a voice that sounded like it was joined by another, "You bastards sacrificed thousands of peoples' lives and use their lives for your own selfish desires?! And now I have the very product of your acts sealed into me?!"

At Naruto's and Kurama's oppressive aura, Pride, Wrath, and "Father" narrowed their eyes, Gluttony looked worried and nervous, Sloth seemed to actually pay attention, Greed had a crazed grin on his face, and Lust's eyes gleamed as a smirk came to her face and her tongue licked her lips.

"What's the big deal?" Greed asked with his grin growing. "So what if we use their lives? So long as we're free to do as we please, I'll use every life for what it's worth and take everything I want!"

Naruto glared at him as his pupils changed into needle thin slits, making his eyes look to be feline or vulpine in nature. "Father", seeing that this would allow him to see how strong Naruto was, decided to let things just play out and nodded to Greed. The Incarnate of Avarice grinned even further at that and allowed red lightning to surge around his body, changing it into that of a black skinned creature with large lower fangs, claws, and rough looking skin.

"Let's do this, then," Greed stated as he rushed the blonde.

Naruto, at Kurama's urging, relinquished his control on the chakra given to him and let his features return to normal. His blue eyes narrowed at Greed's charging form and he crouched into a low stance, letting the creature get closer. When it was close enough, the blonde bent even lower, spun his body, and released a kick upward in a manner reminiscent of a taijutsu enthusiast he easily considered a friend.

Unfortunately, the kick lacked the proper amount of power to knock back Greed. In fact, the blonde noticed that he didn't even appear to feel the blow at all. "Is that it?" taunted the Avaricious Sin as he grabbed the blonde's ankle and swung him around, throwing him toward a wall.

The Uzumaki flipped himself in midflight and landed on the wall by his feet before he kicked off of it, calling upon his sinful power. To the eyes of the others, he changed into a cobra that darted in midflight around Greed's form, wrapping around his body and right arm. Using the pure muscle body that his snake form provided, Naruto forced Greed's arm to swing his fist into his face. Greed moved his head away from every strike before Naruto released his hold and transformed into a large toad that was the same size as Gamakichi when he fought Pein.

Greed scowled at the amphibian before he went for a jumping dropkick to its face. The toad smirked and expanded its throat incredibly wide, making the kick sink into the skin and shoot the kicker into the pipe covered walls. Without warning, the toad's tongue shot forward like a missile and wrapped around Greed before the Homunculus was slammed repeatedly into the ground. After around the tenth slam, the toad stopped and allowed everyone to see Greed's head buried into the concrete like a frightened ostrich.

The toad transformed back into Naruto who slowly stalked the Avaricious Sin. 'Kurama…' he mentally called out, making the fox nod with a large grin.

"Right…" he replied before his humanoid forepaws went through three handseals that he had seen plenty of times through Naruto's eyes. "Hold out your right hand…"

Naruto did so and, to both his surprise and the other Homunculi, red lightning surged in his palm accompanied by the sound of thousands of chirping birds. With a narrowing of his eyes, he disappeared in a blur and plunged his hand straight through a recovered Greed's armored skin. If the sight of the jutsu surprised the Homunculi, seeing it pierce straight through the "Ultimate Shield" without issue practically had them gob smacked.

"Chidori," he whispered, though everyone else heard him. Greed coughed up blood from the strike, some of it hitting Naruto in the face.

His eyes narrowed further in disgust before he booted Greed off of his arm, slipping right through the hole he made. He flicked it to the side, sending all of the blood off of his limb before his glaring eyes turned to "Father".

"Next," he declared simply.

Pride, being the Sin he was made of, took offence to that and sent his shadows at Naruto. Cerulean eyes stared at the approaching masses of energy apathetically before he was pierced by them all. Pride smirked before his face turned to one of surprise when Naruto was engulfed in smoke and a punctured pipe was in his place.

"This should be fun/This should be fun," Naruto and Kurama declared at the same time; the Bijuu with a grin after a successful use of the Replacement Jutsu.

Pride's eyes widened in shock and he turned just in time for Naruto to snatch him by his throat and squeeze. Due to his childish size, Pride lacked the physical strength to pry Naruto's hand off. Instead, he saw Naruto's eyes shift into those reminiscent of a serpent. His skin turned pale, his hair long and black, and his outfit was strangely covered by a purple tied rope.

'As much as I hate this bastard, his presence still makes me uneasy. So, it should do the same to these Homunculi, right?'

"I'd believe that..."

"Kukukuku…" chuckled Naruto in the voice of Orochimaru. "Let's begin then…"

Pride was released from the grip, but was unable to block the spin kick that Orochimaru delivered with an unbelievable twist of his body. As the child looking Sin stood up and glared at the man, the snake whispered out the rest of his statement.

"…with our lives on the line," he finished while pulling down his right eye while Kurama flared his chakra in the form of raw killing intent.

A wave of dread washed over Pride and he saw visions of himself being killed in various ways; most of them too gruesome to withstand. He froze in pure terror while Naruto lazily pulled out one of the few kunai he had left on his person when he arrived in this world and lazily threw it.

The blade pierced the Sin right between the eyes and eliminated one of his many lives. Orochimaru licked his lips with his snake like tongue before he turned back into Naruto. The blonde shuddered after he was back to normal. "I don't think I'll ever get used to being him."

"You played the part perfectly though… How is that?"

'I don't know… I just somehow…knew how to act like him.'

"Maybe the power of Envy gives you basic knowledge on the personalities of the people you turn into…"

'That's as good an explanation as any…'

"Who's next?" Naruto asked with his arms crossed.

"Father" looked to his "children" and both Gluttony and Sloth backed away; one in fear and the other due to seeing it as pointless. Lust had her eyes fixed on Naruto with her lips curled slightly into a smirk. When she met "Father's" gaze, she just shrugged and moved to stand next to her two "brothers".

Wrath sighed and stepped forward with his lone sword drawn. "I suppose it's my turn then."

"That it is," Naruto said before his head tilted questioningly. "So, what 'Ultimate' do you carry?"

The Sin of Fury didn't answer verbally. Instead, he calmly removed his eye patch, showing a scarred eye that had the Ouroboros symbol as its pupil. "I have what you could call the 'Ultimate Eye'."

Hearing that, Naruto – and even Kurama – couldn't help but palm his face with a groan. "Oh Kami-sama, there's a dojutsu here too?!"

"Dojutsu? And what would that be?" asked the blonde Sin Maker.

"They're eyes that have different powers; depending on the eye you have," answered the Uzumaki. "So, what does yours do?"

"You'll have to come at me to find out," Wrath answered with his "good" eye closed, much like Kakashi did whenever he used his Sharingan.

"I see… Well then, allow me to fight with the dojutsu of my home," stated Naruto before he used his power to transform into a young man with dark hair that spiked up in the back. He wore a gray zip-up shirt that had a high collar and dark blue pants with a blue cloth hanging from halfway up his stomach to his knees. He also wore black arm guards that covered his forearms and stretched up to reach his upper biceps. The outfit was finished with a purple rope belt around his waist that had its knot and loops tied in the front while a red and white fan symbol was seen on the back of his shirt.

The young man opened his closed eyes, showing blood red orbs with three black tomoe markings in each one that slowly spun in a hypnotic way. "This was known as the Sharingan… It was an eye with far too many powers to even begin explaining, but the easiest one to remember was its ability to predict movements in mid battle. The person I am portraying is one of the bearers of this dojutsu that I have fought many times in my life; Sasuke Uchiha."

Wrath narrowed his open eye at the Uchiha, slowly growing angry at the look of apathy and boredom on his face. Deciding to begin the fight, he rushed the transformed Sin at impressive speed; one that defied his "age" by a long shot.

Sasuke kept his look of boredom as he weaved through all of the sword strikes, misdirecting the ones that got close with a kunai, before he caught the tip of the blade with the ring of his knife. Red eyes met a lone Ouroboros one before the Uchiha spoke. "Is this all your 'Ultimate Eye' has to offer? Pathetic…"

As soon as he finished, he dropped to a crouch and performed a sweep kick, knocking Wrath off of his feet while the kick continued its spin and knocked away the sword. As Wrath got back to his feet, Sasuke transformed into someone else.

The person was another young man, but this one had long brown hair that was tied near the end, pale almost blank eyes, and a calm expression. He wore a white shirt with loose sleeves, closed on the right shoulder, with a fastener running down the right part of the chest, matching pants, with a dark navy grey apron tied around his waist and black open toed sandals.

When the new person looked to Wrath, the veins around his eyes bulged and a strange design appeared in the pale pupils of his eyes. "This is Neji Hyuuga, a wielder of the dojutsu known as the Byakugan. This eye was able to see into the bodies of its targets and point out the weak points of their inner energies and their physical bodies, such as bones, muscles, and nerves." He then set himself in a stance that had his arms raised slightly with the middle and pointer fingers extended in both hands.

Wrath, with a scowl on his face, picked up his sword and readied to face the new "face" of Envy. "Tell me, how many more people are there that have these 'dojutsu' you're explaining about?"

Neji kept his stance as he answered, "The Uchiha and the Hyuuga were clans in my world that had many members; though I don't know how many members of each clan were capable of using their dojutsu. However, there's one last one that I haven't mentioned yet, and the wielder was a member of my own clan; the Uzumaki."

Wrath nodded while the others listened to the conversation. "Father" grew more and more intrigued with the Uzumaki's home world, but he scowled at the fact that he knew not how to get there. 'No matter… With one of them here, and serving as one of my children, this world will be mine.'

Neji started things off this time by sprinting towards Wrath, mentally having Kurama cover his hands with chakra so he wouldn't get cut. Wrath responded against Neji's attack with his sword and a small knife that he pulled from behind his belt. Flashes of silver were seen as the weapons swung at the Sin of Jealousy furiously, but the transformed Sin was easily able to see each strike and block them with his chakra laced hands.

Deciding to try something that the person he was portraying was famous for, the new Envy struck at Wrath's chest with a chakra strike, his two fingers jabbing against cloth and skin and pushing back the elderly looking Sin. Wrath was sent to the floor, coughing up blood and spit from his damaged body.

"What you are feeling is a side effect of the Hyuuga Clan's famous fighting style; the Jyuken, or Gentle Fist. That's two dojutsu down…"

The new Envy transformed once again into a young adult male. This one had red hair that fell over his head like a mop, covering his right eye. The left eye was strange to the others; grayish purple with black rings in a ripple like pattern that covered both the pupil and the sclera. His skin was deathly pale, almost white, and he wore nothing more than a red zip-up robe with tan coloring on the inside.

"…One to go. This man is Nagato Uzumaki, and this last dojutsu that he bears is said to be the most powerful; the Rinnegan. It was said to be the eyes of the only person to be revered as a god in my world. Like the Sharingan, this eye has too many abilities to go into, but it is insanely powerful. Fortunately for you, Wrath, I am not a natural wielder of any of these eyes; so I cannot use their power against you. But," he began before he raised an open hand at the Sin, on the request of Kurama, "I can try to mimic it."

Kurama grinned darkly as he surged chakra into Nagato's outstretched arm in the form of pure force. The result was a near perfect replica of Nagato's Almighty Push, only this one had a red hue to its force instead of no coloring at all. However, Wrath still felt the power from the technique, as shown when he flew from its force into a wall behind him while his weapons flew as well and stabbed into him; the knife into his leg and the sword into his throat.

Nagato nodded in satisfaction before he reverted back into Naruto, who popped his neck and crossed his arms. "Well, you saw how I fight… Satisfied, Teme?"

"Father" merely nodded and answered, "Yes, I believe I've seen plenty… Now that I know what you're capable of, I know what kinds of assignments I can give you. Your first assignment is to head out to the desert with Lust and Gluttony. Look for the oasis city of Reole and convince someone to take command of the people."

"Why do we need to do that, Father?" asked Lust as she and Gluttony stood next to Naruto, though Gluttony still looked afraid of the blonde.

"The city is one of the main points of interest that my plan for the future needs. It's imperative that you make sure to maintain a hold on it, or else the plan will be in jeopardy."

"Okay… But what the hell do you expect us to do there; have some random fucker take over?" asked Naruto in annoyance. He still felt the "leash" that was on him shocking his core every now and then whenever "Father" looked to be disapproving of his actions or words. Kami, he wanted the "leash" to be removed.

"If that's what it takes, then yes. Now, in one week you three are to go and get it done." They all nodded and made to leave. However, "Father" had one last comment. "Oh, and if you both happen to find any alchemists, especially ones that perform without a circle of some kind…be sure to keep them alive and well in case they're the ones I happen to be looking for."

Lust and Gluttony nodded while Naruto narrowed his eyes suspiciously. Deciding to see what happens, he went to his room and decided to get started on a project he had been thinking of.

After all, even if he had no idea of how to return home, he didn't want to forget about the people he grew to care for.

[One Week Later]

Lust was nearing Naruto's room to get him for their assignment. The week for her had been filled with nothing more than taking random walks in Amestris, the city they lived under, and thinking of the blonde Sin. He intrigued her with her actions, his knowledge of his world, and his personality. He seemed so spirited and fiery against "Father", but he also showed remorse for things that he did; something that no other Homunculi has done.

She couldn't help but frown as she remembered the near dead and haunted look in his eyes when he began the war in Ishval. It didn't sit well with her and she couldn't help but feel as though that look should never be on his face. She wondered why she was feeling these things.

Her thoughts were taken away from her when she opened Naruto's door and witnessed a redheaded woman seated before him as he painted her image. Her eyes moved to the walls and she saw dozens of other paintings or various people, each with a smile on their face that seemed natural to them. She spotted a nail hanging by itself next to a painting of a blonde man that looked almost exactly like Naruto but with little differences. Under his painting was a tag that had strange writing underneath it while the empty space had a tag underneath it as well.

She focused back on Naruto and the woman and saw that she was very beautiful. She had long red hair that would reach her ankles if she was standing, stunning violet eyes, and a natural figure that many women would kill for. She was dressed in black open toed sandals, a dark green dress over a tan short sleeved blouse, and she had a black clip that parted her hair to the left.

Her eyes moved to the painting and saw that Naruto was finished with shading her hair in the same vibrant red as the original before he set the brush and color pad down and, to Lust's shock, disappeared in a plume of smoke.

"Something you need, Lust?" asked the redhead in a cool voice and blank eyes. It was obvious to the female Sin that the woman was not in the mood for chit chat.

But, she couldn't help but want to dig for information. "That's a new one, Naruto." Out of all the Homunculi, Lust was the only one to call him by his real name; something he was thankful for.

"…Thanks," answered the redhead. "It's my mother…Kushina." Kushina then waved her arm to the other paintings and said, "I've been painting the people I knew and saw as precious to me so that I never forget them. I saved my parents for last since I met them last…and it was a onetime meeting for each."

Lust's eyes went back to the painting of the blonde man before looking back to Kushina questioningly.

Understanding what she was silently asking, she explained, "My father, Minato Namikaze. I keep my last name Uzumaki since it was the name my mother wanted me to have. My father didn't mind me not having his last name since he was just happy to call me 'son'."

"I see… I have to admit, I'm a little jealous myself, Kushina," Lust said with a smirk. "Your figure and beauty almost make me look plain."

Kushina rubbed her head sheepishly before she transformed back into Naruto. "Yea… Mom was beautiful… I would always imagine her smiling at me every day after I met her. I've always dreamed what it'd be like if she was alive and raised me."

"Raised you? Were you an orphan?"

Realizing he'd said too much, Naruto placed the unfinished painting on his bed and walked out of the room with Lust in tow. "We have an assignment to complete…"

Lust took this as a sore subject for him and decided to respect it. After all, he was the most interesting of all her "brothers" and she didn't want to get on his bad side.

Not after witnessing what he did to the three he easily bested a week prior.

[Reole (A Month Later)]

Naruto and Lust sat at an open air bar in the oasis city, each with a nice glass of water. They had arrived to the city to find it without any type of leading body and Lust was quick to con an unsuspecting man into starting up a "Church of Leto" under the name of Father Cornello.

Naruto shook his head sadly at remembering how quick the people of the city looked up to their "saint" like sheep to a shepherd. It seemed that hope – even false hope – was more sought out than nothingness.

His thoughts were interrupted by two figures sitting at the bar. One of them wore nothing more than a full suit of armor and only had bright reddish pink eyes visible in the eye holes. The other was a teen with golden hair styled in a braided ponytail. He wore a red coat over a black shirt, black pants, and black boots with a red trim. His hands were covered in white gloves and his coat had a strange symbol on it; a cross with a crown on top, a pair of wings, and a winding serpent. His golden eyes twitched in annoyance and sweat dripped from his head, making Naruto easily deduce that the heat was affecting him.

"I hate deserts," he muttered to his armored companion. "It's nothing but sand and heat and more sand."

"Brother, you've been complaining about it for the past hour. Try to relax," the other one replied in the voice of a young teen, surprising Naruto and Lust. The voice sounded far younger than the height of the figure suggested. The guy had to be at least six feet!

"Al, you know how I am with heat!" the blonde retorted angrily. "Not everyone is as resilient as you!

The newly named Al chuckled at his brother's plight. "I know Ed… I know."

Blue eyes watched them closely, sensing something…off about the two of them. Naruto hummed in thought before he noted, 'Better keep an eye on them… They could play a big part later.'

"Indeed..." agreed Kurama.

(End Chapter)

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