A/N: Hello, all! This is my very first fan fiction and naturally, it's not perfect. I proof-read the chapter before posting, but no one's perfect.

For this story, I put myself in the place of Commander Shepard, though I'm very confused about everything in the beginning, as you're about to read.

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"Commander. Commander. Commander!"

It was a faint noise. It sounded far away, but it was quickly getting louder. By the third time the name was called, my eyes opened. "What the-" I was cut off when I looked up to see…Garrus?

"Finally! What is it you humans say? Rise and shine?" Garrus chuckled, his arms crossed while his scarred face looked down at me. Quickly, I sat up straight, looking around. I'm in the captain's quarters of the Normandy SR-2! How?! I looked at Garrus, who seemed to be confused by my reaction.

"Did you just call me 'Commander'?" I asked slowly. Garrus nodded slowly and looked at me as if I had three heads. "Well yeah, you ARE the only commander on board this ship, that is unless there's another clone of you running around, in which case we have a little problem." Typical Garrus response, I thought.

"Wait a minute, what about Commander Shepard?" I asked. Garrus blinked, staying silent for a moment before answering, "Who's Commander Shepard? I've never heard the name in my life, Commander Jackie."

I nearly fell off the couch that I was sitting on and looked at him. "Commander Jackie?!" I burst out, taking some deep breaths. "Um…Jackie? Are you okay? Running a fever? Suffering brain damage from Joker's singing?" Garrus asked. Slowly, I stood up and looked down at myself. Yep, I'm wearing my N7 hoodie and sweats. I ran to the bathroom, looking in the mirror. I looked the same except for the fact that I'm wearing N7 clothing, and on the Normandy SR-2, and talking to Garrus Vakarian, and…and… "Oh my God!" I gasped, stumbling back into the wall while still looking myself in the mirror. "What's wrong? Is this one of your 'lady problems' you humans tend to have?" Garrus asked from across the room.

I took some deep breaths, walking out as calmly as I could and shook my head. "No, no. Just…need to wake up a bit more." I said, running my hand through my hair. Garrus nodded slowly. "Well, if you don't mind, I have some calibrations that need to get done. Take it easy, Jackie." he said as he walked out into the elevator.

Once he was gone, I closed my door and paced the room. "Okay…I'm in Mass Effect. Looks to be the third one." I mutter to myself while pacing, trying to gather my thoughts. "I'm the commander. Awesome. Great. I have to defeat the Reapers…" I said slowly before stopping in front of the fish tank. "I have to beat the REAPERS?! And bring all the races TOGETHER TO DO SO?!" I yelled then, grabbing my hair. "Oh my GOD. How am I going to do this!? Back at home I could barely talk to a couple of neighbors without making a fool of myself, let alone a whole galaxy!" I cried out. Once again I started taking some deep breaths, letting go of my hair slowly and dropping my arms to my sides. "Alright, get yourself together. You've played this game many times. Just do what you would do with Commander Shepard." I reasoned with myself, pacing again around the room. "Alright, I can do this." I finally answered.

I fixed my hair into a neat pony tail, making sure I looked presentable and not like I just had a mini mental breakdown. While looking into the mirror, I grinned to myself. "I get to meet the crew. In person!" I finally said to myself. "Every Mass Effect fan's dream!" That's when I realized this might not be so bad.