Chapter 1

"Hey, Simon wake up." Clary said as she shook the said male's shoulder gently. Simon continued to snore peacefully, ignorant to Clary's attempts to wake him. "Ugh, this vampire is so stubborn! Hmmm," Clary thought. She strode over to her kitchen and opened the pantry where the vegetables were stored. She shoved aside the sack of potatoes and reached for a white plastic bag. She stuck her hand inside and pulled out a clove of garlic. "This should do the trick." she smiled smugly, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

She crept over to Simon and placed the garlic clove in front of his face. Once he got a whiff of the clove, Simon began sneezing uncontrollable. Clary stumbled backwards as Simon abruptly stood up startling her. She quickly regained her composure as Simon looked towards her, finally realizing the source of the garlic smell. His eyes narrowed at Clary menacingly. "Morning, sleepy head. I see your finally awake." she said smirking. Simon huffed annoyed, "What the hell? You know ever since I became a vampire, I've become allergic to garlic. Why'd you wake me up?"

"Don't you remember? It's Izzy's birthday party at the Institution today." Clary stated as if it was obvious. Simon scratched his head in confusion, trying to remember. "Uh, yea sure." he said unsurely.

"Simon, did you even get her a gift?" Clary asked incredulously. Simon's eyes widened nervously.

"Do I have to?" Simon whined. Clary gave him an are-you-seriously-kidding-me-right-now look. She stood in front of Simon and knocked her knuckles against his forehead. "Oww." he whined holding his forehead and pretending to hurt. "What the fuck was that for?"

"Well, you're a vampire and your dead, so I was wondering if your brain was dead too." she shrugged indifferently.

"It is not dead!" Simon exclaimed defensively. "…it's just slow, I just woke up. Besides, I'll get her a gift right now."

"You can't. Her party is right now, idiot." Clary stated. Simon froze in place, "What?!" he shrieked as a string of profanities followed. He paced around the room worriedly, knowing that Isabelle would kill him if she knew he had forgotten about her birthday. Clary watched with amusement as Simon paced the room. She was taken aback when Simon suddenly stopped in front of her and grabbed her by the shoulders, yelling, "Clary!"

"Y-yeah?" she stuttered shocked.

"Let me tag along on your gift!" Simon smiled gleefully at his plan. He skipped around Clary singing, "I'm saved! I'm saved! Lalalala."

"No you aren't." Clary deadpanned. "Come on let's go were going to be late."

"Wh-what? Why?" Simon cried as he bounded after Clary. Clary looked at him wearily, "Because."

"Because?" Simon wondered. Clary tried to ignore him as he tugged on her sweater while she tried hailing a taxi.

"Because I paid for it and was a good enough friend to get Izzy one." she replied as-a-matter-of-factly. A taxi finally pulled up in front of Clary, so she opened the door and stepped inside. Simon quickly followed and shut the door. He latched on to Clary's arm tugging on her like a little child. "I'll pay you back. Please? Pleaseeee?"

The driver turned to Clary and asked, "Miss, what's the address?" Clary gave the driver the address of the institute, the street and number rolling off her tongue familiarly.

Simon continued on with his desperate antics trying to get Clary to agree, even the driver was beginning to get annoyed as well. Clary growled in frustration, "Shut up, Simon! ALRIGHT! You can tag along on my gift!" Simon cheered and pumped his fist in the air triumphantly. "You owe me one." Clary grumbled, crossing her arms. "Thank you! I love you!" Simon praised while squeezing Clary in a tight hug. Clary squirmed trying to get out of the constricting embrace, but soon gave up.

The driver chuckled as he glanced at them in the rear view mirror. "You know, Miss, you and your boy friend are quite a cute couple." he commented. Simon stared at the driver dumbfounded and immediately loosened his grip on Clary. He moved his arms away and placed them beside him. He looked out the window suddenly interested in the scenery of New York. Simon blushed profusely as he tried to act like he wasn't affected by what the driver said. Clary oblivious to Simon's actions, laughed at the driver's comment. "We're just friends." Clary smiled, used to the assumption.

Simon smiled sadly, "Yeah, we're just friends."

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