It was one of those nights, just like the first one at the hospital, his night was plagued with nightmares. It started when he was in the workshop when the air vents leaked a white gas that made him want to sleep. He tried so hard to keep his eyes open but he fell from his chair and fell asleep. The last thing he saw was a pair of heels and some combat boots.

His nightmares were worse with the mix of white gas and his sleep being a minimal of 3 hours in the last three days. His nightmare was him fighting the rest of the Avengers.

A Greek myth detailed the death of a hunter, he had looked on Artemis while she was bathing and because of his actions she turned him into a dear. The hunter was torn apart by his own hunting dogs, and as he fought the avengers that is what he was reminded of.

Sounds were everywhere, Steve told him he wasn't worthy enough to be an avenger, Natasha said she knew he wouldn't be anyone, Thor said he had no honor and Clint roared saying he was worse than Loki. The hulk chimed in with "Hulk smash Puny Metal Man!" He tried to explain but he had to dodge Caps shield.

He turned on his sonic blast and shot at the avengers making sure not to hurt anyone. That's when it happened, he was thrown from the air onto the ground with a sickening thud. His armor was of no use now.

The Hulk was above him, tearing off his armor and slamming his fist down onto Tony's chest. Tony screamed in pain. "Hulk stand down." Steve said but when he looked over at Steve's face, it wasn't a face of a friend, but it was as if he was the enemy.

"Yeah, give others a turn." Natasha smiled wickedly and took out one of her knives, one that Tony had made especially for her, and cut off one of Tony's fingers.

Tony screamed again and he heard a chorus of laughter. He felt all of them on him at once, The Hulk with his fists, Steve with his shield, Thor with his hammer, Natasha with her knives and Clint with his arrows. He turned his head and saw Pepper crying as she said "How could you?" The other girls were around her holding her and glaring at him, he looked up at the sky and gave up, letting death take him.

That's when he woke up screaming.