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"Steady, steady"

They almost dropped the exact amount of 0.73ml of liquid lead into their formula until…

BAM! Someone came crashing through the window and it made the sisters jump causing some of the lead not go into the solution which made it turn into sickening color of green and brown.

"Johnny!" the twins yelled in unison at their brother standing up to brush of some dust and glass off his clothes. Johnny just took a quick glance at them as he let out a disappointed look on them, "Uh, you might wanna fix that or else you'd be grounded" and with that he started his jetpack and flew off the window causing more shards of glass to break.

"We really should stop doing favors for him," Mary watched her brother flew out of sight leaving a trail of flame colored smoke behind him. Johnny just asked them to make him a jetpack that leaves a cool patterned smoke as he flies by, which was oddly enough they just finished making one.

"Agreed, now let's get back to work" the other twin, Susan grabbed the earlier solution and threw it, grabbing another vile of the solutions they'll be using.


"Is so,"

"Fun!" Johnny twirled around the air leaving visible traces of smoke. His dog watched at him go and wanting to go flying too he raised his arm-ehem-paws, then waves at him. "No fair I wanna go too!" Johnny swooped down and grabbed his dog by is paws and they flew around the air writing his name in cool flame patterns of smoke.

"Let's head to the park," Dukey suggested, "Great Idea"

The pair started dashing to the park when the jetpack began coughing out some smoke, meaning it was out of gas. Then as senseless as he was he began pressing the start button over and over again. The equipment shook roughly then Johnny lost his grip on Dukey which made him fall to a tree.

"I'm okay" he raised out a thumb as assurance. Meanwhile, Johnny began to fly uncontrollably letting out screams here and there. He stayed like that for a good 3 minutes when Dukey finally got down from the tree.

"Oh no, Johnny!" the dog exclaimed clutching his head worrying about his distressed owner. He began to run towards the Test household to call for the sisters leaving Johnny still swirling around uncontrollably, then after a few seconds the machine let out its last puff of smoke and it led him ricocheting down and down in a diagonal path.

Before he could yell "Watch out!" he already hit someone and he fell on top of him/her. Johnny quickly stood up and apologized quickly to the person and found that he hit a brunette who doesn't seem all familiar. There was ice cream on the tip of her hair and her clothes but mostly on her neck which Johnny assumed that she must've bought ice cream.

"Look I'm really sorry and I-,"

"Johnny! Are you alright?" his sisters came with his dog. "Took you long enough, fix this" he shoved the jetpack into Mary's arms. "We come here all worried that you might get stuck swirling in that jetpack for eternity and this is how you greet us?!" Susan shrieked right in her brother's face.

"Ugh…" the almost-forgotten-girl-whom-Johnny-crash-landed-with, groaned in disgust as she wiped off the ice cream from her hair. All turned to her in her messed up ice cream state and then Mary gave Johnny a look of 'did you say sorry?' and as if Johnny read her face, "Of course I said sorry!"

"Then why do you sound so defensive?" Susan raised an eyebrow at him. "He did say sorry" all eyes turned to the girl again who stood up, her hair still dripping from ice cream. "My name's Silvia by the way" she stuck out an open hand to them that has ice cream smeared on it which earned disgusted looks from the Test siblings.

"Oh, right" she sheepishly wiped her arm on her t-shirt and turned her attention to them. For a few seconds no one said a word and Susan and Mary both broke the silence by letting out a small cough.

"I'm Susan" "I'm Mary" the two said in sync they noticed Johnny just blinking at them and before the two could say something Dukey nudged him "Ow! Okay, fine" he sighed then introduced himself briefly "Hey, I'm Johnny" sounding uninterested.

"And I'm Dukey" the dog proudly displayed himself which made Silvia cock an eyebrow "Did that dog just talk?" she asked the group. "You're hallucinating" they all said at the same time.

"Ok then see you around nice meeting you," she bid then ran off leaving little splatters of ice cream. Silvia took a sidelong glance at them as she flashed a creepy smile at Johnny.

"Well I gotta say that smile-looked creepy" Dukey commented as the siblings walked home.

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