So... It's my first English and Winx Club Fanfic. I hope you'll like it. I'd love to read some advises if you have or just reviews.

Bloom's PoV

All I saw was darkness. I can't see anything else than darkness, not even my hand. I felt weak and it was like my magic was gone. Where was I? I tried to walk but I couldn't take one step, I was just standing there and waiting, waiting until anything would happen. It felt like hours to me but then there was a light and my family appeared. My birth parents, my adoptive parents, Daphne and even Kiko, Lockette and…. Sky… I smiled and tried to go towards to them but I couldn't move and then they disappeared. No matter how strong I tried they just went so far away from me and then…. they were gone… I was alone…. again….. in the darkness…. I felt tears running down my face…. I can't help and screamed their names, again and again but nothing happened until I fell. I fell and don't know what really happened… I just fell and screamed…

Daphne's PoV

I sat together with my parents at the table for breakfast and we were waiting for Bloom but she didn't come.

"I wonder where Bloom is", my father said.

"I will go and check", I said and go upstairs to her room. I was wondering too…. Sure, Bloom is sometimes a bit… sloppy … but she never slept that long. I wanted to knock at her door but then I heard her screaming and crying so I just ran into her room and saw her, sleeping in her bed and be restless. She was rolling in her bed, breathing hard, crying and screaming. I went over to her and shook her body.

"Bloom! Bloom! Wake up!" I tried and luckily she started up, looking weird around her, still breathing hard and tears falling down and although her body was shaking. I was really worried but didn't know what I should do.

"Bloom… it's all okay," I tried to calm her down and wrapped my arms around her body. She leaned her head against my shoulder and tried to calm down but she was still crying and sobbing. So I just hold her, stroke her red windswept hair und whispered in her ear:

I am the Great Dragon.
I want to see your smile.
I am over 7000 years old,
Really young for a dragon.

I will help you wherever I can,
Making fire for you.
I will make you a fried egg,
And when you are hungry even two.

I have shiny red skin –
I am the most beautiful dragon.
A long and tall body to protect
And carrying eyes to watch over you.

I boil your bath water,
I carry you on my arm.
Will fly with you to the moon,
and you won't forget it.

We will sit in the meadow the whole day,
Telling stories.
Although it's my favorite thing to do,
I know a lot to tell to you.

I will help you wherever I can,
Making fire for you.
I will make you a fried egg,
And when you are hungry even two.

All the other dragons are dead,
They've lost their heads.
Because people think we are evil,
They tried to get rid of us.

Only I had luck,
I know a good trick.
Can be small like an ice crystal,
Or big as the universe.

I am the Great Dragon,
The smartest of all.
I am over 7000 years old,
And like to see your smile.

I will help wherever I can….
Do you like fried eggs? I can make something else but just fried.
I am the Great Dragon and who are you?


While I telling her this story I felt how she calmed down. After I finished I saw a little smile in her face.

"I remember this…" she whispered, "You and Mum told me this when I couldn't sleep or when I was crying..."

I nodded, still stroking her hair.

"What have you dreamed little girl?" I asked in a low voice.

She sniffed and took a deep breath and then she told me about her dream.

"Oh Bloom," I said softly, "You'll never be alone."
She nodded and I kissed her forehead and she smiled a little.

"I love you Daphne."
"I love you too, little girl."
"Oh, don't call me a little girl, you're not looking older than me."
"True, but I am older, so you are my little girl, little sis," I giggled and she just sighed annoyed.

"So, get and dress up."
"Yeah, yeah…"

She stood up and I went to the door.

"Yeah?" I looked in her eyes.

"Thank you."
I smiled and leaved her alone.

While I went downstairs, I was thinking about Bloom and me. We never spend much time together, but it is like we would know each other since we were babies. I don't mean know like I would know when she and Sky became a couple or what her favorite food is. No…. I really don't know her…. But I mean I know her feelings. Maybe it's because we're sisters… although I could feel it in the time I wasn't alive. Oh I don't know. Maybe I would think about it later, now I was hungry.

After the breakfast we were sitting together in the garden. Mum and Dad cuddled, yeah.. parents shouldn't do such a things... and Bloom and I were playing with Kiko. Her little bunny is really cute. I gave him a carrot and he seemed to be happy.

"So what are you doing today?" Mum asked.

"Sky and Thoren want to come!" Bloom answered exited and smirked at me and that's why I looked away, blushing. Of course... In someway... I like Thoren… and… sure... as my sister, she recognized it but… I never had feelings like that or better: I never had a boyfriend. Under water there weren't boys so…. But… wait…

"Wait… I thought they don't like each other."

"Yeah….. I don't know….. Sky told me when Thoren heard, he want to come to Domino he said he would come with him. I wonder why….." She said questioning and I slapped her shoulder and then sighed.

"Oh come on Daphne, we can go on a double date."
"No way, Bloom."

"Oh we will," she grinned, "oh and they're here."
I turned around and saw the ship landing in front of the castle and then just a lively redheaded girl running towards it. I stood up and followed her slowly. When I was by her side, the door opened and the guys came out but…. Discussing…

"You almost crashed into the mountain, jerk," Thoren yelped at Sky.

"I? You wanted to land on another planet, idiot," he yelped back.

"GUYS!" Bloom yelled and they were staring at her. Yeah, Bloom knows how to get attention. I had to smile a little. Sometimes her temper was really useful.

"Sorry Bloom..," Sky said und walked over to her, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Gently I looked away to Thoren who smiled at me. I smiled a bit shy back not sure what to do, but then I felt a hand pushing me so I fell in Thoren arms. Bloom….. I heard her giggled goodbye. Fine…. Just Thoren and me….. Yeah….. I looked up into his face and he was still smiling. "T—Thank you…." I stuttered and straightened up.

"No problem… so…. You look… beautiful…" I blushed. I've never heard a boy saying this to me, except my Dad but he doesn't count. "What do you want to do?" He asked.

"Uhm…. I….. Maybe… we went for walk….."
"Okay, sounds good."

So we went for a walk…

Bloom's PoV

Sky and I went for a walk through the garden. My parents went into the castle but I'm sure they were watching us. But it doesn't matter so I cuddled into Sky's side.
"I missed you" I said quiet.

"I missed you too" Sky said lovely and kissed me on the forehead.

We just walked through the garden, nobody saying a word. So I was thinking about Daphne and Thoren. They would be a cute couple; they only need a bit help… And Daphne needs a lot of help.

"Sky?" I broke the silence.

"Uhm….. I was just wondering if….. we… go out… for a date…. With Daphne and Thoren."

"Why I should go out with that guy?"
"Because Daphne likes him und I think he likes her too."
"I don't think he can like anything."

"Oh Sky, don't be rude. Why you guys don't like each other?"
"Long story, it doesn't matter."

"Oh it does. Daphne helped me so many times; I want to help her too."

"If you really want to help her, you should advise her to stay away from him."
"But why? I think he is a nice guy."
"Yeah, you think that now. But you don't know him. And now I don't want to talk about it anymore."
And he walked down the path while I stood there and watching after him. What is wrong with this guy? No. What is wrong with both guys?

[1] It's based on a german song for children called Theobald der Drache